Computer, Comschmuter!

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Technology and I just don't mix!

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



It’s eyeing me from on my desk, I know it’s watching me

but I’m going to creep up on it, my approach it will not see.


I’m going to fight the monster, I’m going to control the beast --

okay, but I’m an optimist, I’m gonna try at least.


This computer thinks it’s superior as it runs circles through my head

but I’m the one that’s in control – at least that’s what’s been said!


I’ll sit and press the button, I’ll toggle with that switch,

And now I hear it booting up – so far there’s been no hitch.


The screen it says it’s ready so I’ll start on my work today

but how come when I’m typing the words just won’t display!


Just what is wrong, now, I don't have a clue--what the hell?

See, me and technology don't exactly get along so well.


It's 2017, but I'm more suited to the covered wagon,

that's about all the speed I can handle, behind the curve, I'm a-laggin'


On my last post, just to illustrate my fricking point,

I posted the wrong pic, it pissed me off, got my nose out of joint,


but do you think it would let me change it? Hell no!

Now, there's a slovenly pig, not an alien, that's what it shows.


I give up trying to master this technology shit,

and I'll just walk away, and try again, after a bit!



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