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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 26, 2017

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Submitted: January 26, 2017



The anxiety 

Loves the depression

When the two get together 

I'll stay in the dark forever

The painful panics

They are so tragic

The random tears

Made to fall from fears

The shaking hands

The not feeling grounded on land

The negative remarks

In your mind that you thought

As you want to scream

Your demons won't let you be

The insecurities you feel

Your smile can mask what is real

The suicidal thoughts streaming

Can anybody hear me?

Please I'm begging

I'm not okay

I put on a smile 

Like its a trial

To see if you realize

It's all so fake

I'm crying, I'm dying

I need you to see I'm trying

© Copyright 2017 jessjess_renae. All rights reserved.

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