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Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



*More Than...*

Once lost amidst dense woods, when every step you walk is a wrong move. More than a GPS is a hand you need to hold tight and walk along with you.

Even when you are at the epitome of being happy, when life has cuddled you after a long lasting darkness you've gone through. More than the bucks to spend and make the celebrations grand, You need a mate to get drunk and laugh all night when you fall evertime you try to stand.

All of a sudden when you wake up at night breathing heavy, all sweat back from a bad dream. More than the light that'll help u in the darkness of the room u need arms of ur love to hold and hide or cry or scream.

In your world of human machines, you might find people who agree, who disagree some genuinely some just for the sake of being fake. But blessed u are if u find a person who really knows you even more than you do, who gives it all and nothing in return will ever take.

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