The truthful Independence

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I choose the abstract noun independence, and wrote an essay about it.
I believe tat the world independence is a very important and a very misunderstood word.
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Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



The truthful independence. 

Being independent is being free of any external force controlling you,  or your decisions.  Although independence is a word clearly defined in dictionaries,  it has a different personal connotation. In my opinion independence is the time you see the true worlds face,  when you have no body to rely on; moreover, you have to face life’s cruelty,  alone without any external support,  because independence knows no age or condition just like death. 

Independence can give the person total freedom in his life . If you are independent you will own what you want,  you will live the way you want, and most importantly you can determine your own faith,  because no one is in control of your life . When you are independent you are you, not a puppet on a string in someone else’s hands,  but as many things have both advantages and disadvantage there  is an another side of the coin here to. 

Independence can be seen as clearly as stars from the desert.  In every news channel,  worldwide we see talks about poverty,  wars, harsh times...and countless different circumstances; furthermore, most of these show children under the age of 15, fighting for a life where they can keep their dignity, and not beg for the bite of food. In addition,  we can view some magnificent examples on independence from the movie the book thief,  where the main character Liesel is forced to encounter separation from her parents,  the death of her younger brother and her beloved ,and how she beat all the hard circumstances and passed the obstacle of being illiterate.

To show independence clearly,  I am going to ask you to imagine the condition of Syrian and Palestinian kids,  and what circumstances they have to go through. Three kids from Syria became famous :one died on the beaches of Turkey,  the other had his house, in Aleppo,  blown down by a missile; nevertheless, he didn’t even cry as a side effect of the shock. Finally, the little boy who hugged the fire man which saved him from the rubbles of his house,  being the smallest he was

drowning in tears.  Aren’t they independent?  I guess we can all agree,  that when you see a Palestinian boy taken as a hostage for simply walking down the streets of his own country, and then sentenced to 12 years in prison after being violently treated by the Israeli military men.  Interestingly,  he didn’t even shed a tear,  although they broke his arm and separated him from his family. Isn’t that independence?!

Independence is a mean person dressed in black from head to toe.  He doesn’t know any age or condition;  its basically your death that visits you when you are alive . It forces you to face the world: it’s the messenger of mother nature to you.  Independence is really bitter, especially to those who try at an early age. Its like coffee, a thing that has a smell adored by a everyone,  but a taste only accepted by grown ups; however, even them want to get rid of it.

Independence is a word which has a vague definition . The only stable definition it has is the one written in the dictionary, and all the others depend on either personal experience,  or wishes.  For me,  independence is that day in which any person breaks the shell of childhood surrounding his life, but it’s also the date in which we will celebrate the release of those piercing constrains on Palestine. 

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