Deep Within Angelic Life

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Once a time back when we are near the future our hope burns its last candle, God only ask for a new role we need to play in this lifetime. I have only depicted this gratitude I owe in simple hearts language. Here signs I leave stands with complete blind trust in God. I awoke a dearest change you may enact its composure in a real story we leave here in time again. May be this is the lasting true hope our teacher needs. :)

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



In the paradise of our childhood on Earth,

Those loveliest of all surrounding asphodels of God's garden,

Whenever they met,

A source like this simple mysterious fence came near us,

Much like our spirit free favourite hunt of a dream,

Today at the end of this garden,

We are caught in this living heart-satisfying hidden memories,

Like an actor cleansed in God's loving wisdom,

Characters casts for all happy days where God compose the beginning and end of each creation,

May be beyond any spirit of our new story peace edit everything we feel in this duty,

When true gestures wave our story frantically without this constant companion,

To find a home for all creation in this planet,

Do we own from the rest a great deal of vague rememberance indifferent to consequences we will face ?

If we are fortunate to find a living space for all here,

Today when we step on this ground,

Let faith in the supreme Mother of Creation win this call within,

Where unfailing source of delight make us ready for this grace,

As our new destiny grind this presence like greatness born from the unconditional love for all,

A little bunches of steps you feel on this attention may seize our blindness,

Like reach within may submit this fair play sustaining everything born through God's timely interference,

From the greatest of all language faith name our teacher the honor of all gifts loved beyond eternity,

My curiosity one day went in search of all memories,

In this time isolated dayless life may help solve our mysery of all vulnerabilities,

Yet those mystery always graple its choicest exception in the hunting season,

Once again if you drew this shore nearer to darkness yet not dry from the distant bundles of God's love,

You may find a devotee puzzled around celebration of faith here,

At an opportune moment,

Where time of suffering never got counted,

When dream of finest never got ceased,

When heart of steps never got convinced,

All must may not have happened for ends,

For an intruder this almost seem disappeared in unknown mirage of time here,

All given filled our personal experiences till now,

Before this story remember its beautiful days in reality,

One day when God listen such news before any ritual you didnt know what to offer,

Only when silence spilled a heart,

This tempest drew nearer a thirst as death porched steps before all was over,

As our race struggled to exist here like a deepest passion of an invisible hand,

I doubted if teacher may ask something more than this life as HIS gift,

Yet the shadow of a mystic tree that made us what we are here,

Rested in silence before the supreme foundation of existence,

As those ended in unconditional love,

Gave us a human story to live amicably with what we have here,

For our identity is this planet here,

For our creation is this passion here,

For our home is this promise here,

By the magic of our teachers wish,

Love abided its channel to make our story so to be lived ever,

Here God became human who hitched under this greatest truth,

To own a self will make His epic always evergreen,

Never hidden only scared to traditions and description,

Yet a complete composition a human will be crowed for HIS weakness,

Those kings living in the stars shining above our roof,

May be the reason of all our memories,

A strength to be born again in God's trade of peace,

Like a loyalist to be formed again in human life of completion,

Realising the test of time will be the nature of faith,

You will one day be honored to fulfill this promise of sacret land,

Where todays younger generation may be not deprived to follow,

But lead no convinction in caste or creed,

Yet for one manking let us get this race for infinity,

Beyond a time God will honor a companion within each and everyone,

Our heroes who will reflect this gratitude for a blessing,

May realse this is a reality no genius lost connecting to future,

For our art of this heart may blossom a garden of love, peace and hope,

Shaping a dream I hope to draft a story so ever lived together in this epic.

© Copyright 2018 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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