The Escape

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hi Im sulaiman, im 12 years old and my english teacher adviced me to be an author so i said why not.
i live in kuwait a small country in the middle east but a very developed country

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



One cold day in Manchester, Max and Kate where gazzing in the sky thinking ''Why are mom and dad taking to long to come back''. They were sleeping in there Grandmother's house after their mom and dad said they were going on a trip to Paris, but 2 weeks later they didnt comeback. Max asked Kate "why do you think mom and dad didnt comeback?" "they might be having fun in Paris" Kate replied.


2 weeks later Max was scared and asked his Grandmother about his parents, his grandmother didnt answer and went to her room with tears on her face. Max was confused he doesnt know what to do,"i wish mom and dad were beside me, im getting bullied in school and i dont have anyone to defend me, i dont have a brother just a sister, my grandfather passed away 2 years ago and im not strong enough to fight them, i coundn't handle this, im going and running away and im going to find my parents".


Max asked Alex if she would come with her and she accepted without asking him. They packed their bags and went of searching for their parents, just leaving a note to there poor grandmother saying "Grandma we are sorry to leave you in this mess we just wanted to find our parents love Max and Kate". The grandma was left in shock and was drived to tears.


The search was on and they looked everywhere for their parents but theres no clue or a mark about them "why did i accept this offer without thinkning" said Kate, "would you you do anything for our parents?" asked Max "yes" Kate replied "but i rather be in a warm bed with a hot choclate near me rather than homeless kids wandering around the street like rats looking for cheese".


The grandmother though that she couldn't leave them alone in the dark night wandering around so she contacted the police and the went on searching all around manchester looking for to little kids with really innocent faces, they searched day and night for them but there was no sign until this one person named Jack said he saw them near a park in the corner of the block. The police immediantly sent cars searching for those kids.


They went to the park and looked for them, but they couldn't find them but suddenly a women came from behind and said "Hello my name is Hannah and ive heared that you were looking for two kids I have seen them going past starbuck on coronation street.


They eventually found them and sent them back to their grandmothers house and their grandmother was delighted and mad in the same time but suddenly the door bell rang and the grandmother shouted Jack and Hannah where have you been? Max was suprised when he saw his parents and went and hugged them as hard as he can. Kate was sleeping after all this tiredness has finished. It turned out that Jack and Hannah where their parents.


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