Broken Wings

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Last thing he remembers was falling from the sky

And an only thought that kept asking "why?"


He didn't even know his given name

Who he was or from where he came

Lying on his back with an aching pain

His mind dried of words to even complain


The day went by and turned into night

Giving him a beautiful outstanding sight

He couldn't remember how the little lights were named

Strugeling to remember until he gave up ashamed


Long into the night he felt someone come near

And he was gripped by a feeling he knew as "fear"

His sight was blocked by concerned eyes

And he ignored the surroundings where he lies


He remembered the lights and what they are

For the girl before him was beautiful like a shining star

Her voice called him back from the depts of despair

And finally he could breath and feel the air


She helped him up on his shaking feet

While holding her hands he recognized the heat

Her eyes grew big as she took him in

While tears fell down and her mouth drawn thin


She led him to a lake not far from his fall

In its reflaction he could see that he was muscular and tall

But something else was stuck at his back

Full of feathers in the colour he thought was black


She called them wings and that they were meant to fly

But that they were brokend and then she began to cry

What had he done to make her this sad

He knew nothing to do rather den feeling bad


"Broken wings" he replayed in his head

The meaning of the words made him depressed and sad

Not even remembering how it was to fly

And now he can no more, but not knowing why


The hope he had was blown away and gone

He want's to give up, what's the meaning to move on?

What was his worth without his wings?

He felt like a marionnette with cutten strings


The only thing that was holding him there

Was her precense and comforting stare

He told her his thanks and that he had to go

Taking a few stepps but they were very slow


She took his hand and put it to her heart

Told him she understands, but he doesn't have to part

He can stay here with her and be happy again

And that his live was not spared in vain


He decided to stay and be by her side

Being her man made him shine with pride

Not even caring about his broken wings

He enjoyed it to much to listen how she sings


The love he found and the worth he was shown

Made him understand that perfection doesn't count alone

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Good descriptive poem!

Sat, January 28th, 2017 4:37pm


Thank you!

Sat, January 28th, 2017 11:16am

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