The Forest of Nightmares

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Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



I find myself in the same old place

But not really knowing what I'll have to face

I've been here so many times before

But never remember how to get out anymore

Like a deja vu I try to listen an see

Everything looks so familiar, like a forgotten memory


Ignoring the eyes with their empty stares

I begin the long walk into the forest of nightmares


The trees here do not have a top

They keep on growing and never stop

I can't see the sun, moon or stars above

Yet there is something showing the way with it's glow

Shadows that keep moving all around

Their bodys unseen and without making a sound


While wondering if there is someone that cares

I keep on striding in the forest of nightmares


Here and there I see a glimps of someone I know

And whenerver I do my pace begins to slow

To late I realise that I was decieved  like a fool

And suddenly I find myself in my old  town school

I'm standing at the front not knowing what to say

While my clasmates before me starts laughing and walking away


Just standing there watching the empty chairs

I suddenly find myself yet again in the forest of nightmares


More and more of similar turnouts

Until the forest is filled with my fearful shouts

My hands are shaking and the tears burn in my eyes

The humilation inside me keeps groving in its size

No matter where I go there is no end

Nobody to trust and no way to defend


For ages it seems I've walking in the world of theirs

Their pride and joyeful Forest of nightmares


When I finally wake up I can't close my eyes anymore

I don't ever want to go back to where I were before!

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