Paranoia For Profit

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What I see, what they see

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



Be afraid of everyone else, never trust,

and let liberal media gather dust.


Stoking fear for profit, pushing paranoid

down the throats of their targets, who get annoyed,


when it's suggested that something just isn't true.

They then lash out, and in turn accuse you


of spreading falsehoods; so deep in the Kool-Aid,

that they're beyond reason, don't see they're being played


by a giant corporation who's only goal is making money, hand

over fist, at the expense of what they're supposed to be doing, and


they find a willing audience, who just will not believe

that they're being used, and cynically deceived


for profit; there's an army of them out there,

who are willing puppets in the Kool-Aid lair.


So, as a result, social media's packed with lies,

fully and completely believed, and the why's


are left for the rest of us to not understand the reason,

we're now living in the delusional mad season.

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