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Drown or fight?

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



Feeling so broken

The waves rolling

Over and over

Pushing and pulling

Tearing the mind apart

Everyone is gone

Everything is gone

Nothing is left

Nothing to hope for

Nothing to reach for

Nothing to hold on to

The mind plays tricks

Convinces us of things

That are not real

They are still there

Everything is still there

It is you who is gone

Mind sucked into the ocean

Lost in turmoil

Struggling to find air

The crushing dark waves

Roll over and over

Pushing and pulling

No air

No light

And you are alone

Isolated and drowning

Struggling for breath

Before the hand comes

Bring blinding light with

You cling like

A baby to its mother

And you are holding on

Someone is there

They are pulling

But so are the waves

Then there is a choice

Give in or fight?

Drown or breathe?

Who will win?

© Copyright 2018 Mollie May. All rights reserved.

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