The Rose of Chaos, Part 2/2

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Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



Master of Masks, King of Actors, please set the stage again for us. Call your troupe and raise the curtains. We will carry on our story. Oh how we dread these past events. They're like a cancer that will never cease to exist. Even here - in our Sanctuary - we cannot guarantee safety to the Dwellers from what happened then. But we keep the gates sealed and travel by means that are only possible to our kind.

Like a gardener tends to his favourite flowers, Creators wove worlds out of mere thoughts and had life whispered into them. They were unique and glorious. Everything was glorious. Until a time, The First Sun wanted all of its children to gather in its warmth and look at them. Every creator was there. Time, Destiny, Nature, Death and Dream, our parents War and Peace, Fear, Nirvana, Night and dozens of others. Like birds of late spring, they all kept their songs loud and clear for everyone to hear about their worlds, about their creations and pets.

But all went quiet when their parent asked 'Where is Chaos?’ He was not part of the gathering. He wasn't anywhere to be found within the Song of the Weightless. The First Sun asked its children to arrange searching parties to find the lost sibling. To check every planet and every star, inside every black hole and every comet tail. No constellation to be left unturned. Children of the First Sun did their parent's order willingly, for - even mocked - Chaos was still one of them.

Eons of searching. Even Destiny couldn't see where Chaos was. All she managed to trace of him was violet mist and whispers that she couldn't recognize. And a feeling of abandonment and loss. It cannot be easy to find someone who doesn't wish to be found. Especially if they can cross a star system in a single step. With time, some creators gave up, assuming that he ceased to exist at his own will. However, several were still looking and eventually...

How brutal was the death of your bully when you imagined it? Naughty. We don't judge. In fact, that was quite an entertaining thought.

After a century of searching, Hope and Fear found themselves on the edge of the Song. Nothing but the Void ahead. Hungry, they could see its countless mouths biting themselves. Like a most faint scent, Hope felt Chaos on the other side. Without hesitation, she jumped off the edge right towards her lost sibling to save him from the Void's jaws.

Hope is a funny thing. So easy to play with. After spending months in the dark, you suddenly see the door out of the basement wide open. Light of day filling your lungs with hope that the torture is over. You crawl up the stairs like a little mole, dreaming of faces you haven't seen for so long. You pass the threshold and feel the warmth on your skin. And then the bear trap snaps, crushing your ankle and you hear a sadistic laughter. Before you know it, you're pushed back into the darkness and as you roll down the stairs, the door closes. You're left with nothing but pain, iron scent of blood... And hope that weeps deep in the dark corner of your prison.

She found herself in a cloud of purple mist. And green lightning forked its way near her feet like momentary vipers. Hope called out to her brother, asked for him to respond and come back into the light of the First Sun with her. Laughter was the answer to her plea. And as it thundered in Hope's ears, lightning stroke her body. And again, and again. She fell to her knees, screaming in pain. And then saw the purple mist envelope her.

'What are you doing to me?' Hope asked, 'What is happening to my song?'

'You will be the first colour in my painting of perfection,' she heard Chaos's voices everywhere, 'I'll show you the beauty of my creations, I'll prove that my song is immaculate and none will stop me!'

Creator don't feel pain the way mortals do. But a sensation that can cause them any discomfort will obliterate a living body in a blink of an eye. Hope let a cry out in agony, feeling how her celestial body disintegrates from the purple fog’s touch. Lightning broke her limbs and pierced her chest. The mist slithered inside of her and set her song on fire. With her last scream, Hope withered into ashes and was consumed by the Void.

Shell-shocked, Fear was standing on the edge if the universe, watching how his sister's remains were devoured by thousands mounts. Petrified, he gazed upon a great purple storm cloud rising in front of him and couldn't flee. 'Tell them what happened here,' Fear heard voices, 'Tell them that I will come for all of them, one by one. I will corrupt and devour all of their worlds, no matter how many they'll create, or how far. I will prove them wrong, for my creations are perfect and even the First Sun will admit my supremacy. Go, and tell them that Chaos is the order of the universe.'

Observe how Fear ran. He fled so fast that he extinguished a couple of stars on his way. From that moment, Fear never slept, never stopped, and never ceased looking over his shoulder. His entire existence turned into an eternal attempt to hide or somehow avoid the Great Storm of Chaos. Fear's terror was so overwhelming in fact, that it echoed through the universe and grew in hearts of all living creatures in each world of every Creator. But he did deliver the message.

Alas, Children of the First Sun were young then, they did not believe that there was a force that could pose any kind of threat to their radiant existence. Many of them thought that Fear’s words were just a joke, and Hope was hiding at the edge of the universe. Laughing, they traced Fear’s blazing steps back to where he ran from, expecting to find their sister. But all they found was a thundering cloud of purple fog, forked by green lightning. As they approached, the rumbling grew stronger and angrier, enveloping empty planets around it. Fearless, Creators circled around it, evading green bolts as if it was a childish game to them.

One of the Children, beautiful Nirvana, saw an empty planet warmed by a blue giant sun and decided to sow her creations in its fertile soil. Being a careless being, she lost any interest towards the rumbling storm cloud of Chaos and within minutes built an exquisite land of weightless creatures that dwelled in cities made of glass and light. Nirvana danced with her pets and taught them to sing songs and travel through the cosmos with their minds.

Mourn the world that lived a day.

Chaos turned away from taunting Creators and pounced at Nirvana’s world in a whirlpool of fury and hate. Like a violent tsunami, the storm cloud crashed into the glass cities of light, leaving twisted skeletons of buildings and agonizing deformities that were once Nirvana’s pets. She went deaf from their screams and calls for help. Blinded by her motherly love, Nirvana jumped at Chaos to protect what was left of her creatures, but only got herself caught in his trap of lightning.

Like Fear did, Children of the First Sun watched their sister being devoured by Chaos’s corruption and couldn’t do anything to help her. She fell to the ground and tried to crawl away from sharp claws that butchered her celestial body, but soon she was reduced to nothing but an echo of her scream that will forever haunt the audience of her butchery. After it was done with the Nirvana’s planet, the storm cloud reached towards the blue giant star and consumed its light, leaving a cold ball of silence, blinding the First Sun by yet another eye. When the petrifying shock passed, Creators ran, like Fear did, away, back to the safety of their parent’s warm gaze.

There was a council, there was an agreement to avoid the silence that surrounded Chaos. Creators promised to protect each other as much as they could, they agreed to share their worlds, so that Chaos’s arrival will trigger alarms that will notify everyone within many galaxies around. Those who took the Path of Building will carry on their work and sow life through the universe, whilst Observers keep an eye out for approaching danger. Followers of the Path of Destruction will erase endangered worlds before they fall victim to the Corruptor. Thus, the order was maintained, as the lost worlds only made Chaos stronger and faster in his mission.

Flip the page. Change the scene. There are only two roles in this story now. Bring Nature on the stage. The independent nomad Creator. She was the only one who never mocked him… She was the only one who wept when he was gone. Arms in bracelets of branches and crystals, green grassy hair with sapphires in it and eyes of ember. Her clothes made of leaves and bark and skin blue like midsummer sky with star tattoos.

Once, Nature slipped away from the eyes of protective Destiny and Time. She turned into a moth and unnoticed left the inhabited area of the universe to where Chaos was last spotted. Fearless, she stood on the ground of a world that was a grey wasteland of silence. And as her bare feet touched the soil, it turned into a lush field with butterflies circling around her. She did it on purpose, as she knew that any kind of creation will attract Chaos’s attention. She started a dance and with every move a new flowers sprouted at her feet. Trees grew to be columns of her stage. Birds and rain were her orchestra.

‘Keep your eyes on me,’ Nature whispered. ‘For I know you’re here with me now.’

As if it was a confirmation, purple fog slithered onto her stage hiding between blades of grass. Not stalking her, but watching. And after a graceful pirouette, Nature saw that the mist formed into a figure and offered her to share the dance. Fireflies lit the stage and lanterns of blue decorated the trees. She allowed the fog to embrace her and felt Chaos’s hands on her waist.

‘I can have you right now,’ she heard his whispers. ‘You fear not the silence I bring?’ Nature felt how the mist pierced the skin of her shoulder.

In an instant, Nature grew great moth wings and flapped them with such strength, that the cloud around her was blown away leaving Chaos with no stealth. The roots of her trees burst of the ground and grabbed his arms and legs, pulling him to his knees. He did not struggle, just stared into her amber eyes and saw that she was smiling. ‘None will ever be stronger alone than you but me, Corruptor.’ Nature knelt down before him and stroked his face. ‘None will ever be able to resist your onslaught but me. You will devour many worlds for I will not take your song. Tell me though, why are you doing it?’

Bound in her prison of roots and captivated by her beauty, Chaos explained to Nature how he was lured in by the Void, how it promised him justice and vengeance. How he still weeps for his worlds pets that his kindred destroyed when he ran away from their mockery. Chaos wanted to be treated as equal and blamed the First Sun for letting him be different. He told Nature how he tried to create things that were not like his previous pets, but they were hollow and unhappy in his song. He was shunned and only Void comforted him.

‘Did anyone follow me when I left?!’ he screamed and thunder echoed through the empty world. ‘Did anyone wonder if I was still there? Did anyone offer me warmth when I needed it the most?

Nature watched a tear roll down his cheek and caught it in her hand. She whispered at it, and the drop turned into a crystal marble. ‘You needed the warmth. You wanted to be equal and loved… I will give you something and you will give me something back.’

‘What could that ever be?’ He asked. The roots let him go and he rose from his knees. And then, Nature embraced and kissed him.

We will not show you what they did after her kiss. We will only tell you that their union was pure, willing and explosive. Nature and Chaos’s love created a vortex that devoured the solar system they were in and left a great anomaly that looked like a bud of a flower in bloom. Nature left her lover with a promise that this vortex will be his shelter from all other Creators. Every planet, asteroid and meteor that will get caught in it will be part of an empire of his own creations. Look, how beautiful is the Rose of Chaos…

After their union, Nature came back to the inhabited galaxies where her brethren were shaping life in all forms and finally decided to stop her nomadic existence. She chose a small planet that is slightly bigger than your Earth’s Moon and raised her everlasting gardens on it. Nature asked that none will visit her world without permission and surrounded herself with a court of ethereal creatures that would tend to her woodlands and their wild children. In the peaceful isolation of her waterfall palace that was built on top of a great tree, Nature gave to Chaos’s child, Harmony. She hid her in a cocoon deep inside her tree, knowing that Chaos will keep his promise. He will come for her last…


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