the multiverse

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friends gain powers and travel the multiverse.

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



Chapter 1 Zach

From what I can remember it was a friday and I just got out of school i was walking with my friend sully he was pretty short with long hair and he is very skinny. We went to Lines Highschool. Me and sully are best friends we do lots of stuff together. I just got done failing my math test but of course sully aced it and his is in advanced classes as a freshman he was kinda cocky but he still was smart.  I wasn't stupid just didn't have effort. I was kinda weird though I was very tall with brown hair and blue eyes. I played sports like Football but I hated it i don't know it just wasn't my thing.  Sully loved soccer but i wasn't a fan.  Well i'm getting of track.  That day we had something happen that changed us and the world or should i say worlds.  It will make sense later.  The only thing i had a good grasp on was history and science but not the dumm science like theoretical science.  Like how we don't know about black holes me and sully make countless theories. Before you get the wrong idea this story isn't about two lonely nerds who built a time machine or something.  So back to me and sully walking it was a winter day but the sun was bright than we see people running away in huge crowds like someone shot a gun or something me and sully being adventures we run towards it and see a blue blob in the distance and we walk towards it. It was moving it looked like hovering it was aqua blue it looked like i could see something like people in it as we got closer it felt like we were getting pulled like it had a gravitational pull or something (Z Sully what's happening!) (S I don't know just run) sully tried to run but he weighs like 120 lb and it started pulling harder i grabbed sully's hand and it felt like he was holding on for his life. But the pull was too strong we  got pulled in. It felt like my whole body was being taken apart and put back together as i came out of the portal i was knocked out. I woke up in a bed with an iv in arm it felt like i'm in a very trashy hospital room. (Z Hey where am i sully jamaal caide ryder is this a joke. I'm hand cuffed here. anyone)

A really pretty girl walks in with purple hair and glowing blue eyes.

It didn't seem like she was there like she was being controlled (C my names Crystilest i'm here to awaken you) (what kind of name is that what do you mean by awaken me i'm already up and where the hell is sully.) (C he is fine you're fine i'm here to help let me) For some reason her eyes were glowing so bright it was blinding i felt my consciousness slowly slip away from me as my head hits the bead i almost instantly am standing in my bathroom. i looked in a mirror in my bathroom but it didn't look like me.  I was buff and i didn't have my glasses.  Im kinda fat and can't see too well. I walked out of my bathroom and my mom had my favorite meal on the table fried chicken. There was a beautiful girl jumping in my arms and at that point i was happy. I here a loud noise like a woman scream and i run to help but i have super speed and i help her from what looks like her being crushed by a falling building. I saved the day and went home to get my meal  But as i eat i see this isn't real and when i realized that i see Crystilest at this point i feel my heart going fast i was thinking how is this possible dreams don't feel so real like it was real what is doing this than everything is black and i see in the distance a girl. (Z what's happening i'm talking to you stop doing this)  My head is pounding as i try to force myself to wake up from this dream prison my head hurts so bad it feels my brain is melting as i scream my lungs out i just wake up and people in these suits are are carrying me they say test subject is prepared for injection. That didn't sound so  good so i kicked one of the guys in the face i dropped to the floor and i got up and i start running as fast as i can im yelling sully's name as i think back that wasn't the best idea i see him in a chair they are putting a weird blue liquid in him and his eyes glow blue how is that possible people don't just glow then on of those men hits me in the  back of the head with a bedpan .i wake up again and now and my vision is blurry i can't see much i'm in a chair with metal straps on my arms and legs. There is a dark figure moving towards i squirm and try to move but i'm strapped down he comes closer  with a big neetl that's glowing blue. As it gets closer i am yelling stop but now its piercing my skin….


Chapter 2 Sully

i wake up in a room of pure ice it feels like the arctic tundra times three than a man fazes through the wall like a ghost. (S How is this possible i'm dreaming you're not real you just broke every law of physics) (G im glashare and you need to chill out our sully was more brave) it seems like he is making the room close in on itself. (S Punny But what is this about your sully) (G don't be scared i'm only going to bury you in ice) the room is so cold my breath was forming actual ice. My vision was fading in and out it felt like my eyes froze over and I passed out. i could feel my hartbeat get slower and slower. I thought i was going to die i could have not been more wrong. I woke up and now i was in a chair it felt like i was a lab rat i was right i see zach in the hallway getting knocked out as i yell for him a man walks up and puts a needle in my arm i screaming so loud it hurts. As the liquid flowed throughout my veins i thought they were going to burn me alive. but Then it hit me it felt like i was moving faster than the speed of light but i wasn't moving i was seeing myself travel throughout space at that point all the science that Zach and i theorized about was right there was a multiverse and it was big as my eyes were glowing blue i could feel myself moving and my hands to they were glowing. I here over a speaker (It's working subject alpha 6 is transforming) The straps blew off and a portal like the one me and zach walked through came out of my hand it felt like having energy in your hand and flowing throughout your body and the portal pulled me in and i was in my school locker but it was locked i thought i was trapped again and i hit the locker lucky someone opens it my eyes were still glowing and my friends were looking at me in fear. I heard things like no way and how is he doing that So i made another portal but i can see where i'm going my eyes are like a galactic map of the multiverse it's amazing it feels like i can go anywhere i feel invincible.  But wait wheres Zach i need to find him My eyes can't find people only places i'm going back to that lab place last thing i saw was him getting knocked out. It's in ashes there's nothing for miles I yell for zach but he's not responding.

Chapter 3 zach /

The needle pierces my skin and and the liquid goes into my arm and it burns my veins and they start turning black and white and my heart feels like it's moving faster than ever before. I hear (test subject beta 97 is a success) my arms start to melt in what looks like black water they are not here anymore their changing it feels like a floating liquid i feel fire in  my eyes they are glowing like a cosmic ray and i feel enrage because i know they're doing the same to sully all the pain i'm feeling. I hear (Subject alpha 6 is gone and subject beta 97 is overloading teleport sequence activate)  As i stand up i let out a scream and try to move my arms and i wipe everything in a ten mile radius. Than a red crystal grows over my liquid arms. I can feel my arms and then i drop from exhaustion (sully yells Zach Zach where are you)

I try to stand but my arms aren't moving (Z Sully im here im here) sully rushes over to me as i'm laying on the ground. (Z sully i can't move i did this i destroyed everything i thought i killed you) (S im ok im more than ok i have powers like i can see) (Z so can i you idiot we all can it's not a power)

(S no i can see the multiverse zach it's real and i can travel through it were in a different universe) i start to stand up now and i can feel my body now. (Z well i just wiped out everything with a swing of a arm) (S dude your arms are like red crystal what's that about)  (Z sully i'll tell you when pigs fly o wait the probably can so i just don't know) (S What is thak knuckles on you) (Z how are you so calm this is not normal and is a usb) (S Lets plug it in) (Where are we going to do that if you haven't noticed i destroyed everything) as i say that sully eyes glow and he shoots out a portal from his hands and it pulls us in and me end up smack dab in some random persons house (Z where are we) (S hey i only know where to go but not how to get there. I think we're in lines of this Universe) i plug in the usb into the nernst computer it's a video i click play.

Chapter 4 Caiden

(Z is that caiden) (S what the heak)

Hi im caiden you may know me as the caiden of your Universe, Univers 120 to be exact. I am a caiden from a different universe. The universe you are in right now is my home i was like you taken and tested but i wanted this i needed to become stronger and i did. But it became something bad after our sully died we had no way of getting from universe to universe. When he died it was never the same i lost a good friend and there was more to come. That portal wasn't random they chose you in hope of you having the same powers as you mirrors sully you had your powers but zach in my universe you had the power to generate energy. So much energy they thought that he could make another portal with it they killed zach to bring you here. My two friends dead now all i want to do is take down the people that are spreading these powers around the multiverse they call themselves the arc and they want to spread havoc throughout the multiverse. Sully i have some bad news your powers are now useless well the multiverse traveling ones. The arc has set a blocker and you guys are trapped in universe 20. With zach's remaining power he brought your friends jamaal and ryder here in hope it can help you. They have been powered up we need as many good guys as we can get. One of my powers is i can create pocket dimensions but i need to touch before you can enter. Sully you need to teleport to the monument of Luckes Gorge thats where im waiting.

Chapter 5 the team

(S ok zach i'm going to see if i can take us there) (Z wait are you sure we trust this guy) (S why not it's caiden) (Z no it's not he is not caiden and aren't you supposed to be some god of the multiverse aren't you a galactic map and should know this stuff) (S says the one who blew half a continent) (Z fair point but i don't know how to do that) (S well if he is bad ill teleport us out of their) (Z how did you just say that so causally an hour ago were high schoolers and just regular people you may think this is cool but i have crystal arms that do nothing but look cool) sully opens the portal and they walk in to find caiden standing there. (C here take my hand the arc is tracking your guys's movement. ) they take his hand and then the get pulled into caidens pocket universe.


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