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When Sean opened his eyes, he felt heat slam into his face. Intense heat. He touched his cheeks to feel his now-leathery skin. He scratched them softly, listening to the sound of charred skin flaking off. Sean's eyes burned to the point where he could barely see. But, with his blurry vision, he looked down at himself. He had just noticed that he was lying down, so he sat up swiftly, grunting in pain as he did so.

His eyes moved to his chest. The white shirt he was wearing was torn, it also had holes bordered with black. As he blinked, he noticed the red stains on his shirt. Sean held out his arms and examined them. They were scarred and there were large, bloody burns on them. After seeing that, he thought the blood on his arms just smeared onto his shirt. He turned his hands so that the palms were facing him to see that his skin was stained red and the red liquid hadn't dried. I mustn't have been out long, he thought. Sean clenched his fists, causing the muscles in his arms to tighten. His biceps had been exposed, the muscles shaking and becoming veiny.

The pain in his body caused his arm muscles to relax. Sean looked down to see that his dress pants were torn, the legs were burned and singed. His hands moved up to his hair to feel that it was singed. Each strand felt hardened, and it hurt badly to touch. He pulled out a strand to see that it was black. Dammit, he thought. His eyes watered because the heat was so intense. He wondered where it was coming from, so his eyes moved forward.

There was a burning building in front of him. "What the hell," he whispered. He flinched when he heard his voice. It was raspy and dry; deeper and quieter. He slowly lifted himself up, his legs shaking slightly. His legs could barely support his weight, so he collapsed, falling forwards. His head hit the ground, so groans of pain escaped his lips. Sean growled and stretched his legs to gain more power and flexibility, then stood again. His legs shook harder, then he hit the ground once more. "Goddammit!" Sean felt the charred grass crumble in his fists as he tried to drag himself forward. He failed due to the fragile grass.

Sean's body trembled as he watched the building continue to burn. He looked around to see cars parked in the driveway. Why isn't anyone calling the fire department, he wondered. Who's in there and why aren't they screaming for help? They must've escaped, he thought afterward. He reached his arm out, his torso lifting off the ground slightly, then fell onto the grass again. "What the hell am I supposed to do," he screamed. "Who's in there? I'll save you! Well, try!" Sean looked around once more to find that he was next to tree. He smiled in glee as he reached for a strong limb. By gripping onto it, he pulled himself to his feet.

His legs shook hard, but he kept his fingers wrapped around the tree limb. He listened to the crackling flames as he shifted himself upward. Sean patted his pockets with his free hand to find that they were empty. He reached his hand inside to be sure, and panicked when his phone was not to be found. "How the hell am I supposed to get from here to there," he huffed. Sean smiled as the metaphorical lightbulb flickered in his head. He gripped onto another limb, then snapped a strong branch with all of his strength. He screamed and growled as he gained strength, then exhaled with relief when he heard the limb snap. Sean smiled and held it beside of him.

He supported his weight with said branch as he gripped onto another one, snapping it as he did before. His sighs of relief escaped his lips as he placed the other one beside of him. He planted each limb on each side of him and used them to stand properly. His legs shook as he took each step, the limbs helping him a great amount.

When he reached the house, his body was shaking with weakness. "Anyone in there," he called from outside the door. No answer. He took a breath and stepped back, limbs tightly gripped, and charged forward as fast as the sticks would allow him. The door was hot, he realized. His skin burned horridly as the door slowly opened. He was faced with large flames and panicked. As he heaved with panic, his lungs filled with dark smoke. He coughed roughly and hacked. Having second thoughts, he pushed himself out of the home, then fell forward. His world became black.

When Sean finally woke, he looked at the home. The flames were gone. The house was destroyed. The frame of it was barely standing. He grabbed the limbs and stood up shakily. Sean broke open the door once more. He looked around to see that everything in there was charred black, most of the objects turned to ashes. Sean turned and saw an area that wasn't black. It was odd, peculiar to him, so he limped towards it. There was faint music playing around the area. It buffered occasionally and it was pretty static. To what he heard, it was piano keys lightly being tapped to a slow, demonic melody. "Dum, dum, dah, dum," he sang, trying to mimic the tune. Then, he heard a woman singing in the background harmonically. There was no lyrics that he could understand, so he assumed that it was Opera. As the song statically played, he examined the area.

He saw a piano, with a vintage radio sitting on top of it. The radio was on, playing the ominous music. The piano keys were covered in red liquid and some were broken off. He looked at the floor to see that the keys were scattered. The reddened, wet piano had something else on top of it. Paper. The paper had writing on it. He picked it up slowly and stared at it curiously.

"It's done," he read quietly, ignoring his new voice. "They're all gone. That's all I've wanted, for my family to diminish. And now that they are, I couldn't be happier. To prove my happiness, I'm playing one of my favorite songs, so that if anyone comes in to check up on me, they'll hear my favorite music and be happy like I am. My brother, mother, and father are dead. To anyone else, that's a bad thing. But, in reality, I saved them. One day everyone will realize their true faith and accept it."

He paused because half of the note was charred and gone. Who wrote this, he thought. As the thought came through his mind, he froze.

He remembered the entire day before in seconds.

The day before was calming. He woke up to chirping birds and warm sunlight beaming through his window. "Sean," someone called as he sat up. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the person in front of him.

"Hey, Seth," he uttered.

"You're so cute when you wake up!"


"Come on, brunch is downstairs."

"Woah, brunch? What time is it?"

Seth looked at the clock on Sean's wall. "One twenty-five," he replied. Sean widened his eyes and hopped out of bed. Seth watched him shyly and wrung his hands together. Sean was sloppily putting on his white T-shirt and black dress pants, clumsily tripping over his pant leg a few times. Sean staggered towards Seth and fell into his arms. "Awe, are you hugging me?"

"No," Sean said gruffly as he stumbled out of his room. "Why do I still live here? Goddamn."

"You may be twenty-one," Seth said, skipping behind him. "But I enjoy your company."

"You're probably the gayest guy I've ever met," he grumbled.

"What?" The skipping stopped.

"Nothing. What did Mom make?"

"I'm confused..."

"Just tell me what Mom made."

"Oh," Seth said quietly. "Biscuits and gravy."

Sean groaned with tiredness and slung himself onto the couch. "The kitchen's this way," Seth said with a smile.

"But the TV's this way," he replied, pointing in front of him.

"But the food is in the kitchen."

"Serve me."

"Excuse me?"

"Bring me a plate of nourishment."

"Nourishment," Seth giggled. "Okay, I got you, brother." Sean nodded and spread his legs, leaning his head back against the couch. When he felt the warm plate hit his lap, he gasped. Seth chuckled. "That's what you get." Sean glared at him and sat up.

As he ate alone, he watched his usual programs. Anything from comedies to horror films, of course. He tossed his clean plate on the floor and exhaled. Seth peeked in. "Woah, don't throw glass!" Sean rolled his eyes and stood up, leaving the house swiftly. As he stepped towards his car, he eyed his father.

"Hey," his father called from afar.

"What," Sean growled.

"Come help me unload this stuff from my truck."

"I hate you!"

As he screamed, he jumped into his car then locked it. He clawed his face as he remembered what his father was capable of. He remembered what happened to Seth. Seeing him scared like that crushed him. Just then, he heard someone knock on his window. "Sean," Seth said quietly. Sean looked up and smiled slowly. He was pretty happy to see him. Seth's face was pale and smooth, he had light brown curls in his hair and a flat chest. His eyes glowed like emeralds when he saw Sean. He was only seventeen, which shocks Sean sometimes. "Where are you—"

As Seth was about to finish his question, he was pulled backwards. He gasped and fell to the ground. Sean widened his eyes and unlocked the door quickly. As he opened his door, Seth was being dragged. "Dad," he growled as he charged towards him. Seth held still, allowing his father to tighten his grip on his small wrists. Their father smiled grimly and dodged Sean's blows, then immediately dragged Seth into the house. Sean ran to the door and jiggled the knob to find that it was locked. "Goddammit..."

He heard Seth's crying and screaming through the door and continued banging on the door restlessly. "Seth! Oh my god, Seth!" He heard his father's usual evil laughter and growled loudly. Seth was too innocent to try to stop his father. Sean leaned closer to the door.

He didn't hear beating, he heard something else. It sounded like skin hitting against skin. Sean widened his eyes with shock and anger and began punching the door, hard. The movement inside of the room got faster and Seth continued screaming. When Sean finally kicked the door down after about fifteen minutes, he fell to his knees.

His father was gone. The noises were no longer occurring. He just saw a lump in the blanket, trembling. Sean stood and walked towards the bed. He placed his hand on the trembling lump and heard a small whimper. "No more," he heard a voice whimper. Sean looked down sympathetically and pulled the blanket back slowly. He saw Seth look up sadly, his cheeks red and covered in tear stains. His eyes were filled with fear and sadness as his thin body trembled. He was naked, but Sean didn't see all of him. Seth's eyes beamed when he saw Sean and a small smile formed on his face. "Sean..."

"Yeah, man..."

Sean stroked Seth's hair sympathetically and sighed. "I'm just glad it's over," Seth said quietly with a small smile. Sean shook his head and hushed him. "No, seriously, I am glad."



"Come on," Sean said as he picked up Seth, making sure the blanket is still wrapped snuggly around him, and took him into his bedroom. "You rest. I'll take care of this." Seth shook his head worriedly. "I gotta!"

"No," he whispered. "It's okay..." Sean huffed and shut off the lights. "I love you, and I'm sorry."

"Seth," Sean gruffed. "I'm sorry, but I gotta take care of this. Stay in bed." Seth sighed and closed his eyes to rest. Sean left the room, closing the door behind him. This is his chance, he thought. As he began to walk, he heard a quiet agonized moan. It sounded like the person was pained. He marched back into Seth's room and looked at him. "You okay, buddy?"

"It hurts," he whispered, hiding his face. Sean looked down, sighed, then walked over to his brother. "I don't know what to do, it hurts so bad." Seth turned on his side, closing his eyes tightly.

"I'm sorry," Sean said blankly. "I don't know how to help. What hurts?'

"Don't make me say it," Seth said sadly, hiding his body.


"Y-Yeah, but that's not all..."

Sean furrowed his eyebrows then gulped when he realized what Seth was referring to. "How many times has this happened, Seth," Sean asked abruptly. Seth stayed silent, holding a pillow to his face. "Tell me."

"A," Seth began. "A lot..."


"Don't get mad," Seth yelled, sitting up. "I'm okay, see?" He twitched slightly in pain while smiling.

"I'm done."

"Wait, what?"

"I'm done!"

Seth frowned and looked up at his brother worriedly. "Please don't," he said. "Please don't be done."

"How many times per day?!"


"How many times a day does this happen to you?!"

"Um," he whispered. "The most is three. Morning, evening, and night. But it's okay, please don't tell anyone!"

"Oh I won't," Sean growled. "I'm not saying anything, no! Fuck no!" He cackled and grabbed his hair.

Seth watched his big brother sadly. He watched his brown eyes darken and the pupils dilate. He watched as Sean pulled out his blonde locks aggressively while laughing psychotically. "Please calm down," he whispered. "I'm okay."

"Oh hell no," Sean replied, his eyes blazing. "You're more than hurt. You're traumatized. I'm putting a stop to this bullcrap! Now!"

As Sean began to leave the room, Seth grabbed onto his legs, being dragged by his brother's legs. "Stop," Seth chanted. "Stop, stop, stop, stop!"

"Take a fucking bath and leave me alone!"

"Please don't hurt him!"

"Get the hell off of me before I hurt you!"

Seth gasped then teared up. He let go of Sean's legs and sat on his knees. Sean froze then turned around, looking into Seth's innocent green eyes. "Listen," he said quietly, crouching in front of him. "What he is doing to you is rape."

"Sadly, I know," Seth replied with a small smile.

"And that is illegal," Sean said firmly, emphasizing the last word.

"I know," Seth giggled.

"Why can't I stop this?"

"Because I love him."

"He doesn't love you," Sean said, shaking his head.

"That doesn't mean I don't. Wait, he's never done it to you?"



Sean looked up at the ceiling sadly and sighed. "Seth," someone called.

"Coming," he called back, pulling on a pair of boxers.

"Don't," Sean said firmly.


"It's Dad."

"What if he needs something?"

Sean watched as Seth left the room. He silently followed him, watching his father closely, planning his death mentally. Seth stood in front of him, smiling sweetly. Sean stayed at a distance, so he didn't hear what they were talking about. He scratched the wall angrily when Seth's shoulders were being grabbed. Seth gasped as his cheeks turned red with shame. He was pushed against the wall aggressively and Sean was holding back the urge to kill his father. Seth was shaking and closing his eyes tightly. "You're gay, huh," Sean heard his father say.

"Y-Yeah," he faintly heard Seth say.

Sean watched his father push him to the floor. "Don't," Sean whispered angrily. As his father straddled him, he began pulling down his boxers.

"I've seen enough," Sean screamed from the distance. Seth opened his eyes slowly and looked over at his enraged brother, then at his father. His father looked down at him and smiled. "Drink this," he mumbled, handing Seth a fizzy drink. Seth opened his mouth obediently as his father poured the drink into his mouth. He gulped it down then immediately started to feel sleepy. Sean noticed Seth's heavy eyes and growled loudly. "It's okay, Seth. Let yourself fall asleep." Seth nodded and smiled at his father.

"Don't you fucking dare," Sean screamed. "Fight it!"

"I," Seth mumbled sleepily, his eyes falling closed. "I'm okay..."

"Wake up, dammit!"

Seth opened his eyes and yawned with a smile. "I love him..."

"What the hell?! You've got a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome, I tell you what!"

"Do something, I dare you," his father said with a smile.

Seth yawned again and closed his eyes. His father nodd, pleased. Then, he looked up at Sean. "Get off of him," Sean mumbled. "Or else."

"Or else?"

"You've got ten seconds."

His father shrugged and picked Seth's unconscious body up, then turned to walk to his room. Sean growled and clenched his fists. Seth opened his eyes and looked down at Sean as he was being carried away, smiling. Sean ran behind them, but was stopped by a closed door. He banged on the door angrily, jiggling the knob.

He heard coughing and panting. "Stop," Sean screamed into the door. "Stop doing this to him!" He stood up and looked through the small window on the door. Seth was on his knees on the bed, bobbing his head. That's all he saw. His father smiled and flipped him off. Seth coughed and looked back at Sean with a sad expression, then mouthed, with heavy eyes, "I'm okay." Sean shook his head angrily and punched through the glass. Seth jumped and fell back in fear. Sean reached through the broken window and unlocked the door from the inside, then opened it. His bloody fist collided with the mattress, causing Seth to choke up in fear. "Stop, it's okay!"

"Say that one more time and I'll kill you!"

Seth sat up and turned towards Sean, smiling. "Come on," Sean said quietly. Seth shook his head, and as he did so, he gasped in pain, then whimpered.

Sean saw hands on Seth's arms, and his body was jerking up and down. He's doing this in front of me, he thought. Seth continued whimpering and crying out in pain. "Stop, it hurts!" Sean growled and bent down to grab a shard of glass. He didn't want to see this happen ever again. His own brother was getting raped in front of his own eyes, and it's set him over the edge. He was done. Seth screamed and covered his mouth, tears falling against it. Sean grabbed Seth's hips and threw him off the bed, causing him to scream in pain.

Sean then grabbed his father's hair, then slam his head back against the headboard. He kept slamming and slamming, listening to the cries of pain. When he decided to stop, he placed the shard on his throat. His father was unconscious, probably had a concussion. Sean angrily slit his father's throat and watched him bleed. Seth sat up slowly and saw the scene. "Sean?"

Sean looked back at his brother and dropped the shard. He ran to him and hugged him snuggly. Seth gasped and hugged him back, staring at his dead father in fear. He patted Sean's back, then pulled away. Seth walked to the corpse, watching the blood flow onto the sheets. "What did you think was gonna happen," Sean asked dully. "He was doing it in front of me."


"Do you not realize that he was hurting you?"

"Of course I did, but I didn't want him dead."

"Well, I did."

Seth gulped and stepped back, his sleepiness causing him to stagger. "Well," Sean said casually. "I gotta go meet Heather." Seth nodded sadly.

"You go on. I'll be okay alone."

As Sean walked in the park, he waved at his girlfriend happily. Heather grinned and ran up to Sean excitedly, kissing him as a greeting. Sean returned the affection quickly then pulled away. "No," Heather said quietly. "I want more." Sean glared at her.

"Is that all you fucking want?"

"Right now, yes."


"Your place."

Sean rolled his eyes. Heather only wanted sex from him and it was starting to piss him off. "Okay," he sighed. "Come on."

While they were in his bedroom, they were kissing each other deeply and moaning against each other's lips. Sean pulled off her shirt swiftly, causing Heather to gasp and giggle.

Seth was reading a book to himself, giggling at funny parts and twirling his hair. He was wearing boxers and his hair was combed slightly, also, his legs were crossed mannerly.

Sean pinned Heather on the bed and kissed her bare chest hungrily. He rubbed her breasts and groped them, causing her to jolt and moan. They were both nude, pleasuring each other. Heather thrusted her hips upward, her legs spread. Sean grinned and pushed into her. She screamed in pleasure and held onto him.

Seth looked back when he heard the scream, then looked down at his book.

As he was thrusting into her, her moans got louder and louder. Seth, concerned, stood up from the couch. Sean pounded into her, moaning softly and looking into her eyes. Heather shook and screamed as she orgasmed. Seth shook his head, thinking he was just imagining things.

Sean closed his eyes and pushed deeper into her as he orgasmed. He pulled out swiftly and fell back onto the bed, panting. "That was fast," he whispered. She looked back at him and nodded. Seth knocked on the door shyly.

"Can I come in?"

Before anyone answered, he opened the door. Sean widened his eyes and stared at his brother. Seth blushed and covered his eyes. "I'm sorry if I interrupted!" Sean shook his head and smiled.

"It's cool. What do you need?"

"I was just concerned about the noise, I'm sorry."

Seth watched shyly as Heather pulled on a shirt and walked into the hallway. Sean climbed off the bed, took off his condom, then pulled on his pants. Seth was looking up at Sean sadly. "What is it," Sean asked.


They both flinched when they heard a shriek from the hallway. "Shit," Sean whispered as he ran towards the hallway. Seth followed quietly, looking down. Sean's face turned pale when he found that Heather was staring at his fathers's corpse. She's gonna tell someone, he thought. No one can know about this. No one. As those thoughts flooded his mind, he quickly gripped Heather's throat. She gasped and started coughing.

"Sean, stop," Seth screamed, trying to pull him off. Sean shook his head and gripped harder, causing her to cough and hack loudly, gasping for air. He smiled and squeezed as hard as he could, causing her face to turn red and her eyes to bulge out. Sean cackled, feeling her body start to become still. "You're killing her! Stop!" Sean smiled maniacally as Heather's body stopped moving. He let go of her throat and threw her to the floor. Seth looked up at his brother in fear, then started to run away, but was stopped when Sean gripped his wrist.

"Stay there. I'll be right back."

Seth nodded and sat on the floor obediently. Sean walked into his room and got dressed, then grabbed a box of matches. He then grabbed a fuel tank from his father's back closet. When he walked back to Seth, he was sitting on the floor, staring at the floor. Seth looked up and smiled sadly. Sean smiled back and began pouring gasoline throughout the room. He trailed the liquid throughout the house, except for his bedroom. Seth watched in confusion, his head tilted. Sean came back to Seth happily and dropped the tank. Seth's eyes widened when Sean struck the match. Right away, flames broke. He threw the match onto the liquid, causing it to immediately ignite. Seth stood up and tried to run out of the house, but Sean grabbed him again. "I-I love you," Seth whimpered sadly. "Please let me out."

"No. Join me."

"First Mom dies," Seth cried. "Then you kill Daddy, then your girlfriend, I don't want to die yet!"

"I didn't say that."

"I just wanted to sleep in the same bed as you. I always feel sad and alone!"

"Too bad."

Seth screamed with frustration and pushed Sean into the flames. He heard him screaming in pain loudly and saw his figure squirming around. Seth covered his face, crying. Sean came out swiftly, panting. His face was burned, his hair was singed to black, and his skin was covered in burns. Seth looked up in fear then tried to run out again. Sean growled and grabbed him. "Stay!"


Sean pulled him closer, panting. "Ah, your body's all hot," Seth screamed, struggling. Sean held him in his arms silently, listening to the cracking flames around them. He touched Seth's face and Seth smiled slowly. Seth slowly hugged him, smiling happily. Sean patted his back and walked over to his room, getting burned as he walked. Seth watched worriedly.

Seth heard music playing. Sean was gone for far too long, he thought. He walked forward, but stopped in fear because he was surrounded by flames. He whimpered and trembled.

Sean played his piano slowly, smiling and trying to copy the tune on the radio. The blood on his fingers were dripping onto the keys quickly.

Seth fell onto the floor, choking on the smoke. He panted and tried to hold his breath, but the smoke was making him dizzy. He eventually became unconscious.

Sean stood up from the piano and walked back into the room, staring at his brother, who was unconscious. He picked him up and took him into his bedroom. With all of his strength, he swung Seth's body back, then slammed him onto the keys on the piano. Some of the keys fell onto the floor. He kept slinging him forward, loud screams coming from his now-awoken body. "You didn't want to join me," Sean growled, slamming him down over and over. Blood poured from Seth's nose, eyes, mouth, and skull as the screams got louder. Keys and bloody teeth scattered the floor as Seth slowly died. Sean huffed and tossed his brother into the flames.

He remembered writing the note, then running out. But that's where it ended. He didn't remember passing out. Sean looked down at the note once more, then abruptly remembered the rest of it.

"I will continue my journey," Sean mumbled. "My brother will rest in peace. I'm sorry for what I've done to you, but I knew for a fact that things would get worse for you. I love you, man. I didn't want you to go through that. Everyone, remember that I'm your hero. Life sucks ass and I want to save you from it. Love, Sean."

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