Trying Too Hard

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i haven't written in so long, please just read it.

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017



She's a girl who longs to be happy.

She's the girl who hides her pain with a smile.

She just wanted to fit in,

Just wanted to be liked.

She spent years hiding behind a mask,

Trying to be the girl everyone else wanted.

She would have done anything to be the girl everyone loved.

She was smart but she hid behind a facade of lies.

She was beautiful but she couldn't see that.

All this girl wanted was to make her daddy proud of her.

All she wanted was for her daddy to love her.

She spent years trying to let go of the words he said.

The words that broke her.

It started with 'your fat'

Which led to starving herself, purging and exercising.

He called her lazy,

That led to continously cleaning and cooking.

He called her stupid,

So she chose to pay attention, she chose to get good grades.

He called her ugly,

So she tried to change that as well.

Dyed hair, make up and new clothes.

He said he hated her,

There was nothing she could to try and change the feeling that left.

The emptiness, the darkness that soon surrounded her.

He left that engraved in her heart,

Something she can't erase.

She has fallen into a pit of darkness.

The pain she feels every morning when she wakes up

Would hurt those around her.

The thoughts in her mind

Would destroy anyone who heard them.

She just wants to give up ,

The lies,

The masks,

But without them she'd be bare.

The trurth would come out.

All of her darkest secrets aired for the rest of the world to see.

No giving up isn't an option for this girl.

She'll spent the rest of her life trying hard to keep them hidden.

Just like she'll spend the rest of her life keeping the real her hidden.

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