Alpha Academy

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Fight Back Pt. 1

Submitted: February 27, 2017

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Submitted: February 27, 2017



1:02. Floor 3. West Wing. Alpha Academy.

Pytha, Runtig, Yrecros, Nedalnib and Phenste are chased by Blacksmith. Pytha is obviously on front, being an athlete, followed by Yrecros, then Phenste and Runtig nearly on the same place, and Nedalnib at the back, so he’s the one that gets caught by the rope Blacksmith threw. Pytha turns, and ties Blacksmith with that rope using his powers. But, he tears them off by spreading his arms apart. Pytha lifts Blacksmith off the ground and throws him against the wall on his left side. He starts shooting at the kids with rubber bullets, but Runtig programs so that if the bullets get near them, they’ll melt.
As the students run, 26-2 stands in front of them with a Single-Shot Grenade Launcher on his hand and takes aim. Once everyone passes by him, he shoots Blacksmith, knocking him down and destroying the ammo compartment of his machine gun. Blacksmith uses his Ability to stretch a piece of iron to serve as a tentacle-like weapon with a sharp end. As 26-2 is about to reload the Grenade Launcher, Blacksmith gives a direct frontal attack with this weapon at his face. 26-2 Ducks and moves to the side before it strikes down to him. As soon as the Grenade launches is reloaded, the tentacle takes place as a shield. 26-2 takes this opportunity: He slides right below the shield and shoots the handgun, killing Blacksmith for sure. As he stood aside Blacksmith’s corpse, looking at the children standing at the end of the hallway staring at the dead body, a blade pierces him right through the chest. The kids start running away again. Behind 26-2 is his twin brother holding a wakizashi sword. 27-2 has a grin on his face, odd to see on someone whose brother just died, but common on someone who murdered a man.—

27-2: Didn't want you to intervene in the plans the other Agents and I have planned.

26-2: You know…

27-2: Don't bother, you’ll be dead in… 5-10 minutes considering your regeneration. Just shut up and stay still.

26-2: When you said you’d kill me… when we were kids… I wasn't expecting this.

27-2: Joking ‘till the end, huh?

26-2: Might as well go down laughing.

27-2: It wasn't that good of a joke anyway.

26-2: It was worth the try.

27-2: It was not.

26-2: I knew it was too good to be true that you suddenly liked to joke. It was part of your cover, I suppose.

27-2: Finally do you use that brain of yours.

26-2: Good night, bro.

27-2: It's just an hour past noon.

26-2: Well, it’s really dark today.

27-2: It is not...

26-2: I’m seeing darkness…

27-2: But you’ve got ten minutes to live.

26-2: Funny, huh?

27-2: No, it is not. You shouldn't be dying this quickly.

26-2: I wanted to see if you cared. *sshole.

27-2: Alright, I found that funny.

26-2: About time you did.

27-2: Sleep well. Don't expect me at your funeral.

26-2: Like I were to complain if I didn't see you there?

27-2: Shut up and close your eyes. I’ll give some of the money I get for your wife and son.

26-2: And the daughter on her way.

27-2: You never said anything about Sofia being pregnant.

26-2: We were planning to announce it next week. That's why we invited you for dinner at our place… Oh, you will need to be the one to decide her name.

27-2: You’re just wasting my time, aren't you?

26-2: Kinda.

27-2: Your wife isn't even pregnant, is she?

26-2: Nah. Those kids needed a headstart.

27-2: Bye.

—Unaware of what just happened behind them, the students continue running and go down the stairs. Halfway through the hallway, when they pass aside a window, 27-2 swings with a rope into the building breaking the window and taking down Runtig and grabbing her laptop to stop her from using her powers. He takes out a handgun and sticks the end of the barrel to her neck. Yrecros, from behind, grabs him by the neck and makes him move the gun enough to loose aim. Phenste runs away towards the nearest stairway, followed by Nedalnib. Pytha grabs 27-2’s arm and frees Runtig, he takes him down to the ground with Yrecros still holding to his neck and hits him across the jaw so hard that a “crack” is heard. He helps Yrecros up so all three run behind Nedalnib and Phenste. 27-2 gets up and aims the gun to Nedalnib’s left leg, but Pytha throws a chunk from the wall at him to the left arm, so he ends up shooting Phenste right in the back of her neck. Nedalnib is frightened and steps on the side of his right foot causing him to trip. Runtig stops to check on Phenste, and screams when she sees her throat torn and draining blood. 27-2 catches up to them and threatens to kill Pytha as they stand in the middle of the hallway. 
All of the sudden, 27-2 bursts in flames turning into ash in a matter of seconds. John’s Hound: Incendeio, AKA: João, the best Hound from Brazil stands. His face cannot be seen since he wears a gas mask like that of firefighters, as well as an open jacket of the same kind with torn sleeves and no shirt. He has his right hand in flames and the left one holding an axe. 
From Brasilia, Brazil, he came from a wealthy family. As a child, he loved his parents in equal amount as a single child: His mother read to him a new book daily, and his father taught him almost everything. When his father died, his mind was vulnerable to any idea. At the cremation, he ran to the furnace missing him and burned his hands & arms. To make him feel better, his mother showed him the ashes and said that the ashes have immortalized his father, and he’ll live eternally in that way. 
When his mother got ill, he burned her on the bed “to immortalize her” and put her ashes in the same urn as that of his father’s. He then became a pyromaniac, wishing to immortalize people as ash. Caught by the police at the age of 15 and judged as an adult. In prison, he was raped by his cellmate, only once, since the night right after that, João burned most of the prison wing. This called for the electric chair, but his execution was interrupted by an InterDimentional Incident that gave him his abilities. 
Arthur, Charles’ predecessor, was the one who caught him and made him fight in what today belongs to Merwoi. His somewhat sadistic personality gave him popularity, which helped him last for over 30 tournaments. John bought and trained him more formally, making him his official Hound.

Aside João are 4 of John’s men, each one of them aiming a rifle at each one of the students. He noticed that Pytha is the one in charge of the group, even if one doesn't agree to that (Yrecros).—

João: You know English, right?

Pytha: I speak the language.

João: Pleasure to meet you, you can call me João. You appear to be the one in charge of this group, aren't you?

Pytha: I wouldn't say that.

João: You seem authoritarian. That's enough to make you a leader nowadays.

Pytha: You’re a leader too apparently.

João: I work for John, the USA Hunter, the leader of the DOEs too. I’m A leader, but not THE leader. Of course, I don't intend to only speak about the definition of leadership. John has found a more lucrative business than getting Affecteds and making them fight. You’d get training and money: Hounds. Hunting other Affecteds aside the best Hunters. You’re high-ranking Affecteds: Big amounts of cash await you… Hm? Interested?

Pytha: If we say yes, you could betray us-

João: I wouldn't.

Pytha: I know nothing about you in order to trust you. You could betray us and “enslave” us to fight each other… If we say no, you would capture us and do the same thing. What choice are we left with?

João: We’re both thinking about the same 3rd option, ain’t we?

Pytha: Perhaps… (The third option is to escape, but we're inside a hallway with a National Hunter’s Hound and his men. The space is close enough to stop us from running, but open enough to offer no cover. These guys’ weapons probably don't have IDC Bullets if they're always around an Affected, so we would theoretically only need to take down João)

João: But, we can stop you if we wish to… Better to take the offer.

Nedalnib: I’m interested.

João: We prefer people who don't trip over nothing.

Yrecros: How about me?

Pytha: (Well, these are some loyal bastards)

—1:13. Alpha Academy. Floor 4. East Wing.

Neitsnie, Evren, Pirist, Hoce, Victor and his younger sister have been waiting inside the girls’ locker room for quite some time now. One of the two Agents that had just arrived enters with his pistol in hand.—

Agent: I’m Agent 13-2 from the AACP. No need to be alar- What is that?! —He screamed when he saw the corpses of John’s men (Or what was left of them)—

Victor: Long story…

13-2: Well, we need to get moving… There was an unexpected arrival, but the heat sensors locate them far from here: the other side of the building, the gym, and the roof. Nicknames and Ranks?

Victor: Vectorio. ?

Neitsnie: PowerUp. ?

Hoce: FX. ? (Kappa)

Dina: Doobutsu. ? (Xi)

Pirist: Spektr. ?

Evren: Sketch. ?

13-2: …Well, these kids have high ranks. Sketch and FX, you go right behind me, Spektr and Doobutsu behind them, and Vectorio and PowerUp in the back of the group.

Neitsnie: Where's your partner?

13-2: He’s outside and in the hallway of the 6th floor.

Victor: Two places at once?

13-2: Part of him is in the hallway, the other half is outside.

Evren: And the Hunter from the gym?

13-2: Agents 28-3A and 28-3b are taking care of him.

—They get out of the locker rooms in the formation given. Neitsnie is aside Victor at the back of the formation. Whether or not the Agent knew about it, this is, in fact, the best place for them to be: Victor can use the vectors of any attack coming from the back and repel it, even reverse it to hit whatever threw that attack; Neitsnie is the fastest there, so he could react before anyone else to the attacks coming from behind and absorb them. He can also detect the heat signals, brainwaves, and movements of John's men and other Affecteds. The front of the formation is no issue either, since that's where the Agent is. Hoce is quite helpful too: Even though he hasn't learned how to make something invisible, he is still able to make them quiet. Pirist and Dina are in the middle; the safest place of their formation. Not by the Agent seeing them as weaklings, but he's someone to consider a gentleman. In any case, Dina is, after all, the weakest among them, and Pirist isn't very good fighting. 
By when they're in the floor below, Neitsnie detects a strong source of heat on the other side of the building: João burning the Agent that betrayed the kids, and strong brainwaves that spread widely: Pytha, and his telepathy. Near that are very weak brainwaves: Yrecros' stupidity. Neitsnie mentions this, and the Agent comments that he can detect the flow of blood accelerating, as if someone’s heart pumped faster, and a lot of blood on a flat surface. His ability is to detect the presence and movement of blood. The Agent refuses to get near there, since the objective is to get to safety. Evren turns into the Man in Black armor again. His character can see through walls, so he makes sure that it is actually Pytha on the floor below.—

Evren: That's him alright.

Neitsnie: You sure?

Evren: Veteran Blue never fails. He’s my favorite character of them all.

Hoce: Who else is there with him?

Evren: Couldn't you make the light there travel here so that we can all see?

Victor: I doubt he could.

Evren: Good point. Seiskin-San is with my sister, Jurius-Kun, Drawzi-Kun… Whakgin-San is lying on the floor, bleeding out.

Hoce: Wow! Are you sure?

Evren: No, I thought about joking about death at this precise moment.

Hoce: Damn! I had a crush on that girl!

Neitsnie: It is sad…

Hoce: Yeah. It felt like I actually had a shot with her, and now she’s dead.

Neitsnie: What's sad is your taste in women.

Victor: Poor choice of words: “I had a SHOT with her”

Evren: There's also a man with the name of “João” there, and armed men aside him.

13-2: How do you know the guy’s name?

Evren: I don't know. Veteran Blue does.

—Evren’s character: Veteran Blue. A veteran from the Third World War with biological enhancements through genetics. Equipped with full-body graphene armor with a weight of 20 kgs(40 lbs approx.), slim, dual Tonfa Blades,  Handguns, a rifle that allows for multiple types of ammo rubber bullets, explosive bullets, incendiary bullets, ,goggles that provide thermal vision, sonar, zoom, change of light passing permission, and many other gadgets that, if listed, would make the list fill the page.—

13-2: Ok, João is inside. That means John’s inside. Which means that, we really should get out of here.

Neitsnie: Could they take him down on their own?

13-2: Let’s hurry up.

Pirist: They couldn't. Could they?

13-2: No… He’s a National… working for another National. They're children with no fighting experience.

Evren: He can’t be that good.

13-2: I witnessed him killing an Affected with Alset 24 with his bare hands, without any of his powers. And don't get me started with John himself. He’s no Charles, Klauss, or Gunther, but still.

Evren: Ok, João is talking to Seiskin-Kun up-close.

Neitsnie: He’s angry and nervous at the same time.

Victor: How can you tell?

Neitsnie: He’s clenching his fist… the mechanical one. I can sense the electrically charged cables taking that shape.

Victor: And… I’m officially impressed by your intelligence.

Evren: He is amongst the 25 most intelligent people of his age, as far as math goes.

Neitsnie: I got the 19th place last year.

Victor: I got the 17th.

Neitsnie: “Alberto Coto” Math competition?

Victor: No. I got the 22nd place there. I was talking about the “Spring” Juvenile Math Competition.

Neitsnie: Oh. I got the 28th there last year. 

Victor: How about chess championships?

Neitsnie: Umm… chess… We should focus on getting out of here alive.

—Convenient that he mentioned it, since someone who would make that difficult suddenly appears. John rappels from the roof and blows up the wall next to them. 
John: A tall, short-bearded man with military haircut, dark brown hair and sunglasses. Long, black, leather coat with short metal spikes, round toe, black boots, and a cowboy hat. Equipped with an M4 machine gun, a Magnum revolver a large Winchester hunting knife and shotgun, and a black, bulletproof carbon fiber S.W.A.T. shield on his back.
Trained by the SEALs, Marines and Special Forces, from the toughest part of New York, son of a drug distributor. He killed a man at the early age of 15, and at the age of 19 with his bare hands while working for his father. Cheated and joined the military when he was 14. He wasn't kicked out because of his incredible capabilities, and his superiors lied when asked about the age of their best cadet. No time was wasted without using his acquired knowledge to doing his father’s bidding.
The American government made him the leader of a group of excelling soldiers: DOEs. It initially consisted of 9: John, Jim, James, Jane, Jean, Jonathan, Janet, Joseph, Joe and Jessica. Rumors have spread about John actually having a relationship with Jane, a married woman and that she killed her husband when she got pregnant by John. It caused tension in the group and made Jean and Jim leave.
As soon as the Ring owners knew of the existence of this group, the owner of the Ring from Nome, Alaska: Glassnail, contacted John and managed to make a deal to make the DOEs work for him. Today, many members have died and been replaced. The original Jean lost a limb and is retired, Jim is a -5 Agent in AACP.

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