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In a distant future, astronauts are searching for a planet........the crew finds a isolated system.......with a sun, a unknown planet and a blue moon.....is this the planet they where searching? and what's is it they seek there?

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Submitted: January 27, 2017




(On a mission to earth)



The story begins with A group of Astronauts (Namely Turin, Banish, Lucy and Fulcrum), who are shown traveling In space. Where they are shown sending Msg to their Base "Genesis" spaceship that it's there 30th day of mission and Its year 3015.


Lucy is shown to be the captain of the ship, whereas Fulcrum is a Trained soldier, Turin isa natural Tracker and a guide and finally banish is a scientist and analist.


The spaceship which the astronauts traveling reachs Area where its shown

A planet that looks alike Earth is alone with a Small star acting as Sun and With A Blue Moon.The Astronauts lands there miniship in the Planet.


Turin,Lucy and fulcrum goes out of the ship to researchthe planet, Where as banish Stays in the miniship to make sure Nothing goes Wrong.He also sends some mini drones to Search for Any available lifeform in these Planet.Turin Scans the planets core, whereas Lucy Scan the Trees and other natural resources. Fulcrum takes a hike around The Planet and finds that These planet is Suitable for them to breath and also learnsthat the planet as mild cold climate due to the star That acts as sun isbeing small.


Lucy,fulcrum and Turinsends all the data analysis aboutthe planet to the Miniship to Analyse it. banish Finds a shocking truththat these planet is none other thanplanetEarth After Analysing all the results found on thesePlanet.Banish Sends these Information to Genesissaying that They have finally found the Earth.


Earth is now in A mint condition,the astronautsconsider thatthese is how Earth must have been when it was Created.

They believe that Natural Disaster might have reshaped earth.


They also find out that its 32 hours to complete one day and that Pluto is now acting as a moon to earth.


Turin:"we finally found Earth "

Lucy: "Still remains the question is what happened to earth and how Pluto became a moon toearth, Then how did Earth got in a galaxy that's really far away from Milky way galaxy?".


Fulcrum finds Some living organism and finds that all the Animals that Lived in earth in 21century are still alive.But Throughout the day theydon't find a living human being around the planet.


Next day,They find that electricity is still produced by Dam'sthat survived the disasters.Lucy and her crew analysis the data's about Earth. Lucy is shown to be inromantic relationships with fulcrum.Both Lucy and Fulcrum Discuss about there future since Lucy is 3 month Pregnant.


At night, the whole crew goes to sleep. Where at night a bright Blue glowing Crystal is flying around the miniship.Lucy wakes up by the Mild Music made by the blue crystal and Follows it,suddenly the Crystal stops Facing Lucy's head. Then Lucy hears a child voice telling herto Touch it.


Lucy Touch's the Crystal,Suddenly a Blue waves pass through Lucy and makes her float(In a frozen state) theninducessome sort of Data,glimpes of memory and suddenly the Crystel turns into a sparkling Blue water droplet in a form of Child and Touch's Lucy's Smotach which Shows Lucy's baby making Lucy's Torsotransparent. Then the sparkling blue dropletsPasses through her Smotach merging with Baby and slowly Releases from Frozen state.


Lucy runs into the medical section and Scans her Torso to check her baby's condition. The machine scans completely and reports that Baby's growth is 100% normal.Confused Lucy Goes back her cabin and Sleeps.


Next day,Fulcrum finds a Functional Dam and Explores it.Inside the generation Section Fulcrum Finds a protected box under a concrete Slab.He opens the Box and finds a Set of Pen drive with a numbering on it.


Fulcrum informs others that he as found a old tech storage devices and he is heading back to the miniship.Suddenly a Blue sabertooth 6 feet height cames and attacks fulcrum.The blue sabertooth breaths Ice ,attacks and freezes fulcrum.The Frozen statute of Fulcrum is Shown,But suddenly a Ray of Heat passes and Melts the Ice around him.Fulcrum attacks The blue sabertooth With a double sidedblade made up of plasmacreated by a certain Frequency.


Fulcrum nearlykills the blue sabertooth making it unconscious. He takes Blood sample and Tissue of the blueSabertooth with The box. The Blue Sabertooth Gets Consciousness and tears of Fulcrum's Right arm. Fulcrum kills the blueSabertooth after a series of struggle.


Fulcrum Gets back to miniship Totally injured.Banish takes fulcrum to Bio Medic device(is a A.I that analysis a person or A animal and Creates Biosynthetic Organs and Body parts)which analysis Fulcrum's Right shoulder and designs new biosynthetic Right arm and attach's to his Shoulder recreating fulcrums Right arm.


Yet Fulcrum is keptin Medic( is a transparent container with many wires around it, The Container contains a fluid with allows the person to heal soon)to get full recovery of all the wounds.Banish analysis the blue Sabertooth blood and tissues,Lucy  orders banish to design a device to Read the Data in those Pen drive. Banish says it's his lucky day that it's the first time he as touched a storage device like these,since in 3015 Finger print tissues containsdata to be stored.


Meanwhile,Lucy stands in Front of The medic Device watching Fulcrum Wounds Recovering, She wishes that He Would Heal too soon.Banish Calls Others and inform that he created a reader to Retrieve the data from those Pen drive, while the extraction process is going on Turin alerts others that a group ofblue sabertooth have surrounded there miniship.


Lucy CommandsTurin to activate the Force field shield(It covers a area of 200 square feet and protects it)and sends a group of drones to bring the Dead blue sabertooth body to Find its weakness.Mean while The Group of Blue Sabertooth attacks the miniship with Ice ,freezing the force fields.


Now inside the miniship banish finds out that blue sabertooth doesn't belong to earth as per the analysis of Genetic structure and blood fluidfound in its Blood and tissue.


Banish informs these toLucy ,Lucy gets Mad on what's going around and Slams the Retriever which cause the device to start reading and plays aVideos in it.

In the display monitor a video is played, Where a youngsterintroduces himself to beBala while flying in the Sky with a suit(Which as Wing,tail and Gears to shift).


Bala:"Hi am Bala, What you guys are watching is the world 2nd Grand skyjumping Race Tournament. ".

Then the video shows Him flying in Sky with some nitro Boost , then the video ends.


Lucy Opens the Files that are Retrieved and Starts Reading it.Suddenly lucy gets a memory glimpse ,where itsshows images of everything happened to earth,but she is confused and is unable to understand it.


Now Lucy's Mind drags her into time period 2015, which is actuallywritten inthe files where its shown vickya 18 years old,youngsteris walking near Vandalur Bridge in 27 august 2015, where the climate is little cloudy and dark.Vickysenses something new in his body.suddenly a wind blows Hard,Dragging him which MakesHim flyin the Sky like a kite for few minutes and falls down in a public Press meet.


Vickydoesn't get any wound in the free fall caused by the wind. vicky Stands up ,he believes that he is blessed with New born Powers.He then jumps uptrying to fly,But He flyes till a Highest Tree in the locality and Falls back.But vickydoesn't Gets injured.


Suddenly a Scientist approachs the press and informs that Gravity in earth is now reduced I.e, now earth'sgravity is equal to mars.The scientist also announces that now allHumans are capable of Jumping like superhuman shown in comics. These is why vickywas Able to jump tillthat height.


Now in all the news channels all around the world informs these news aboutGravity and the Government orders thatthere'sbeen an banned on people wondering (thatPeople should not walk in street till the ban is over).


Suddenly Lucy's consciousnesscames back to the present in 3015,Where the blue sabertooth's Break the force field by Making it ice.Turin Attacks The Group of blue sabertooth using a weapon named Disintegrator( a beam of ray which Disintegrates Any tissue that Comes in contact with it).Turin Successfully kills Four Blue sabertooth, But The Disintegrators Ray doesn't have Any effect on ice.


Which Gives upper hand for the Blue Sabertooth, Suddenly a Drone brings the Dead body of blue Sabertooth killed by Fulcrum into the Miniship. Then Lucy Calls Turin in and Activates the Force field again.


Lucy:"Banish,its your Time now,we only Have got 5 minutes within that you got to find the weakness of blue sabertooth or else there's no other way than to tag that Earth is more dangerous than before".


Banish:"Okay,I ammm on to it.Just Hold the Time for me".


Turin suddenly tracks down a High energy surge in the Middle of Woods and Informs it to Lucy.


Lucy commands Turin to activate the Bio-Drones which are placed all over the planet attached to treesand other organic tissues. The Bio-Drones scans the woods and reports that a living Matter 5'8 feet Is Roaming around the forest.Lucy Believes that Living Matter to be Humans.


Banish finally finds a weak spot in the Blue Sabertooth. The Weak spot is none other than its Ears,they are highly sensitive so attacking with a ultrasonic might Damage its ear and Brain Easily which CanCollapse them easily.


Banish Designs a ultrasonic gun, Lucy suddenly pauses for moment were is able to feel some Energy around her.One of the Energy Is similar to the Blue crystal she felt last night.Lucy orders Others stay put in the ship until she cames back,But Turin Insist on Companingher.Lucy then Gets Ultrasonic gun and Gives One to Turin.


Banish first attacksthe Group of Blue Sabertooth with Ultrasonic placed outside the Miniship.Both Turin and Lucy Kills the Collapsed Blue Sabertooth.But Banish captures One blue sabertooth alive for research and keeps it alivein a containment even though Lucy Dismay's the idea of having a blue sabertooth in her ship.


Both Turin and Lucy Reach's the Location where the Energy surge was Shown by bio-syntheticDrone.But they find Nothing but a Wet grass with some fluid.Suddenly a Blue vulture 5 feet  in height Attacks Both Lucy and Turin.Blue vulture as High speed Acceleration while flying and Attacks from Sky out of nowhere.Blue Vulture also as Ability to Hypnosis creatures.


Blue vulture Injures both Turin andLucy.Blue VultureFly's towards Lucy to abduct her but Turin Gets in the middle.Blue Vulture now Abducts Turin and Flyes into the sky.


Lucy gets backs to the miniship and Orders banish to Track down Turin's location.

Lucy sits down and over thinks about How the blue Vulture fledand took Turin with it.


Suddenly Lucy's Mind again Drags her into 2015 ,Now its shown that in 27 sept 2015 the Government as UnbanHuman walking. Now Vicky and his Friend Bala are Shown Walking In tambaram railway station where Bala Bets to Vicky that He Can Jump too high.


Bala jumps high near a tree, Then Vicky follows him By jumping.Bala Suddenly uses The Branch of Trees as a slingshot and Jumps Too high.On Seeing these two Persons Jumping,All the Youngsters Starts Jumping and Reach's sky.


Now the story shifts to A Research centre where new report is Been  given that Earths Gravity is Now Reduced Less than Before.Now back near  MCC college A two wheeler accelerates his Vehicle more than 20km but His bike Tires Loses Grip, Then Flyesand Crashes in a Steel pipes Where one of the pipe Pierces through hihead and kills him. All over the world, all two Wheeler and cars looses grip,then they Are shown flying and crashing in  everything.


Whereas Bullet trains are Shown Flying in Sky due to low gravity,All the Bullet trains crash in Buildings and other places ,Then Aeroplanes are shown to Be Dragged in Wind due toolow Gravity and crashes.


Now story shifts back toVicky and Bala heads back to ground and goes to local train.where train Local trains are shown,they are not Flying due to low speedmaintained by the Train Drivers.


Vicky and Bala turns on the TV and sees news, then Finds that morethan One billon people have Died today due Low gravity.All the Amusement parks have been Destroyed Due to collapsing and Many Places have Been Destroyed. Now again in all the news channels all around the world informs these news aboutGravity and the Government orders thatthere'sbeen an banned on people wondering (thatPeople should not walk in street till the ban is over).


Now Suddenly Lucy'sconcisenessdrags her to the Present 3015.Where Banish Question what's happening to her Since she was like a statue for few minutes. Lucy tells To Banish What's Happening to her.


Banish finally tracks down Turin Location and Gets a shock that he is Now in Pluto.Banish is confused whether A bird can Fly across planets.


Lucy Orders Banish to dispatch the miniship and take the ship to Pluto. While Dispatching A group of Blue Sabertooth attacks the Miniship and Damages its Engine.


Inside the Ship,Banish tells Lucy that Landing the ship is Only way to Travel safe.But Lucy Orders Banish to Continues the travel in Semi-light speed.


After Few minutes,

THE ship crash lands in surface of Pluto.

Now inside the miniship, both Lucy and Turin are shownunconscious and Bleeding.Fulcrum is Alive in the Containment but is sleeping without Knowing what's Going on. Outside the Miniship,A Group of Blue rhino are Shown Standing around the Ship getting ready to Attack the Miniship.


Will Lucy and others Survive?

Will everyone get know what happened to Earth Really and How it ended up Here in other Galaxy?


The End.


THUS CONTINUES.....................


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