Olympus City

Olympus City

Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure


Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure

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Chapter1 (v.1) - Newly Recruited

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 27, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 27, 2017




Olympus City

Chapter One:

Newly Recruited


I was part of the city guard, Emerald Corps 3rd Calvary, or the rookies, bottom of the barrel. I was top of my guard unit, yet that was like being the shit with less stink. Though I guess it was better then being one of the common folk. Seeing them walk down the streets each day, not a care in the world, blissfully unaware that at any moment the Gigamorph could return made me feel like I was important. More important than when I first joined.

I remember the day I enlisted.....it was three months ago. Every exam and exhausting endurance test, was nothing compared to the training they put us through. Grueling obstacle courses, hours of hand to hand combat and Master Commander Caruso screaming constantly at your soul was enough to drive the weak minded mad. I wasn't one of the weak. I made it through and was on my way to joining the Emerald corps.

“ Lanny!” I heard a familiar voice yell, breaking me from my thoughts of the past. It was Maren Gostt, my best friend for god knows how long now. She was living in the center of the city and working at the hospital as a night nurse. I loved seeing her everyday. “ Lance, how are you on this fine summer day?” she asked me. Jumping on me to give me a big hug, almost knocking me over.

"Hi M. I'm okay, just another boring day on patrol.” I answered back, putting Maren back on her feet. She put her hands together and smiled back up at me, staring into my eyes with her deep blues. “ you're still going to come tonight, right?” she asked me, still keeping eye contact. I had to think for a second before it came rushing back into my head. She was singing tonight at Fullerton's tavern.

“ Of course M, I wouldn't dare miss something that important. Unless you know what happens.” I said with a reassuring sense of confidence. She kept looking at me for a few seconds, then a smile came across her face again. “ We all know that's not gonna happen silly, its been fifty years. Well I have to run, I expect you to be there Lanny!” she called back to me while waving. “ we can only hope that doesn't happen......” I thought to myself as I turned away, heading towards my post at the top of the capitol building.

The capitol building was a huge, white skyscraper with a large dome/gazebo on the roof that acts as our watchtower. It overlooks the whole city, all the way to the city outskirts. It was a boring job, but I had to hold my tongue so I could start climbing the ranks. once I made my way through the front door, I was tackled to the ground and held down by my arms.

“ HA! I finally got you! Score one for Vai, baby!” she gloated, throwing her fist in the air proudly.

“ Yeah, score one for a cheater.” I sneered back, with a spiteful smile on my face. I pushed her off me and brushed off my overcoat as I stood up.

“ Hmph, spoken like a true puss. Did I make the little man cry?” she answered mockingly.

“ Just wait till next time asshole. I'll even the score.” I shot back, looking her directly in the face. We couldn't keep a straight face for long and both started cracking up.

This bundle of hell-fire was Violet Hale, the toughest and coolest chick in the emerald corps. And my partner. I picked up my weapon off the ground and we headed for the elevator to the top of the building and to our post.

“ So whats on the agenda today my main man?” Violet asked while stepping into the elevator. I looked up at the elevators ceiling and let out a sigh. “ You know, same ol same old. Sentry duty for hours and then we go home. It starting to break me down Vai, I need some action, I need to see some combat.” I replied. Unrest beginning to show on my face. She looked over at me kinda puzzled by my sudden discontent, but then she started quietly laughing, which turned into a loud cackle.

“ What the hell's so funny Vai? What?!” I asked sternly, confused as to how and why I made her laugh.

“ You think we all don't some action dude? We all want to see some combat Lance. You need to remember that Lance.”

Vai answered with a lecture. I thought about it for a moment and realized she may have been right. I felt like a jerk, only thinking about myself when I abandoned a fully independent life when I joined the Emerald Corps. Just then, in my moment of self pity, I felt her hand come to rest on my shoulder.

“Just remember you aren't alone in all this. Were in it together till the end.” she said reassuringly. I got a strange feeling of satisfaction and comfort. Vai and I had been friends ever since we joined three months ago and met in training. We both ended up in the finals of the hand to hand combat tournament. I scored a win over her when I pinned her against the ground and put her in a sleeper hold. After the fight, when I was heading back to the barracks, she came up to me and shook my hand, impressed by my fighting skills. We've been close ever since.

Our elevator finally made it to the roof, and opened up to a bright blue sky overlooking the entire northern side of the city. North Olympus was the nice part of the city, a burgeoning suburb where the middle class lived, surrounded by the Olympus city train station. I was from a place as far from that paradise as you could get. I grew up in the projects, west Olympus to be exact. Filled with crime and murder, it was a stroke of luck to stay alive each day. One of the many reasons I joined the military. To get away from that lifestyle.

Thinking of my past always got me through the mundane task of watching over the city. It also helped having a partner with me that I could talk to all day. Vai was a breath of fresh air to have around. “ What'chya thinkin about dude?” Vai asked, leaning up against the railing next to us.

“ Why'd you join the Emerald corps Vai?” I asked her, turning the question around on her.

“ Hmmm....same reason as anyone else I guess, to help protect our city and everyone in it.” she answered non nonchalantly, seemingly confused by my question.

“ Exactly; you want to make a difference. Then don't you think its a waste of time to be stuck up on this god forsaken roof watching the clouds roll by? We need to actually make a difference. We need to take action!” I said, my voice getting louder with each word.

“ Don't you start on this again Lance. You know why we're up here. We can see everything from up this high.. We're the bottom of the barrel, and we don't get to go on those types of missions. We have a job to do and we don't get to make decisions on whether we see action or not. Don't get me wrong here Lance. I want action as much as the next soldier, but we have an obligation to be the eyes of the inner city and its citizens. We just have to accept the fact that as long as we are part of the Emerald Corps, we won't see anything beyond those city walls.” she finished, looking directly at me with seriousness in her eyes.

“ Yeah, I guess you're right Vai.....” I mumbled in her direction, crossing my arms, leaning them on the railing.

Vai's expression turned to a smile and she put her arm over my shoulder. “ Besides, if you went into combat, who would I have to sneak attack and talk to each day?” she asked while letting out a playful snicker. I just smiled back at her and punched her playfully in the shoulder.

Our shift in the “ Falcons nest”, as we affectionately called it, went per usual, nothing out of the ordinary. We talked and talked, laughing at the occasional joke we threw in. Till we both saw a bright flash, which was followed by a loud explosion in the distance. It was so powerful it knocked me off my feet. I picked myself back up and shrugged off the fall. “ Oh my god....Lance...look.” Vai said with a trembling terror in her voice. “ Shit.... It's finally happened.” I said in a serious tone. There was a breach in the outer wall. We all had dreaded this day, the day our wall was breached. The Gigamorph was back....


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