Everything is within Reach.

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Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



There was a time when everything was fine but I was portly with voracious appetite. I could eat almost everything which came my way except inedible and non-vegetarian stuff. I had put kilos faster than the development of our rural areas, it's only a comic analogy. In 2011, something happened in such an ineffable way that had impelled me to change. I always have believed and known that everything is within reach and nothing can stop us achieving, only if we want something from within and not because we just want to show it to others. And if we want to prove it to others, that's a sign of an ego. Ego can be purified by being generous.

So what happened in 2011 which impelled me. Guess what?
I happened to be standing on a weighing scale and that turned out to be 233 pounds which is an equivalent to 106 kgs. It was really an embarrassing that others were gazing at weighing scale when such an overweight guy standing on it and praying to the God if it could show less weight on display. There I've learned "Praying doesn't help unless we work".

I have indulgent parents, they made sure that I should not be deprived of anything. Everything was availed at my wish, no matter what. This gave me drive to put on more kilos. (By this time, I used to wear jeans of 40 inches waist.) If someone asked me for physical work and I don't want to do it then I had a good pretext to shirk away the responsibilities. By saying - "I'm fat I can't do that, I'll get tired easily!". Definitely, being castigated or criticized was not the reason to drop kilos because I have never been castigated or criticized for my overweight. Then, what is it which impelled me to drop the kilos?

Here, I elucidate the reason behind this change. If you guessed the reason being a girl or a love relationship, I'm sorry you got it wrong.  
First off, "Nothing can be changed unless we want it to change!". And to bring the change we must have the ability to change ourselves as well. It was from within that I want to change or transform my body for myself and not for anybody. The idea of flaunting my body never occurred to me. Because I look my body from different horizon which says our body is just a heap of food we've gathered and not a life itself; what essentially matters is what's within.
I have always been a headstrong since my childhood, if I decide something then I never look back and, I reckon, that's what needed to rise to legendary. My quotidian diet for a single day would vary from 4kgs to 5kgs. Those days I was living to eat the food but presently it has been reversed, 'Now, I eat the food to stay healthy'.

On a certain day, I decided to reduce my diet and go on foot for 3-5 kms every day, no matter what. It was hard and messy at first but gradually it became duck soup and I started enjoying making small steps. I still remember the first month of this regime, which was hair-raising experience for a fat boy like me those days. I never have consulted dietician, but googled about diet to such an extent that I now know what to eat and what to discard. The reason I didn't consult dietician is not because of being egotistical but just because I have predilection to turn it by myself. As we're capable of more than we can think, I never look up to somebody if I can do it, rather try it to such an extent that I turn it up. If somehow I'm unable to turn it up, it's only then when I look up to someone else.

At the present time, my body weighs just 150 pounds (68 kgs), I wear Jeans of 28 inches waist, and the most importantly - no more flabby muscles. I should say unequivocally- "Each Individual is capable of more than s/he ever imagined !". I never worked hard to drop kilos, if it had been hard I would have given up rather. Because, what use is our work to ourselves or anybody around if we're going to make ourselves miserable in the process of working.
I was being able to drop the kilos only because I had put "Incisive & Strenuous Efforts" with joy. Now, I'm no more elephantine. That's my story from 233 pounds to 150 pounds and 40 inches waist to 28 inches waist.

I hope it won't be considered presumptuous if I proffer a sage advice: "Always live in the moment and don't hold your body above yourself !" .

I express gratitude for paying an attention to my story...

From Fat to Fit: all I can say is " I live in the moment and am more than my physical structure! ".


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