Demon hunter

Demon hunter

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Status: In Progress

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demon children 2
A new threat arrives, those who seek the demon children, seeking the demon seal within them. Kitsune and his friends are trying to figure out who the new threat is and why they want the tail demons. While dealing with the betrayal of those around him. The clock beings to tick as each passing moment he starting to lose more of himself to the demon. Leaving the question will the hunters get him first or the demon within.
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demon children 2
A new threat arrives, those who seek the demon children, seeking the demon seal within them. Kitsune and his friends are trying to figure out who the new threat is and why they want the tail demons. While dealing with the betrayal of those around him. The clock beings to tick as each passing moment he starting to lose more of himself to the demon. Leaving the question will the hunters get him first or the demon within.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Betrayal

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Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 28, 2017



Outcaste and loner what is the difference to some none, but to a few huge, one who want to be alone and the one who are force but knowing which one they are that the challenge.

In the dark forest where a village hides huge flames and scream grew and the darkness bloomed and no matter how hard the light from the flame grew the darkness took over till there was no light left and nothing could be heard but a figure in the shadows that left a trail of blood behind it. It wasn’t just in that village that was cover in blood but another where loud scream grew and ground shock. As the sun rise the darkness faded but it didn’t end as the dark and the blood will continue to grow as the demon children are making their stand around the world.

On a clear blue sky, young Kitsune walk around the village doing his daily chores for his stubborn and pushy boss Salami, who rule the whole nation of the flower, but unlike others he must follow and stick to the rule place before him or he would be lock away for the rest of his life as he was different from the normal humans. It wasn’t because of his ability to caste spell or control the elements as many others do too, which is known as guardian who protect their nation. Each one with their own style and strength, but for Kitsune, he has something within him that scares even the most feared guardian and could bring a nation to their knees.

Carrying boxes full of letters and forms as he headed over to the headquarters, he finds it hard to get there as everyone made it their job to make things harder for him, they don’t hurt him or even touch him but make it difficult. Getting tired as he had work non-stop all day while also attending school and doing errands for the HQ. He wished one day he will have a day off to just sleep he miss the days when he could sleep all day and do nothing and no one care, wasting the days away on doing nothing but relaxing. Halfway there he ran into a familiar face knocking him and himself over and the boxes to the ground. Rubbing his head he collect everything not caring about who he hit till the kid stood up and hit him across the head and said annoyed ‘you idiot at least say sorry if you don’t people think you’re an jerk which you are but as an demon you have too’ Kitsune look up and seen his team mate Ruja who is the top student in his year and in others, loved and popular even though he dose nothing but get great grades and a powerful guardian. With short raven, black hair that flow to his shoulders, covering his ears, he was handsome and many of the girls love him although he was known for being number one he is also known as Kitsune number one rival as they both hate each other and compete to be the best and it said only Kitsune is able to go full out with him. Even though Ruja won every time the fighting never stop. Everyone knew it would end with one of them dying.

‘I said nothing because I knew it was you, beside it your own fault, now I’m late’ complained kitsune piling the boxes again.

‘what are you doing anyway?’ ask Ruja annoyed with his arm cross looking down at his young and small rival. Kitsune even though the same age is the smallest in his year and despite looking cute he could also be as popular as Ruja due to his loving and happy personality if it wasn’t for the beasts living within him. With his bushy brown hair, he pushes his fringe out the way and fixes his black jacket before turning to answer his question.

‘Last night I had some strange dream, I woke up late because of that I got to school late Lars and Salami are mad at me so I got given more chores and since I can’t go to demonology class I’m working, I want to finish because I haven’t seen Arion yet so he hungry and attacking everyone because he wants out, I’m tired and if I don’ drop this off soon Arion going to kill someone and then I’m going to get blame and he going to get put down all because of that wired dream’ complained Kitsune annoyed and frustrated as he can’t do everything at once since he grounded from using his mana because of his lateness and salami to lazy to do things or get others to do it so she pushes Kitsune to his limits. Ruja standing there not really caring looks at him in laugher as he working like a dog and the villager isn’t making it any easier.

‘What are you doing anyway? You have class right now don’t you have demonology?’ ask Kitsune confused and tilted his head, because of his love of anime he dose thing they do thinking it normal despite it being strange.

‘The teachers an idiot as she thinks she know everything, I know more about demons then her, anyway you need a hand?’ ask Ruja and Kitsune smiled then soon frowned and shouted ‘what for? You are my enemies and rival we don’t help each other out, we laugh and make things worst’

‘look I’m bored and your horse lives right next door so I can’t sleep with it screaming so deal with it, anyway doing this mean you have to pay me back so if I carry the boxes for you buy me all my meals for 2 days’ said Ruja picking up the boxes.

‘What? That a bit unfair I refuse’ shouted Kitsune.

‘why are you arguing, you buy them anyway least I’m doing something so if you think about it I’m doing it for nothing, now deal with that horse before I do it myself and it won’t be pretty’ said Ruja and walk off with the boxes. Kitsune though about it and growled and said to him self ‘that kid give me headache, I will kill him one day, since that done I guess I see Arion’ then he ran off to the stable to where his wild and out of control stallion live.

In the HQ Ruja walk in without anyone stopping which is rare as no one can enter without being called or with a high rank guardian, Ruja felt the hate and fear around him thinking that everyone thought he was Kitsune as you couldn’t see his face. Since they both were wearing there uniform it was hard to tell. He didn’t know what to think as he could feel the hatred toward him he felt he was surround by a bunch of idiots as they tried to trip him and make it harder but he out smarted them all.

In Salami’s office, she was given a report that was went around to every nation leader a message which could only mean trouble.

‘What? This can’t be’ said Salami shocked and unsure how to react moving her blonde fringe out her face she look to the guardian in her office who was high up and he ask in a deep voice hiding his face by a mask ‘what wrong my lady?’

‘dirt yin the one tail demon has been taken, the demon child who held the demon was taken away by a group of powerful guardian, not even the child could beat them, this is bad, someone out for the tails’ she explains mad and worried as their demon child could be next.

‘how can that be demon children are powerful and when in danger the tail demon raise if anything he should have lost control and taken the threat and everyone with it, how could this happen?’ ask the man confused.

‘It seems the child didn’t lose control he never got the time, the report said a teenager defeat the child I’m afraid he back and he now rounding up demon children and I fear he will come here if he can find the hidden forest he will find the others’ she said and slam her hand on the table and scream in anger. Feeling like throwing everything and full of anger she tried to calm down. If someone out for demon child the only thing they could be after is their power. Tail demons are the strongest of all creatures not even thousands guardian can beat them, so powerful they were seal away in a child but sometime even the child can’t hold them. Some are out to get their power and if they have to they have the ability to control it, then no one could stand up for agents them. Also, she was confused to how a teenager could defeat the child and beat them before they could turn. Dirt yin the master of nature could always change his appearance the teen shouldn’t be able to find him. Salami knew one day they would head here after the red fox demon child. The message said many had died until the village stops fighting as no matter what they could do the demon child was going to be taken.

‘Who was this person? who could withstand the dirt yin?’ ask the man.

‘By the description, they spoke it can be no other than the men who destroy that village. Even if dirt yin was a one tail and red fox is six it still worries me we need to find him and stop him before he can take it power if he gets to much even our demon can’t win’ she spoke.

‘him but if that true how can he been a teen? it happens many years ago and he took out a whole village like nothing, he was a strong village only one child survive only because he let him, how can we beat him when he can take out an tail demon’ said the man worried as he knew that who they are up agents is powerful and right now the only one who could stand a chance is their own demon, but they could do that.

‘true but we can’t give up he was able to out beat dirt yin with the help of his guardian and also the village given up, we can beat him and beside we are powerful and even our child has grown even if he attacks now he would never be able to beat us’ she said in pride. Then a loud bang came from out of the room, she walk over and look and seen piles of paper and thought about it remember Kitsune was meant to return ‘oh no he heard, go find him and bring him back we can’t let he out, if anything he will go and find him and try and free dirt yin go’ she said thinking Kitsune over heard and that he will go and help his fellow demon child like he did with the last child. Auk who held the earth bear but unknown to her it was Ruja who over heard, the only survivor of the attack, his family, friend and home town was kill in one night but he was speared by that men the one who is now back and hunting demon child, thinking he was dead Ruja hated raise and now he out to find and destroy the guy who destroy his life.

At the stable Kitsune tacking his stallion that was fear by many and the tallest horse anyone has seen. Kitsune standing on a box so he able to place the saddle on his clysdial back he was talking away to him like they were having a huge conversation. Soon the mask men came and as he walk to the stall Kitsune was push back and Arion reared and the men fell to the ground and Arion was about to attack and Kitsune who fell shouted out ‘stop Arion don’t kill him’ then grab his reins and patted him and said ‘I just clean your hooves if you kill him I will have to clean the blood of them’ Kitsune smiled and the men move back and said ‘demon, you really are a demon’

‘Demon child and no i was joking Julia right you people can’t take a joke, beside what do you want?’ ask Kitsune turning to him while standing under Arion’s head who watch him careful.

‘Salami wanted to see you, about what you heard’

‘Heard? What do you mean I haven’t heard anything beside you calling me demon’ he said patting Arion.

‘Where you just at the HQ?’ ask the men

‘How can I been there and here, as you can see stall clean, Arion feed and tack, Ruja took over my job in repay for feeding him and it true not some lie I swear’ he explain and the man thought about it and ran off and Kitsune watch him go and ask ‘what up with him? did that snake mess up the paper work, I guess I will go find him later after I take you out for a ride’ then Kitsune fix up the saddle and jump on and walk out the stable without a care in the world about what just happen.

In the afternoon Ruja was walking to the exit and look back at the town with his back pack and thought about everything, if he stays he will never be able to get his revenge he wasted to many year in the town for what. He hasn’t grown stronger even Kitsune close to beating him, annoyed he remembered how much he hated the town and the hate he had for so long grew, he forgotten his mission what he pledges he would do. Kill the men who ruin his life and now he back and fate telling him to leave and find him and end his life. Walking out the place as he reaches the end of the village Julia ran over to him calling out ‘hay Ruja!’ as she reaches him and he turn and see her standing there smiling still in her uniform of white shirt and short skirt with black on the edge she smiled as she moves her orange hair out of her face as the wind blow. ‘What are you doing? It is a bit late for training what in the bag?’

‘Go home Julia this doesn’t concern you’ he said in a dark tone his eye brought shiver down her spine she was scared of him for the first time worried she ask ‘what are you doing? Are you running away? If it kit you shouldn’t leave just hit him with lighting like you normally do’

‘it not that stupid fox it this town and the people in it, nothing but cruel and stupid people who judge on what they are, you could never understand the pain this village cause, I’m done with it and going to finish what I started year ago’ he explain before he turn and Julia grab his arm and shouted in tears ‘no you can’t leave, you belong here what ever it is I can help you, please don’t run away if you leave I will die, I love you I can’t image life without you please stay’ cried Julia and Ruja push her away and growled ‘get off I have no time for someone like you, your just like them useless you should die along with them now disappear you’re an eye sore’

‘you don’t mean that, Ruja please don’t go, let me come with you’ she cried and got up to go after him and Ruja turn and put his arm forward and lighting came out and shock her as she fell to the ground pass out she whisper Ruja as tears came down her face. Standing over her he said ‘sorry Julia but you need to stay here’ turning his back he headed off to leave the place forever, never to return as he hatred this place where his hatred was born and grew.

Later that afternoon as the sun was about to go, Kitsune on Arion back headed to the exit hoping to sneak out for a long night time stroll which Lars his adopted father hated him for doing as he is forbidden to leave without a guardian by his side. As they walk he had seen Julia laying down on the ground with a jacket over her he jumps off Arion and run over and lift her head up and said ‘Julia? She been shock with a high voltage, it was Ruja where did that jerk go’

‘kit please bring him back’ she whispered as she tried to wake up and Kitsune said ‘don’t speak I will find him Arion take Julia to the doctor then after find Lars and give him this message, Lars should be at the doctors as he helping out there afterward do what he said got it’ then he place Julia on Arion back and wrote a note and tied it in his mane so it wouldn’t come out unless it was cut. Arion neigh and trotted off keeping Julia on his back as he rushed off. Kitsune look and as his brown fox ear and tail came out and blew in the wind. As he sniffed using his demonic power which he was forbidden to use he track Ruja down and as he found him he ran off faster then any human or guardian using his demonic power to hunt down Ruja and discover what going on as something wasn’t right. As he knew Ruja would never harm anyone without reason

As Arion arrive at the hospital Lars outside saying bye to some doctor seen Arion and turn to say hey and relies Kitsune was not on his back and see Julia knock out and Lars said ‘get help, something happen’ he ran over and Arion stop and turn his head to show the message and so he pull out a knife and cut the mane that was tangle around the note and as he read it and said to some guardian who arrive ‘Ruja run off, Kitsune gone to find and bring him back, something happen it seem Ruja cause this attack tell salami what happen, Arion do you know where Kitsune ran off too?’ Arion neigh and nodded his head and move his legs like he was saying follow and Lars asked ‘will you let me ride you for this time to lead me to kit?’ Arion nodded his head and turn and Lars patted Arion black mane and hop on and as he place his hand on Arion brown neck and shouted ‘go’ Arion ran off the wind blowing though Lars short brown hair and the cold wind hit his warm skin he could sense something bad was going to happen as the place went cold and a strom approach.

Outside the village out of the forest near the brick bridge that was surround by water Ruja turn and seen Kitsune standing outside the forest Ruja said in a cold and dark tone ‘I had a feeling you would come I guess that baby told you’

‘Yes, she known for telling on people expressly when they are about to make a huge mistake, leaving the village you should know that mean treson they will see it as betrayal’ explain Kitsune

‘It not my village, I never was apart of it, I only went there to get stronger now there nothing more to learn, beside I have a bigger goal something that weak village can’t help with’ growled Ruja.

‘Saying the strongest village is weak, I guess in many ways your right but why? Why do you leave now why not before?’ ask Kitsune trying to understand.

‘He back and I know you felt it, why you didn’t sleep you know don’t you, you seen it?’ ask Ruja looking at him annoyed.

‘you mean dirt yin, yes I know I just watch the end how a teen with white hair defeated him, the child was just barley alive, I know and I know that he hunting demon children, if you’re after him way leave when he will come here?’ ask Kitsune

‘that teen should be an adult as he destroys my home and my family right in front of me everyone dead after learning that, I did think of staying but why? I will learn nothing from that village I lost sight of my goal and my mission staying would destroy it all’ he explains

‘I wont let you go I told Julia I would bring you back and Lars, so I will bring you back no matter what and to make sure no one will jump in to stop this’ he said and place his hand on the floor and a red light shine around them and as the light faded Ruja growled and said ‘your growing more like the demon every time, if you want me to return you have to do so in a body bag’

‘why must you be this way, why can’t you come back there no reason to leave, why must you hunt him down, I know how you feel and yet I held no hate and if you seek to grow stronger I can help’ shouted Kitsune.

‘You know nothing, you never had parent, sure you had a mother but did she love you? You didn’t watch them die and helpless to stop them then left because of that, left with a curse you no nothing of my pain!’ he shouted and lighting appear and Kitsune jump and dodge it and as he landed

‘I may not know about losing a family, friends and your home but I do know of losing someone you love, she might had kill her self because of me I know the feeling but unlike you I have no one to blame but myself, even so I will stop you’

‘Why? You hate me don’t, you should be glad I’m leaving, I know I am you don’t have to worry about money or me’ he smiled an evil grin, Kitsune look at him and as fire spin around his arms and said ‘because I hate you that way, you the only one I trust, the only person if you go it will never be the same, I will be alone you’re the only person who treat me like an equal the only one who make my life there bearable, the only person who see me as a human’

‘do you love me is that right?’ said Ruja and laugh and Kitsune said ‘I love no one, demon can’t love but hate isn’t that why we have a bond I don’t know which one but we need each other, because of that I can’t let you go even if I have to I will ask the fox to aid me in this I don’t care if I lose control you’re not going because we need each over’ he growled and fire came from the ground and it went all over him like he was on fire. Ruja summon his lighting and shot and the match began demon agent’s guardian, fox agents the snake a battle different from the others that had before, one where the winner will live while the other dies.

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