Clarence 's adventures - The Emerald Dragon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
read clarence and his friends going on amazing adventures from lanceland

Table of Contents

The Magical Lake

Submitted: January 28, 2017

 Once, there lived three good friends called Clarence, James and Jane. Once, they thought about fishing in the nearby lake. After pl... Read Chapter

Into Lanceland

Submitted: January 28, 2017

They quickly climbed down the tree and went inside the town. The creatures were surprised to see them and murmured A real human.psst.psst... Read Chapter

The escapede begins

Submitted: January 28, 2017

 At morning, Redds made everyone very heavy breakfasts because he thought they would never eat again.  They started off at Fair... Read Chapter

The valley of Earthquakes

Submitted: January 28, 2017

After a long time, they reached the valley of Earthquakes. Redds told them that only 8 persons have gone from here because so many earthq... Read Chapter

The never ending volcano

Submitted: February 03, 2017

After the valley of earthquakes came the never ending volcano. Yes, as you heard it, this volcano is made of enchantment and never ends. ... Read Chapter