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Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



once upon a time there was a girl named lindsay.she loved pets and was a cute little girl,but she gives no time to study.whenever a book came near her she started crying and just run away.this girl was a mystery,whenever someone talked to her about books,her reaction was real bad.but no one ever knows what was wrong with her.

one day,Lindsay went to school.few hours later phone rang in her house.her mother went to pick it was a call from Lindsay school.the school's headmaster want to talk to Lindsay's parents so he called them to school.her mother and father went to school.headmaster complaint about Lindsay a lot that she don't study and this and that and that and this and they expelled her from school.

Lindsay's,parents scolded her a lot.after few days Lindsay went to other school.poor little girl made no friend as she was a little upset from her cruel life.she thinks that it was not her mistake that she don't want to study.then after some days Lindsay met a girl named Linda who was quiet amusing and a good girl.she was always in favor of day Lindsay was sitting on a bench in recess time when Linda came and sat with her.she asked Lindsay what is wrong with her,why she don't ever let book came near her?.Linda asked so politely that Lindsay told her''she is having a disease''book anthamopeia''.that is why she don't like to study.but Linda asked does her parents know this?.Lindsay answered she has not told anyone instead of Linda.

Linda was shocked to learn about Lindsay's disease.she thought there is no disease like ''book anthamobea''.so she went home and Google about this disease.there it was written that"there is no such disease but some people who cannot read or write even when going to school,they just get tired of books and slowly they start thinking might be they are having this disease.this misunderstanding will only be gone when the person start liking books."after reading this Linda promised herself she will help Lindsay.

next day Linda went to Lindsay and asked her that could she tell her a story.lindsay agreed and Linda told her a great story.lindsay loved that story a lot that she asked Linda how she know that story?.Linda answered she had read that story from a book named "Emma and great folks".after this she went away.lindsay loved that story a lot that she want to know more.thinking and thinking Lindsay decided to go to school's library and search that,finally she went to the school's big library.there she asked librarian about that book.librarian picked book for Lindsay and she took it to home.she was a little frightened to read it but she just can't control herself and picked it up.lindsay can't read a lot but she tried her best,she was reading when her mother looked her and got near her and the word which Lindsay can't read,her mother helped was real fun and the best thing for Lindsay as that day she was not scolded by her mother.

slowly and slowly Lindsay improved herself a lot that she was at the top of her class and now she had a lot of friends and her best friend was the greatest girl Linda who always stood with Lindsay at the time of Lindsay Williston was one of the greatest and well known writer. 

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