Giants of Equal Stature

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A dragon and giant have a disagreement, which flies away in the light of reason.

Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



Along the river, near the lock, in Gulhanny

Lived a dragon by the name of Nomans Fool

And there, too, was a giant of equal stature

That went by the name of Shane O'Toole.


In the morning, Shane was always late to rise

For it took his wife hours to cook his food.

When he ate, his chewing shock the land;

Nomans Fool thought the giant was very rude.


Nomans Fool --- complained, oh so bitterly,

About the noise and the shaking of the land.

He suggested that Shane should eat oaks,

"They are quieter and growing close at hand."


Well O'Toole let his anger overtake him

Attacking Nomans Fool with a pepper-tree

Nomans laughed, and spit-out lots of fire

Then the tree became part of history.


"I do not eat the food of horse and goat!"

Said O'Toole, in a cave echoing voice,

"If my chewing bothers you, then fly away;

You can fly, I must stay, I have no choice.


Nomans Fool thought about what Shane had said,

The idea had never occurred to him before.

So he flew to quieter places, in the mountains,

Far from Shane O'Toole --- and ocean's shore.


No-one knows if this story could be true,

Or if it is a fable that is based on island lore;

And I suppose it really doesn't matter

Unless you live near Shane O'Toole --- and that shore.



It is said that when dragons aren't believed in

And when no-one thinks that giants still exist

Then they disappear --- from man's earthly visions

And are swallowed up by shadows in the mist.




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