Miley Curseword (Biography)

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We managed to get ahold of the "unusual" Soundcloud Disco Star Miley Curseword for a few hours to make a Biography about her. The story & The journey for the awakening of the crazy musical genius we know as "Miley Curseword" will be now be told for the Very. First. time.

Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



We sat down a few hours and asked Miley a few questions before letting her tell her story. She thanked us for calling her a "Sensation" & "Genius", she thought it was funny & unexpected as she explained that she do all her work for pure fun & of course for her loyal fans that she has decided to name "Woodworms". Under the time we interviewed Miley Curseword, We got to know her more as a person & her story that we have written down below.

"Miley Curseword" aka "Miley C." & "MC" is a crazy schizophrenic unique individual who goes a little insane sometimes when she's either confronted by a Microphone or a Camera! Miley is an Happy & Sweet, Energetic guy who would never even hurt a fly. (Even though most people would most likely guess the contrary) Miley grew up in a small city in Sweden & often had an hard time fitting in, She knew something was up with her. Miley has always been Creative & done things her way even if no one truly understood her ways. When Miley Curseword turned 12, she developed an obsession with her face & started to change her "look" & "Outfits" so she could feel more comfortable in her own skin. Miley started dancing & took inspiration from huge famous artists like "Michael Jackson" & "Lady Gaga". After dancing in 5 years & "Mastered" her own style, She wanted to try something else.. This is where Miley started to feel lost. She was about to turn 18 & realised she'd been struggling her whole life trying to figure out who she really is & if she really did the right decision to be herself and not trying to fit in her society! Miley started having horrible nightmares that she would drive a car and crash & wake up in a cold sweat! She continued having these nightmares & even developted terrible anxieties in her real life. Now she knew something had to be done! Little did Miley Curseword know her life was about to change forever!

Miley started to enter herself & look for another spark that could save her from her life without Creativity & Happiness. Without any luck she found nothing. That was the last way out she thought. It was over. She started doing heavy drugs & hang out in the street with shady people and developed toxic relations. Miley felt like her life & her journey was over, She had even planned her day where she would.. "End".. it all. One day Miley was out in the woods & looked for some Mushrooms that she could smoke & eat. She was very high & drunk that evening and couldn't tell exactly where she was going. As long as she found what she was looking for, She couldn't care less. She eventually found a mushroom that she could only describe as "perfect". She slowly crouched down to pick it up. Once she had it in her hands she looked shocked at the big mushroom. There was a little Woodworm on it. Miley couldn't tell if the Woodworm was real or not due to how high she was. The Woodworm made an abstract & distorted noise that made Miley go absolutely insane! Miley started to scream & dropped the Mushroom on the ground. Miley closed her eyes & covered her ears and screamed really loud in pain & agony. It was like the whole universe & all evil the world was right in front of her flashing and slowly beating her to death, described Miley. She had never been in such panic & emotional state before, she knew it was something else that was doing it & not the drugs. Miley couldn't do anything else than to open her eyes faster than she've ever done before! To her amazement she was no longer in the woods. It was like she had entered a new Dimension. Next to her was this big life sized Woodworm. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen, It was like she had seen God with mortal eyes. The infinite mystery in the world that had triggered Miley's struggles had suffocated to death in a matter of a second. It was a gift from the Gods, The Woodworms. Miley Curseword became immortal to life problems & all negativity the human life goes through. This built up Miley's confident & ego. She was practically unstoppable at this point. She wanted to give her all & everything for her precious Woodworms who had saved her life. The Woodworms & Miley Curseword had now developed an unbreakable bond for each other. The prophecy came true as it was now written in blood. It was now time for Miley to return to earth & she knew exactly what she would have to do to spread the Wonderment and Truth for the chosen ones who seek. Miley Curseword's new chapter had begun. Miley broke every toxic relationship and stopped doing drugs to start her new life. Miley Curseword would become the biggest name in the Music industry! This was Miley's own decision & with the Woodworms on her side rooting on her she knew nothing could stop her. With her rough past & all the street cred she had gotten, She had absolutely no problem to start writing & make Music. Miley reference her past a lot in her songs, For example in Miley Curseword's first track titled "I'm Hot" she sings about her nightmares with the car accidents & in her third track titled "Miley Curseword" she sings about her dark past with the heavy drugs.

"The rest in now marked as history" - Says Miley while grapping her cup of Coffee and laughs out of pure joy. As the Story & Interview came to a close, We asked Miley of what we can expect from her in the near future. She simply stood up and said "Whatever what it comes down to in people's mind when they hear music. For me it comes down as Entertainment & Meditation - a progress to heal your soul, basically. The most important part of my work is to Entertain & potentially help someone out in their rough times by making them crack a smile & laugh! That is my job as an Artist! I'm done dreaming. I've been a dreamer my whole life. One day i'm gonna make the whole world feel it because by now i'm sure they already know it. Remember the the name, Stay cursed. Be a woodworm, buy guys". Miley then walked out of the room by kicking up the door and walked away into thin air, Oblivion.


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