the marriage bus pt 1

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what is marriage?
is the original purpose of marriage what we seeing these days?
when do we say yes or no? and under what circumstance.
lets find out how more than just love is whats needed to start and maintain a relationship.

Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



Its amazing how many people jump into marriages these days. For some, its because their peers are getting married,others because of societal pressure and a host of others. 

From one angle, marriage has now become like a moving bus, where individuals stop it to sit inside at their own convinient time and alight when they so desire and from another angle, its a moving bus that passes you by when you dont see it early enough to stop it and will later have to run to catch up with it after you realise its passing you by or has already passed you by. 

Today we are looking  at the first angle where we enter at our convenient time and alight when we so desire. Funny isnt it... ????????????

People have taken marriage for granted soo much that they choose to marry at any time they so want and divorce  when they feel like it. Really? Is this what marriage is supposed to be like? 

Noooooo.  .not at all.Marriage is more than that; Marriage is supposed to be one of the most beautiful union on planet earth and to most people, its supposed to be a necessity unless they want to be a second Paul lol. 

MARRIAGE is a sacred union between a man and a woman that is instituted by God. Its meant to be permanent and to be consummated by love making. For the purpose of marriage, a man is supposed to leave his father and mother and be united to his wife for the two to become one flesh.

When God gave Eve to Adam,He cried out joyfully saying,"this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh"(Gen 2:23).

Adam understood the meaning of companionship at that time and what it means to have someone as a life partner.

Most people look out for physical appearances to walk into marriages or to say the sacred word "i do". Little do they know that those physical beauty is vanity.????????????

Outter beauty isnt beautiful until its blended with the inner beauty. Seek a man with, character, a woman with character, a man or woman with the fear of the Lord,a partner worth taken to the altar. 

A partner approved and endorsed by God. And most importantly, making Christ the center of your relationship or marriage.

After the vows has been taken, thats where the real journey begins. Yes.. Thats when the bus starts moving and you must sit inside till you get to the right destination.( I always say my marital destination will be "till rapture do us part").

Its during the journey that you must hold on to your confessions made at the altar in other for you not to alight at a wrong time. This is where love, being the foundation should have supporting pillars(God-centered, trust,sense of humor,open communication among others)  to keep the relationship moving.

In other not to enter the bus at a wrong timing,we need to first of all discover our purpose and must also know that once we do enter the marriage bus, there is no turning back(which is to divorce).

That's why we must take our time to be able to enjoy this union and not regret being a part of it. 

God loves you so very much and remember, you are a conduit of God’s love for your spouse.

I pray for more grace to enable you achieve alot at a resting place. 

God bless you????????????

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