The Crazy Me

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Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



There are many thing I love to do

Some of those may even surprise you

Many things I feel embarrassed about

But this is me so I’ll let it out


Listen to music and sing along

I sometimes even try to make an own song

Reading books makes me feel complete

But sometimes I hate that my life can’t compete

I often get caught up in shows on TV

While one finally ends, there are many more I want to see

I could sit at home and read mangas the whole day

Switching to animes and let the time tick away

Sweets and snacks, I can’t live without

It may even be a reason to dress and go out


My favourite animal is the big panda

I got one shaped like a worm and called it Wuranda

Many stuffed pandas in different size

Wherever you go one of them lies

If you step into my home and take a peek

You’ll see my obsession and may call me a freak


I developed a passion of writing poetry

But it’s nothing I would really admit openly

I love to write and put down my thoughts

And through the years I wrote lots

Reading others and feeling their passion

Thoughts of happiness or endless compassion

The reason I keep it to myself is the fear

Not knowing what others thing when they’ll hear

I put my deepest feelings to my writing

That’s because telling makes it so frightening


I have a habit of wasting time

Just lying on the couch and watching crime

Even though there’s many things I should do

I just can’t find the motivation to

Those things will be done in the very last moment

And don’t dare to make a “typical” comment!


I am a person who likes to be alone

But I’m also useless when everyone’s gone

Mostly then I’ll do things that I don’t need

And when I’m sad and lonely, then I start to feed

But I guess that happens to everyone

And in the end, it was even a tiny bit fun


It doesn’t sound as crazy as I thought

But I think I am, it would be boring if not

I am who I am and that’s how I’ll be

The one and only crazy me.

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