Irtiqaa Program May Lead Abu Dhabi to Top the World Education Before 2030

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Irtiqaa Program May Lead Abu Dhabi to Top the World Education Before 2030

Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



Irtiqaa Program May Lead Abu Dhabi to Top the World Education Before 2030

It is a fact rather than an expectation!!

Two main statements, in deed never been used in any academic inspection as I believe.

Guaranteed Quality in Education!! Mission is Perfection in Education!!

Perfect sentences to be objectivized for any educational standards, though the application and the theory should meet no objections.

Since 2008 Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has been seeking to meet the regulations and the comprehensive standards of the best educational systems in the world for challenging to improve not to restrict. Reaching 2012 where UAE education was getting to be considered in good ranking level according to the PISA ((world educational ranking run by OECD , are based on tests taken by 15 years old in more than 70 counties )) .

The actual changes happened when the first edition of Irtiqaa inspection framework was launched to consider the real education as mission and vision equalized with the most comprehensive educational systems which topping the world education, resulting in the same year to push the rank nearer to 60s which is actually great progress within a year or less.

Moving ahead to 2015, with the same ranking system, UAE jumped again ahead achieving and skipping more than 22 counties to reach the rank of 45 which is also the first in the Middle East.

Logically, within less than 4 years of launching Irtiqaa, it guided UAE to walk ahead of more than 22 countries, so expectedly within 8 years, it is highly possibly to jump more than 40 more countries to top the education in the world. It is not really an expectation but numbers and facts proof that whereas many examples can be given to support, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, Netherland and Canada. Considerably , these are the Top ten for 2015-2116 according to PISA ranking, so going back with the studies, looking for each of those countries ranking ten years ago , definitely , the results will reveal where they were and where they are now !

Not strange and no doubt that the UAE and especially Irtiqaa program of Abu Dhabi which actually holds all visions and objectives and world standards of UAE inspection programs will be able to top the world education in a maximum of 2026 if it keeps the same growth which definitely appears to happen with Irtiqaa two main sentences Guaranteed Quality in Education!! Mission is Perfection in Education!!

What do these sentences mean?!!

When it comes to the guarantee quality, it usually means a product has been perfectly done, tested, modified and well resulted. Having said that and joining it as a characteristic of education proofs that all students will for sure receive a unique education which is suitable and constant for the 21st century to achieve the competitive environment ,increasing awareness among educators about the importance of quality performance, providing the best inspection tools and establish well maintained standards.

Referring the above mentioned to the Vision of UAE 2021 will reveal the meaning of competitive educational standards of 21st century.

Furthermore, when it comes to the mission, the definition goes toward the declaration of organization core, purpose and focus that normally remains unchangeable over time. So as the mission is the perfection of education this means that the possibility of pitfalls in education does not exist which equals 0%. , regarding to this statement, the performance of students, teachers, principals, educators, curriculum and policy will have to meet 100%. Mathematically, it looks exaggeration and not possible but logically it is possible and the ranking improving of UAE education through the last 4 years is the best evidence for that and especially the improvement which happened and still happening after launching Irtiqaa.

All in all, success needs a great motivation of change, all evidences endorse that UAE has been doing a mazing efforts toward reaching the top, unquestionably before 2030 they will. !!! 

Written by

Dr. Hamada M.S Alfaqawi


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