Daddy's Mistress

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Just a short story I wrote :D

Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



Daddy always comes home late, he always smells like smoke and nasty beer. Mommy always yells at him saying "You dirty fucking cheater!" I cover my ears when she yells. Daddy invited a blonde woman over when mommy was working. The women smiled at me, "You must be Melody. Your daddy told me so much about you." She said while giving my small hand a small shake. I like her she's nice, unlike mommy. The blonde lady and daddy look happy, they're happy with me. Mommy and daddy are never happy with me, mommy yells and daddy stays away. The door opens, mommy walks in and she drops her bag. I run into the kitchen out of fear, mommy starts yelling and throwing things. I peek out and watch daddy leave with the blonde lady. Mommy cried on the couch, I try to make her smile, but she pushes me away. I hide in my bedroom, mommy is very mad at daddy. I fall asleep in my bed, "Melody sweetie wake up." I hear daddy's voice whisper, I open my green eyes to see my daddy's face. He smiled at me, I returned his smile. Daddy was covered in red paint, "Were you painting daddy?" I whisper, daddy looked surprised but then he nodded. The blonde lady from before came into my room, she whispered something in daddy's ear. Daddy scooped me into his arms, "You'll be staying with me and Kelly for awhile okay baby girl?" He whispered as he carried me out of my room, I nodded my head. Daddy took me to Kelly's house, her house was bigger than mine. Daddy and Kelly played with me, Kelly never screamed at daddy. There was a loud noise coming from the hallway, five men in blue uniforms pointed guns at daddy and Kelly. "Richard Barns and Kelly Albeit you're both under arrest for the murder of Linda Barnes and for the kidnapping of Melody Barnes." One of the men in the blue uniforms spoke, they put metal bracelets on daddy and Kelly. Mommy's dead and gone, and daddy is in jail for life. Now I sit here in a lonely foster home resenting my daddy, we were all brought to this point. All because of my daddy's mistress.

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