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Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



I looked into your eyes,

As you drank from your straw"

In that silly way you do,

And in them, I fell into awe"

I fell in love with you.


And only now do I realize,

Many months later,

That sitting upon that bench,

At a table built for six,

But with only us two"

That nothing was happiness,

Like watch your elegant hair,

With our eloquent conversing,

In that beautiful wind,

On the most exceptional,

And amazing,

And enlightening Saturday evening of my life.

Nothing was beauty,

Quite like that.


The memory floats in my mind,

And at just the thought of it,

A metaphorical dam collapses,

Releasing its blocked away dopamine to my mind.


In reality, this is what we live for.

Whatever we went, we know must end"

For nothing lasts forever"

And despite this knowledge,

We continue these affairs,

Knowing they’ll turn to memories,

Eventually being our last thread,

To out past happiness.


We live knowing this,

As naturally as we breathe.


I looked into her eyes,

And declared my affection.

“I love you.”

And while in that moment,

My love seemed eternal,

I could live in that moment forever"

Yet it became a memory.


No realization has become more impactful,

Than when sitting aside an old man,

Listening to the story of his dead love,

As he became teary-eyed whilst smiling,

The realization occurred to me"


The feeling of dopamine,

Recalling your beautiful hair,

And that fluent conversation,

In that lovely wind"


In the long run…

That is what we are living for.


© Copyright 2018 Jacob Galloway. All rights reserved.

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