Dyslexia and Aspergers

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The English language sucks.

Submitted: January 28, 2017

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Submitted: January 28, 2017



Dyslexia and Aspergers...


so I'm 30 now, and I still struggle in day to day life with not knowing how to spell common words properly. Which is particularly bad if you need to communicate to professionals all the time through emails, or scripts. What makes it worse, is my aspergers making me hate talking on the phone, for many reasons, most of which is that it makes me really uncomfortable and nervous.

The other part of aspergers, is it lets me look at things in a unique way. This has lead me to believe that lexicography is rubbish. Dictionaries, and current “correct” spelling only came to the English language in the 19th century, picked by people who were so involved in it that they lost sight of the whole picture.

Do you know any PHD graduates? I've known a few, and they tend to be so focused that they perfect their small part that they study, causing them to think that it's the only way. The thing is, if you want to do things their way, it's perfect, but there are generally a plethora of ways to do things. And the people who created those dictionaries got lost in etymology, losing sight of the purpose of the dictionary, and its use.

The dictionary was to be used by everyone in a society where modern schools/colleges/universities were starting to take form. Before then, the world worked fine by spelling words the way that they sounded, it was rare for people to not be able to understand what someone was trying to say, even though separate spelling traits were usually passed down in a family. You would sound out a word, and if that wasn't enough, then context would fill the rest in, the only short coming was there was no unified definitions for words.

The unfortunate side effect of the English dictionaries, is the strict enforcement of spelling. If you spell things wrong, then you are ridiculed, given poor grades in school (I had failed every year of school after grade 4 due to poor spelling), and not taken seriously by employers. Most of the world is all good and happy to stick to this, but I'm here, trying to tell you that enuf is enough! (spelt how it sounds, and not being dragged down by etymology)

As a side note, I actually like etymology, and regularly look into words for fun, but I know it's place.

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