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Submitted: January 29, 2017

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Submitted: January 29, 2017




I remember  that special  day of May, 7th 2017. I was in the examination  room at Mon Repos R.C   attempting  the first few questions  in my Mathematics booklet  when  suddenly,  all that I had learned  blanked out of  my memory. 

  I am a very consistent  and hardworking  person.  My main goal in life was to pass my Secondary  Entrance  Assessment  Examinations  in May . I studied  extremely  hard,  memorized  all my formulas  and practised good time management  skills  for the  big day. I was also encouraged  by my parents as they promised  to take me to New York  if  I  had  passed my examination. 

  The big day  quickly  creeped up on me and before I knew it  I was at my school  with a Mathematics  paper  in front of me. As I began  attempting  the first  few questions  on the paper  my mind went  completely  blank. All my studies  and years of work vanished like smoke from my memory.  I began  feeling  the examination  jitters  as I broke out in a cold  sweat.  I became a nervous  wreck as the time  was ticking  away . I knew  that  I  had to buck up  or risk  failing  the  exam  or having to repeat  Standard  five.

  I  closed  my eyes to block  out  all the negative  thoughts from my memory.  I took  a deep breath  and tried  to  remain  calm to complete  my  exam.  After doing  so  everything  that I had  learnt  returned  to my memory.  I  breezed  through  all the tests  but I prepared  myself  to always  remain  calm and confident  as I did the tests.

  After my most challenging  exam in  my life  the results were finally  released.  Miss Samaroo and the Minister of  Education  entered  our school with an entourage  of people.  I was  wondering  why they were  there, but before I  could answer that  question,  Miss  Samaroo  made a very  special  announcement.  " I am  very proud  to announce  that Christopher  Lawrence   has topped  the  entire  country,  placing first in all of his subjects."  I was jubilant  as a loud round  of applause  was given  for my  tremendous  success.  Another  surprise  soon  came my way as my  parents  made their way to the front  of the school  holding  three airline  tickets  in their hand.

  "Well done!" you have proved yourself  worthy of a trip to  New York.  I hugged them tightly as I praised  myself  for not  giving  up  in the  middle  of the most important  exam in my  life. I learnt to remain calm and have faith  and trust in myself that I  will succeed  in  anything  I  do.

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