Ella-Rose's Story

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Based on a girl’s life when her dad forces Ella-Rose and Harry to do all the housework. It is up to Ella-Rose and big Brother Harry to stand up to the father and tell him what would your real wife
think of you treating us as slaves. Will Ella Rose's father rethink and be more like a father to Ella-Rose and Harry

Read the Rest of Ella Rose's Story This book was written in 2010

Table of Contents

Chapter one

Submitted: January 29, 2017

Chapter one
“Ella-Rose, come here” said Mr Barker. “Coming daddy” said Ella-Rose as she walked up the stairs her older sister tipped her and she fell and the entire kitchen things fell and broke into pieces. Mr Barker came rushing out and saw what happened “oh princess are you ok” said Mr Barker looking at Louise’s face “no I’m not ok, Ella-Rose threw my washing all on the floor and now it’s all dirty” Louise said. Mr Barker look at Ella-Rose and signed “Ella-Rose, you need to do the washing again, do the windows and Harry, if he doesn’t get the lunch ready and feed Louise’s puppy he’s going to be in big trouble” shouted Mr Barker and then he slapped Ella-Rose.

Ella-Rose ran up the stairs and knock on Harry’s bedroom door. Harry opened the door and looked at Ella-Rose started to cry. “uh, father said you have to get lunch ready and feed Louise’s puppy you’re going to be big trouble” Ella-Rose said “what happened to your face Ella, did father slapped you” asked Harry hugging Ella-Rose. There was a pause and then Ella-Rose started to cry again. Harry sighed and went downstairs Ella-Rose followed him where their father and Louise. Harry opened the door and slapped Mr Barker. “WHY DID YOU SLAPPED ELLA-ROSE, WHEN SHE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING WRONG” said Harry cuddling Ella-Rose. “I did that because she throw Louise’s washing all over the floor and now it’s dirty” said Mr Barker “only because Louise tipped her and she fell down” said Harry. “Haven’t you got some chores to do, they don’t do themselves” looking at Ella-Rose and Harry.

Ella-Rose walked upstairs and Harry walked into the kitchen to do the lunch………..
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Chapter two

Submitted: January 29, 2017

Chapter 2

The next day Ella-Rose and Harry were cleaning the windows when they heard a knock on the door “Open to the name of the king” said the messenger as Ella-Rose opened the door “thank you very much” Ella-Rose said as she said this Louise came rushing down the stairs and grab the letter from Ella-Rose. “Who would give a letter to Ella-Rose an invite to the ball to the prince’s palace” said Louise. Louise gasped “oh look daddy, there is a ball tonight and I am invited” said Louise. “That means me and Harry came go to” said Ella-Rose. Her father and her sister laughed. “There is no need to laugh, Ella-Rose wants to know if we can go to the ball” Harry said. Ella-Rose started to cry and rushed up to the attic where she slept and walked over to her window.

Back downstairs Harry said “Look what you did, do you ever think about mum what she would think about you treating us as slaves and giving Louise treats, think very carefully about that dad” as Harry walked up to the attic.

Ella-Rose was lying on her bed holding a picture of her mum and her other brothers and sisters when Harry came in. “are you ok?” Harry said hugging Ella-Rose “yeah but I miss mum” Ella-Rose said “I know sis, I miss mum too” Harry said ......... Read Chapter

Chapter three

Submitted: January 29, 2017

Chapter Three

That evening, Ella-Rose was helping Louise get ready for the ball and Harry was helping Mr Williams get the limo ready.

Half an hour later they were ready and got in the limo whilst Ella-Rose and Harry were cleaning the windows again.

That minute later they were gone and Ella-Rose and Harry were alone. Then there was a sparkle and another and another and another……

What was it? Or who was it?

A old lady appeared right in front of Ella-Rose and Harry

She wore a red vintage cape with a hood and what was she holding in her hand?

A wand? Read Chapter

Chapter four

Submitted: January 29, 2017

Chapter 4

Ella-Rose and Harry were stunned and amazed watching this old lady trying to find her wand
"Excuse me but who are you?" asked Ella-Rose "your fairy godmother" said the old lady managing to find her wand “Our fairy godmother?" said Ella-Rose “Yes I am, now I will help you to get to the ball” said their fairy godmother. As Ella-Rose heard this she screamed “yes, please would you do that for us then she paused and signed but I don’t have a dress and Harry doesn’t have a suit and father and Louise won’t let us borrow theirs” Ella- Rose said looking at the floor.

“A borrowed dress, borrowed suits my foot” said their fairy godmother.

Their fairy godmother wave her wand and suddenly Ella-Rose’s Rags turned into a beautiful, sparking pink dress and on her feet she worn glass slippers and she did the same for Harry and that moment later Harry’s rags turned into a smart black suit and he wore black shoes.
Ella-Rose and Harry gasped “it’s like a dream, a wonderful dream come true” they said both together and went into circles.
“yes my children, but like all dreams, I afraid they can’t last forever” “ we know that, but it’s more than we ever hoped for” said Harry “but you must understand my dears, on the stroke on 12 the spell will be broken” said the fairy godmother.

As she said this a limo came and parked and the driver came out “Hello fairy godmother” he said “Hello Tim, can you take Ella-Rose and Harry to the palace for the prince’s royal ball” said the fairy godmother as she said this she looked at her watch “oh god, hurry up dears the ball can’t wait” she said. Ella-Rose and Harry jumped into the limo and as Tim drove off and they waved at their fairy godmother and she disappeared in a flash ... Read Chapter