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There's no one home here.

Submitted: January 29, 2017

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Submitted: January 29, 2017





On a one way street, going the wrong way

Speaking words with nothing to say

Fooling you with sickled smiles

your mind I drag through land minds of false happiness

Joy, drunk with modesty 

I reached for you, indeed you were meant for me

making love in a dream to a dream that was a nightmare

you were never there

Throwing stones at my own feet

alluding myself that this is who I should be because what I see is "Friend" looking out for me

A pawn in a game

A last thought with a name

A cracked metaphysical dilemma, my own chandelier to swing from, my own box of pandora.

Sleeping with no rest

broken z's from rotten violins as I slip into dead slumber

my only promised forever

Smiling at the moon for it to smile back

we sang and we drank, until I fell into a corner, a knock at the door of reality, mocking

So I answered and joined in. 

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