Employer Series #5: The Old Anxieties of New Techie

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Submitted: January 29, 2017

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Submitted: January 29, 2017



"Oh yeah, these things can't possibly be made from juice!" laughs the purple lipped Zig as he plops down into a recliner and puts his feet up. "I'm sure another ten or twelve more wouldn't kill-"

"Zig, I need you to get secure passage into Mullingar", commands Emp as he tosses a rather large stack of hundreds onto Zigs syrup stained chest. "Six bodies, within the next twelve hours."

"What the hell are you going to Mullingar for?" asks Zig.

"We." replies Emp. "I'll need you, Sanza, Tommis, Nevlin, and Nina. We're-"

"Going hunting?" asks Zig as he pulls a cigar from his pocket.

"Surveillance. Merely gathering some information. A little snooping if you will." says Emp.

"With four trained killers and the best driver in the game....sure, snoopin" scuffs Zig as he reaches for a lighter.

"I'll trade ya!" says Emp as he snatches the cigar from Zigs mouth and tosses him a file. Zig opens the file as he reaches for another cigar. His face shows his disbelief.

"This is -" utters Zig.

"Very important, yes? Something we need Nevlin and Nina for, yes?" asks Emp.

"You don't think he survived do you?" asks Zig as he drops the opened file on the table, revealing a photo of an aged, bearded Big Ben wheeling an elderly man through an airport terminal.

"I prefer knowing to thinking my dear Ziggy", replies Emp as he closes the file, "and that's why I need into Mullingar undetected. He's going to Dublin in person. Our buyer is in Dublin. We'll sneak in under the radar, and make sure our interests aren't conflicting.

"Sounds to me like you're already convinced it's the old fuck" states Zig, "Sounds like we're heading to Dublin to kill a geezer and his muscle bound nurse. Who, though seemingly familiar, could be complete strangers."

"We'll burn that bridge when we get to it, dear Ziggy." says Emp as he makes his way out of the room and towards the lab.

"I don't know what your plan is for this boy", Tenisett thinks to himself as he slips a syringe into the newly rebuilt Davison's neck, "but I won't have that cheeky fuck using this boy as bait." He slowly injects a solution. "20ccs should bring you to gracefully." Just then a light alarm sounds. Tenisett turns to the screen, showing a rather obnoxious Emp beating on the door. "Does he ever use the buzzer? Kids." says Tenisett with a sigh. He lets him in and asks, "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"We have a little business to attend to. We won't be back by the time Techie here wakes up, and because of that I need you to do me a favor." states Emp as he pulls an envelope stuffed with bills from his pocket and tosses it to the doctor, "Plus 250,000 donated anonymously to your guardian fund. That little Tessa should be sitting pretty for quite a while." Hearing Tessa's name gives Tenisett the urge to put a scalpel through Emp's eye, which he fights off with a  straight face. "Why you don't just  give it to her yourself is beyond me", says Emp with a smirk.

"You said something about a favor..." says Tenisett through his teeth.

"Right! When Techie here wakes up, I need these two drives decrypted and uploaded to separate servers, these servers!", says Emp as he hands the drives and a card to the doc. "We need this done before we meet our buyers, and we'll be meeting with them tomorrow, so of course -"

"You need the kid awake and cracking before then." says Tenisett as they look over the rebuilt Davison, "I've injected 20ccs of a special blend of mine, so I'm thinking maybe after few more minutes-"

"Jesurs Furgen Chuurrs!" slurs the awakened Davison as he flails his limbs into the jaw and perenium of the unsuspecting Tenisett and Emp, sending the ball crippled doctor into the ceiling before crashing into the adjacent surgery table and knocking Emp into a medical waste drum across the room. He flops off the table and staggers to his feet. While frantically scanning the room, he notices the dazed Emp and doctor. "Mur-rer-rer!" he exclaims as he points at Emp, who's attempting to get to his feet but slips on spilled vagrant and hits his head on the counter, knocking himself out.

"Relax, kid!" exclaims Tenisett as he slowly raises to his feet. He points at the table by the exit. "Line of epi-coke!" he manages to get out has he writhes in pain, "Straighten you out!" Davison sloppily makes his way to the table and snorts from the bag instead.

"Wah! Wah! Wah!" exclaims the frenzied Davison, "He blew Nella's fucking forehead off, man!"

"How hard did that damned doll hit you kid?!" asks Tenisett as he makes his way to his keyboard and keys a code. "All the doors you need to escape are open! Out the door and to the right, keep straight and don't veer! It's NOT a dead end! I have an emergency tunnel that leads into town! Go!" Davison bursts through the door and makes way down the hall. He notices a door on the left and decides to press the button. The door opens revealing a woman wearing a gigantic lime green strap-on. She is giving all she has to a ball gagged Big Ben model in an executioner's mask. She turns around to find the justifiably horrified Davison standing in the doorway.

"Janella?!" asks Davison, wiping his eyes to ensure he's seeing clearly.

"Holy fuck nuts, sugar tits!" exclaims the startled Janella, as she walks towards Davison, forgetting the lance fixed to her pelvis. "The old fuck said you wouldn't be awake for hours! Shit! You can't see me!"

"Dick-ghost!" exclaims Davison as he backs out of the doorway and runs away. He continues down the hall, slamming into the doors on his way towards what seems like a dead end. A part of the wall opens and slides up  revealing a hall that leads to a one seat excuse for a car sitting at the entrance to a tunnel. He jumps in the car but notices there is no key in the ignition. "Shit! That doctor tricked-" His cries are interrupted by the starting of the enigine. A screen in the dashboard displays a message: Buckle up! Davison complies. The car takes off by itself and speeds down the path.

"Balls in your court now, old friend." says Tenisett, staring at the monitor and holding a ice pack to his sack. He resets the security, unlocking all doors but the one in his lab.

"What the hell you old fuck?!" exclaims the vagrant covered Emp, pointing a pistol at the head of the unfazed doctor. Tenisett raises but one eyebrow. This is more than enough for Emp to rethink his decision. He holsters his weapon. "This isn't over, Kevorkian!" exclaims Emp as he rushes out of the door, reaching to his phone. He makes a call. "Zig! Are Nina and Nevlin close?! Good! Change of plans! Our get out of hell free card has been stolen!"


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