Lemon-Juice and the Number 9

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Submitted: January 29, 2017

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Submitted: January 29, 2017



"The first step to understanding is not understanding"
HA- I don't understand! 
Lets play a game, the reason for rhythm: 
Black-folded eyelids that peel
Skin-thin sheets of gold
And a familiar-search to birth
A child so perfect in a dream
I have lived here! Before! ! 
Giraffe's skin hold down my arms, 
A gateway to a falling masterpiece, 
Though they all fall for only the fallen
Praise masters in pieces, 
A Sun-lit reason to a cause revived
By those that I forge out of nature's tools, 
I carry the Iron-sphere so let me forget: 
A mouth in a tent, fixed to what could've been greater
-I am playing too dangerous.
Come, come, here, here
For I'll pour out the horror of blood
In unseen multitudes, or is that not a cause
But all is a cause to each other, even to itself
So why do I write? Let me darken the space, 
Or light it -the matter of a beauteous lie-
Due to the option of all thoughts being one and all, 
Carried by a script written within each wave.
A Master beckons, here I speak- does it matter
That I care about the importance tainted? -: 
A Gold-fringed wolf breathing love -it is it, it is it-
A melting-mirror of a million sides, 
Held and seen by
Two twin-lions with matted blonde rogues
Matched by the gravestone of infinity
And a dwarf-chameleon hiding in the chest, 
Changing it's colours as the soul breaths: 
Beyond inspiration, were they picked by indigenous-foreign land? 
Those that we rose as we rose 
Numbers! - 3,4,5 and 9! (18,20,36) 
Let Eleven be light-strong
9! 9! 9! 9! And here grows the overgrown, 
-Seeds or fossils- (we are deep, to those who are shallow) 
And here they reign: 
Lemon-juice persuades infinities reason
And holds the pallet down to it's bitter-sweet grain
To be strong, is to be weak (I have found the reason, 
look past the prickling layer you are a slave to) 
Criticise, but I feel your warmth now 
And the authenticity lies in the truth of the dream
For tangents are as the path as the wide road calling your name, 
I looked around too much- but never back
And live in tainted thoughts that have gained too much flesh
And weight, momentum and breath- (I'm suffocating) 
It's hard to remerge after swimming so deep
I'm ravelled in angel-cotton wings, 
The fabric as familiar as this ink-
Wrap yourself in this cotton-cloth 
And feel the warmth of the multitudes
there's lands between the flicker of these reflections) 
Assumptions may be as bitter as the truth, 
But don't you see even that flickers! ! ! 
The heart-beat of each revelation is different
And my heart beat may be weak to those who run, 
There's a reason to my masked heart
For you'll never see who cries underneath
-Remember what bled, how it was pumped down
your throat, how your heart cried, how it now bleeds 
impurities- Even that wears a mask.
I have an urge to dress this beat in childlike-delicacy
For all is an improvisation, 
(Though not quite) 
For cynicism is the fools wisdom
(Ha, Ha, Ha) 
I'll read -no, no- I'll try, I'll rain down a bow
On which tangent will you receive? 
A mind changed, still, evens are unnecessary
And God, I hope, giggles
But in that hope there it is spawned
In that heart: 
Lemon-Juice and the Number 9.
I have returned, bleeding from the skull
Somewhere between expectations and a tired connoisseur 
For reasons that belong to the path
I assume you preferred (the irony) , 
I have lost understanding and sleep besides dry grass, 
Though I have found two (I thought) more reasons for my return
And I suppose to breathe in thought I have to lose one 
And let it live in the reliability of change: 
For I listened to the effigy's patched with my skin
And read back, inspecting the footsteps dripped in blood
(That wave, that wave I have seen it before! It has washed me
But I'm growing dirty) 
Is that to dishonesty? Or to the focus of nothing? 
I love you mother, 
For you are a material of reason which gives life 
To the falling, fell and to fall.
Do you know who's heart beats such purpose? 
I have lost the other reason, 
For the path is a circle and all is a lie
For what is fallen has been found to work out, 
Ah faith- I am residing in the lonely man's desire, 
For the heat of the surface is burning
And I am losing touch of the dream
Is that the fate of faith? 
No, but by believing makes it so 
And this has been planned as your child's familiarity
Life is brought, interact, for you choose; 
And there is the true art, I dare to say
Though that is dull and lazy, I can feel it 
And all must be touched; 
Thank you angels and the fear is here to be dissected
It is scurrying, I am, it is that of what could've been
But of what is been is being, not corrected by what sounds right
And I have faith in the eyes that never blink.
I may drown -or worse- rise to the surface, 
By saying I am, I am losing touch
What is melting? Though I shall make candles 
And grand fragilities that can melt with a breath
For I am falling to the recital of a poet, the mist is clear
Yet unchanged, and ever, by the line 
To be walked, in the doing, as known here
Lemon-Juice and the Number 9. 


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