The Legion Of Liberty

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who is the president of the us?

Submitted: January 29, 2017

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Submitted: January 29, 2017




The crowds are gathering around,

paying heed to Satan’s call,

But mighty Ragnar’s command shall not come unbound,

Though that wicked prince, Soros, invests heavily in causing US to fall.  


The massive hordes of evil vanity march ,

Ignorantly vying for their own doom,

The streets and enterprise business they smash and torch,

As they loudly proclaim their Satanic message of twisted  perversion

And gloom.



Through the darkness of deepest midnight,

That enlightening sword of blue fire shall slash;

Throughout the left those forces of right  

Shall smash,

To the raging sound of a terrifying thunder;

Until that wicked prince of perversion shall crash,

And into the eternal flame he and his followers of corruption

Shall forevermore be cast asunder.


We shall follow thee great King Ragnar,

Marching proudly behind you until time revealeth that end,

No matter how deep or how far,

Just as long as our patrimonial prosperity is on the mend.  


We stand with ye both thick and strong,

Swearing for ever to remain loyal until the bitter end,

Unto thee our anointed leader, all of us shall forever belong,

We strike mercilessly where e’er  ye shall send!


Our cannons hail from our right side,

We behold how their putrid bodies fall,

Their blood is flowing in a high tide,

As we heed sweet victory’s  call .  


Cannons roar from our left rank,

Their infected bodies pile by the score;

Quickly now we swerve back round to our left flank

where we slay a thousand more!


Before us rides thy majestic form,

Charging forward headlong into the antagonizing fray,

Endlessly defying all that is expected to be the norm’;

Oh what a glorious day!


© Copyright 2018 H.L. Dowless. All rights reserved.