Dying To Live - The Unnatural Beings Saga

Dying To Live - The Unnatural Beings Saga

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


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Prolog (v.1) - Prologue - Unnatural Guide

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 29, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 29, 2017



The Unnatural Beings: Dying To Live (Part 1)

  The Double Lives Saga has ended with the exposure of Felix X and enters a devastated but miraculous new Saga. The Unnatural Beings is a story thats molded by the events taken place in the past during The Double Lives Saga. Changing entirely. Its tone is even different. So sit back and enjoy this new action adventure.

Prologue - YR/2040

Nine more years go by as Apollyon turned twelve. Mergn and his son hovered above planet Zycon. He always tried to have a connection with his son, but never could connect. Only because he is away a lot and Apollyon doesn’t like how he treats his mother. Apollyon, felt he didn’t care for his family. He only comes to listen, because it gets him out of the kingdom. With closed ears, Mergn tells him of the many stories he's experienced and shows him how to use the abilities he's passed down through genetics. During the training, he's interrupted by thunderous explosions across the universe. They came from planet Earth.

In the wake of Felix X, Mergn witnessed the carnage from far deep space. He could hear dreadful cries and alarming screams from the people on Earth. Shot from specialized satellites, enormous purple cosmic beams burned and eradicated numerous countries. The sight of it all ripped open his heart and flushed tears through his eyes as millions lost their lives. Dissolved into dust.

“Father, why are you crying? What do you see?” Apollyon asked in curiosity.

“The most tragic event I’ve ever witnessed. The torment, the pain, the fear, the death! It’s so sad and it breaks me to see it happen to such a beautiful planet and beautiful inhabitants. But there is so much evil upon this planet. I must visit it at once. Those innocent lives need me.” said Mergn as he signaled to head back to the kingdom.

The distance to Earth is very far, it'll take him a few years to cross thousands of galaxies. Then he thought about contacting Morville about his super travel craft to get there in days. He did but Morville didn’t answer. So, he had no choice but to take his craft. The craft is the size of a semi-truck trailer. It’s smoke grey with a huge window on the top of the diamond shaped craft. He hugged his loved ones, then turned to board his craft and ascends into the abyss of the universe.

~This is an era of superhumans or better known as Unnaturals. Where the low and weak can grow to have endless strength, power and possibilities. In an age of secret experiments done on humans to boost their abilities to carry out various tasks. Where one leader rules the planet and doesn't care for his people. He only cares to eradicate, destroy and build a new Earth in his image. This diabolic leader and his lead scientist brings upon the world threatening events; such as "Felix X". An enormous space craft that shoots large beams of unknown radiation generated from a rare emerald. No one knew the possibilities, other than death. If known, it may have been used in another situation. Because that type of radiation was special in literally out of this world. It produced the worlds first Unnatural Beings. Other than "Felix X", there's another world threatening event about to take place. Its called The Death Probe. With it on the arise, it quickly becomes a grave battle between Good and Evil.~


The Unnatural Guide


Level of Power Ranking (Weakest to Strongest)

Enhanced Beings - Physically enhanced with high tech gear.

Super Enhanced Beings - Enhanced through synthetic serums and micro chips.

Unnatural Beings - Cosmic energy fuels them to unleash various kinds of cosmic powers.

Biozems - They're fueled off toxins and don't feel any pain. Their bodies are dead but their minds aren't.

Bionaturals - Fueled off toxins and cosmic energy. Both fuse together to give them the abilities of both Unnatural Beings and Biozems.

Ethereal Beings - From another galaxy. Superior in every way. 


The Unnaturals - Heroes

Electron - Electric Manupulation

Phase 1: Static Electricity - Using an electrical conductor within the super suit, gives the ability to do small waves of static shock. From the body, hands and electrical objects around. Can also power up objects as it surrounds his super suit.

Phase 2: Magnetic Fields/Static Electricity 2 - Using electric currents; metals can be magnetized. Using energy from the magnetism; he can create force fields and manipulate metal. His waves of static shock are larger and stronger. Resembling bolts of lighting. Can consume electricity from things around him and transform parts of his body into electricity. He could forge electrical weapons as well. And can teleport through electrical currents and only in the same area.

Phase 3: Manipulation of all Electricity - Can now call upon Lightning from the sky. Can fully transform into electricity form. He can travel through electrical lines. He's fully powered as his hair turns completely white and his viens look like streaks of blue lightning. It seems his powers are limitless. Doesn't need an electrical conductor.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Fire, Impenetrable skin/No Pain, Ground type powers


Khadim - Godly Power

Phase 1: Godly Strength/Visions/Godly Sight - Even though every Unnatural has enhanced strength, Khadim's Godly strength trumps all. His strength is unmeasurable. He asks God for Visions, can see certain things before they happen. In a small time span though. Not the far future. Has the power to see all things, whether hidden, in the dark or far away. Can look into a person's heart. Tell who they truly are.

Phase 2: Levitation/ Eyes of Flame/Godly Heal - Without the use of his super suit, he can float above the ground as a field of gold energy surrounds him. His eyes turn to the color of fire and can shoot flames from his eyes. Just like his Godly strength, his healing allows him to heal rapidly.

Phase 3: Golden Wings/Life Manipulation/Hammer of Light - Golden wings form from his back and allows him to fly. Can use to defend himself. Can give life with the touch of a hand; but there's a time window to bring someone back. He can heal others now. Out of a yellow beam of energy, he could forge a hammer made of pure power. His eyes remain pearly white as his skin becomes bright like the sun. And his hair turns gold.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Psychic or Mental Abilities, can be harmed by anything but he recovers rapidly.


Ryezin - Psychokinesis/Apex Senses

Phase 1: Lynpathy/Heightened Hearing - Uses the spirit of Lynx to move objects or strike objects. Can hear a pin drop, a block away. Uses sound waves to see.

Phase 2: Lynpathy 2/Force Fields - Now stronger, he could move more than one thing with his mind; by the use of Lynx. Can Levitate and shield his body using Lynx'x force. Using Lynx he could create force fields. Can now see far distances, but not close. He sees the world in sound waves.  

Phase 3: Lynpathy Metamorphesis - Using the power of Lynx, he can force his spiritual body out of it's physical one and control both vessels; while still using Lynx to do things. If his spiritual form is harmed, so will the physical one too. Using Lynx, he can travel through the spiritual dimension and teleport any where he wants in the world. His spiritual form can possess others for a short time. At this phase, his powers are limitless.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Toxin makes him lose contact with Lynx; his source of power, manipulated sound waves and elemental powers.


Syphon - Cosmic Energy

Phase 1: Energy Blasts - stores up energy around him and forms his purple cosmic energy. It burns you, not electrocute you. Shoots balls of energy from his hands.

Phase 2: Cosmic Concussive Blasts - Now powerful enough to burst beams of energy from his hands, mouth, eyes and chest. Can consume other forms of energy and use them for a short time. Every form of energy is purple when he uses it. His eyes are full of purple static and they never go away. He can also drain people of their physical energy, making them tired.

Phase 3: Cosmic Detonation/Energy Merge - With so much power stored up, he could explode in purified energy and then regenerates his body from the same energy. Can use energy to phase through things and as defense. Not only can he consume other forms of energy like fire or electricity, but once in contact with it, he absorbs it and can now shoot fire or electricity from his hands. His purple glow now alternates between red, blue and purple. Simultaneously changing. He can also master the power of fire and electricity. 

Weaknesses - Biozems, Water, Mind powers, Darkness


Lethal - Super Enhanced Human

Phase 1: Heightened Abilities - She's fast, agile and strong. Very flexible with a very high endurance. Master of martial arts and all weapons. Her super suit aids her in battle. Giving her whatever she needs. From guns, knives and bombs. They're stored within the suit. Over time, she grows stronger, faster and her reflexes are on another level. Seeing things before it happens. Heightened anticipation.

Weaknesses - Every Unnatural Being can do massive damage to her. The cosmic radiation weakens her cells.


Blink - Superhuman Speed

Phase 1: Super Fast - Does everything at a fast pace, due to her brain processing faster than anything known. With the use of a super suit, her body can be pushed pass human and animal speeds. Jets from her suit makes her take off at a very high speed. While sprinting, she can get up to 150 mph. Her suit allows her to stop abruptly. Her reflexes and agility are beyond super. And she heals faster than most.

Phase 2: Light Speed - Using a super suit, she can travel as fast as the speed of light. 671,000,000 mph. To her, everything moves very slow. Runs on top of water, on buildings and any structure. Can enter electromagnetic fields and consume the electric currents. This is what powers her. Once the electricity enters her, it surrounds her body and looks like a rainbow bolt of lightning when she runs. She can't manipulate the rainbow electricity.

Phase 3: Dimensional Travel - Her speed is at it's max. Moving ten times faster than light. At this speed, she enters a dimension tunnel and it allows her to travel through time, alternate realities and other dimensions. On Earth, she can be in more than one place; basically making a duplicate of herself. But the duplicate only lasts for a short time. She can also phase through things at this speed. The electricity from the magnetic fields are stronger and permanently orange. Her hair turns white as well.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Ice, Time Manipulator


Camo - Adaptive Skin

Phase 1: Body Adaptation - His flexible bones and body can adapt to anything, but one thing at a time. Also absorbing the energy from it and uses it as kinetic energy blasts. His body produces cells called chromatophores. They're the cells in a chameleon that makes them change color. His suit contains various pigments and allows him to adapt to his surrounding. He camoflauges. The chromatophores cells in him are enhanced with the energy from the cosmic radiation. Producing a bright light inside of him.

Phase 2: Invisibility/Invulnerbility - Using the light from inside him and around him, he can bend it. With aid from his suit, that has a metamaterial on it. He can turn invisible. The metamaterial is a property not found in nature. They are made from assemblies of multiple elements fashioned from composite materials such as metals or plastics. And his body can now withstand loads of damage.

Phase 3: Aurora Beam/Shape-Shifting 2/Age Factor - The light inside of him is brighter, stronger and begs to be unleashed. Can burst a huge beam of light from his chest. Can now mimic the appearance of any person or thing. Using his super suit, he could morph into anything imaginable. Like a transport craft, a shield or a miniture tank. He ages slower than normal.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Darkness, Nuclear blast, Poison


Neurotic - Mind Manipulation 

Phase 1: Mind Freak/Mind Healer/Mild Prophecy - Can communicate through thoughts. Can heal a damaged or ill mind. Can slightly see the future.

Phase 2: MasterMind - Can control the minds of others.

Phase 3: Reality Manipulation/Telekinesis/Levitation - Can put your mind in a chosen reality. Making you believe it's real. He can move things with his mind. Can hover above the ground.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Anything can harm him.


The Unnaturals - Villains 

Steel-Nigh - Steel Manipulation

Phase 1: Forging Metamorphosis/Death Sense - Can forge things made of one of the world's strongest steel; Steelmanite. His super suit produces molecules and atoms of steel. His body feeds off that and liquifies his arms into steel. He can even liquify steel structures and magnetize it. Then he can forge something out of it or using the magnetic field; he could move it with the flick of his wrist. If the liquified steel gets on you, it will rapidly harden. By him being very ill and had a short time to live at the time he was exposed to Felix X. His body was carrying a deadly toxin and it bonded with the cosmic energy. Now he lives off of those dead cells. Giving him the death sense, which is used to cheat death. It's a very heightened awareness. Only his body can trigger this ability. It triggers him, if death is close.

Phase 2: Liquify Metamorphosis - His whole body turns into liquid steelmanite. Can shape into steel objects and consume the mass of other steel objects; making him physically bigger. His bones become like steel and makes him slightly impenetrable. Anywhere there isn't a bone is penetrable.

Phase 3: Solid Steel - Can turn his entire body and suit into steelmanite, only for a controlled time.

Weaknesses: Electricity, Fire, Magnetism


Hog-Splash - Water Manipulation

Phase 1: Aquatic Lungs/Water Breather/Sonar - Can breathe under water for long periods of time; due to his fish like lungs. Consumes water and sprays it from his mouth like a fire hose times five. His super suit contains a tank of water in it. A little can be used to generate a powerful water blast. When under water, he mostly has his eyes closed, so he uses feels the sound waves in the water. Following the vibrations.

Phase 2: Hydrokinesis/Metamorphosis/Super Swim - Can control the water around him. Can now shoot blasts of water from his palms. His palms become liquified. His suit is adapted to his power, so when he turns to water; it does too. Only parts of him can turn. He can swim up to unbelieveable speeds; creating a sonic boom.

Phase 3: Full Metamorphosis/Sonar Communication - His whole body can turn to water at an instant. He can move as water. Can create whirl pools, twisters made of water and tsunamis. Can hear the sound waves and vibrations coming from sea animals. He can transmit sound waves of his own and can communicate with telepathy.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Electricity, Ice, Slow on land


Pharus - Hybrid Droid

Phase 1: Forging/Psionic Beams/Super Strength/Flight - Can turn his body or any part of it into any shape or thing. Red beams of light come from his eyes and mouth at once. His strength is right below Khadim's. He can also fly, using thrusters.

Phase 2: Shape-Shifting/Duplication/Teleportation - Can mimic anyone or anythings physical appearance. Can split himself in two. Can move from one place to the other in a blink.

Weaknesses - Technopathy, Fire, Telekinesis, Visions


Mag-Phoon - Fire Manipulation

Phase 1: Flamethrower/Tissue Regeneration - Consumes fire around him and unleashes it in waves of flames. The fire coming from him, burns his skin. Only for it to regenerate in seconds. His skin regenerates and nothing else.

Phase 2: Pyrokinesis/Liquid Magma - Can control fire around him to do what he wants. Can now produce flames so hot that it becomes lava. 

Phase 3: Metamorphosis - His whole body becomes ingulfed in flames, but it doesn't burn his skin. He's fully immune to fire. Can drop down to a form of liquid magma. When fully powered, he could erutpe like a volcano and burn everything around him.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Water, Air Manipulator, Telekinesis


Krush - Super Strength/Invulnerbility

Phase 1: Super Strength/Super Longevity/Super Durability - As strong as Khadim. He can survive long periods of time and his body is very durable.

Phase 2: Impenetrable Body - Has a tough layer of skin. Doesn't need a super suit. His head can be penetrated.

Phase 3: Mass Control - He can grow bigger and stronger; the angrier he gets.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Mind Control, Telekinesis, Blows to the head, Internal damage.


Brutish - Master of Darkness

Phase 1: Shadowpathy - Bends light to create shadows and uses them to do his deeds.

Phase 2: Shadow Walker - Can turn into a shadow and move where ever there is darkness.

Phase 3: Dark Force - Can summon dark energy and use it as a blast or cause darkness to overtake you.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Cosmic Energy, Beams of Light. 


Frost Blood - Ice Manipulation

Phase 1: Cold Front - Can survive in below cold tempertures. Her body is like a huge freezer. It produces the freezing ice that comes from her hands. Hers is in the form of a sheet of ice.

Phase 2: Icepathy/Iced Armor - Can control all forms of ice and even make it snow around her. Can momentarily turn to ice as a defense mechanism.

Phase 3: Ice Lord - Can conjure up snow storms and blizzards. Anything in her presence can freeze in a matter of minutes; if she  lets it. She has complete control of who freezes. She absorbs the cold from their bodies. She barely sleeps, due to her freezing over if her mind is unconscious for too long. Can explode into ice shards and then regenerates every piece back in place like a puzzle.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Fire, Forms of Energy, Adaption.


Glaze - Ice Manipulation

Phase 1: Cold Front - Can survive in below cold tempertures. His body is like a huge freezer. It produces the freezing ice that comes from his mouth. His is in the form of a cold vapor.

Phase 2: Icepathy/Iced Armor - Can control all forms of ice and even make it snow around him. Can momentarily turn to ice as a defense mechanism.

Phase 3: Ice Lord - Can conjure up snow storms and blizzards. Anything in his presence can freeze in a matter of minutes; if he  lets it. He has complete control of who freezes. He absorbs the cold from their bodies. He barely sleeps, due to her freezing over if his mind is unconscious for too long. Can explode into ice shards and then regenerates every piece back in place like a puzzle.

Weaknesses - Biozems, Fire, Forms of Energy, Adaption.


The Biozems 

Zom - Emperor

Feast - Commander

Carnal - Scientist

Stench - Swarm Leader

Strengths - A bite or stratch from them can weaken most Unnaturals. Except the ones who generates toxins. Their bite will kill or effect a normal human. Their outer layer of skin, heals very rapidly. They never run low on endurance and get stronger the longer they use their bodies.

Phase 2: They grow in body mass, their teeth grow longer and so do their nails. Making them stronger. The growth is limitless. Eating so much human meat gives them the nutrients it needs.

Weaknesses - You kill their brain, you kill them. They hate other forms of toxins. If attacked by a toxin Unnatural, their bodies will overdose on toxins and immediately it will kill the brain.


The Bionaturals

Hybreed - The very first hybrid.

Demetra - Hybreed's newly found queen

Dominic - Demetra's brother and Hybreed's protegé.

Strengths - Can absorb another Unnatural's cosmic ability. Only one at a time. Their toxins fuse with the cosmic ability and delivers a unique attack. Feeds off toxins to make them even stronger. They do this by sinking their teeths into a victim and sucks the toxins out. Doing this enhances them and makes them near unkillable. They heal faster than every other being. Almost instantly. And killing their brain doesn't do anything.

Phase 2: Toxins cover their bodies and harden up; to become an impenetrable armor. Parts of the suit can morph into different things as it turns back to a gaseous form.

Weaknesses - Two small toxin glands holds the power to kill them. One gland is located in the neck and the other is located on the lower spine. Both glands have to be pierced or penetrated; in order to kill them. Since they live off toxins, their skin is allergic to the rays from the sun. Slowly it drains their toxins and weakens them. The more toxin they absorb, the longer they can withstand the sun.


Ethereal Beings

Mergn - King of planet Zycon. A merger of people. The mediator.

Princess Sorla - Mergn's wife.

Apollyon - Mergn's son

Morville - Commander of planet Warcon

Princess Feala - Morville's sister and Mergn's mistress.

Damarro - Mergn's forgotten son.

Strengths - Can feed off cosmic energy with the touch of the hand. Weakening all Unnaturals. If enough energy is consumed, they could demolish a planet; piece by piece. They're durability and endurance sky rockets. Making them unstoppable.

Cosmic Power - Momentarily, they can accumulate every cosmic ability around. Their suit upgrades and makes them turn red. Red bolts of static, small pellets of water, swirls of fire and gaseous forms; circle around their body. The power is limitless.

Weaknesses - Their bodies are weaker than the average human; when they're on Earth. They could die easily and they heal a little faster than a human. That's without stored up cosmic energy. Earthly elements can weaken them if they have consumed cosmic energy.








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