The soldier

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this is a story about a Russian man who tells his story from ww1.

Submitted: January 29, 2017

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Submitted: January 29, 2017



The Soldier


On a slightly dimmed dusky morning, I am sat on my chair and my wooden table in my attic. I am thinking about my days back in the war, and looking at old pictures of me and the old boys together. But that was the last time I ever got to see them again.  At this time I was too deep in thought to even notice that my daughter was coming up the stairs and now behind me, “dad DAD! Can you hear me” “huh oh sorry Jessy I was too deep in thought. “What were you thinking about” I was thinking about the days of the war back in The Gallipoli Campaign February 19th 1915. Wait a minute wasn’t that one of the goriest battles for our country, yes it was and do you believe that I was one of the one’s on the front lines. It’s hard to believe that you of all people could be capable of doing such a dangerous thing, yeah I knew. Hey dad who is that on the photo with you, he has his arm around you oh that is your uncle, he was a brave man but also very young and it was my job to keep him safe, I promise mother I would. Dad what happened to my uncle, your uncle well it all started when he was poisoned with unit B while I was stationed at unit A his unit’s job was to get to poison C to deliver a very important message that contained plans of attack, after that he and his unit will need to get to poison D so they can plant a bomb in one of the German bunkers and kill there commander. Wow that sounds Offaly brave of him and it sounds cool as well, was he scared well take it this way everybody had something to fear out there in no man’s land. Well that is one place I wouldn’t want to be, hey what was your job dad oh well my job was even more dangerous than my brothers job, even more dangerous! what could be even more dangerous job then my uncle’s, I was the one who was on the front lines trying to protect him and his company but it wasn’t an easy task, but I did have a mounted gun with a little plat of metal that was protecting me from the bullets and there were lots of them. We put up a good fight and while I was defending the enters to the bunker where my brother/your uncle was I heard a big explosion coming from the bunker but the problem was he didn’t return so out of instinct I turned and ran inside, I did shout back to the other’s to follow and so they did. We fought our way in and some of us died and some got injured but I did not have time to stop and help the dead or the wounded I knew it was the wrong thing to do but I had my mind set on my brother. As I turned the corner I saw the light coming from the other side of the room, I entered the door and to my shock I… found just…dead every were… just every were, I felt like throwing up but my body was in so much shock it just was not possible for me, I walked aimlessly around looking for my brother while in shock I had almost giving up hope I thought he most had escaped the blast and headed for the boats but as I was about to leave I saw an arm just sat there and next to it was his dead body, I ran to it and picked him up but I was too late I just sat there cuddling him and crying, knowing that I have failed him and mother and also father. Oh my god dad that is so sad I’m so sorry you had to go through that well at least your still with us here and now come on let’s go down stairs and get some of mam’s lovely food, go on ahead I just need a minute oh ok I’ll see you down stairs then, well now you knew my story, It had its ups and downs, sad and happy moment’s but at least I still have my wife and lovely daughter.


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