The Marvelous Marvel Circus

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Submitted: January 30, 2017

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The elephants stole from peanut carts,

a monkey threw the clowns's gold darts,

we sat in the croud as the acrobats marched,

the Mavelous Marvel Circus


The ringmaster announced the first act's name,

the lion sat down and shook his big mane,

the tamer his head in the mouth and exclaimed,

the Marvelous Marvel Circus


The acrobats climbed to the top,

of a dull wire that made their silly suits pop,

they did flips that made my belly flop,

the Marvelous Marvel Circus


The elephants climbed on top of a ball,

and the monkey poked them to see if they'd fall,

when they didn't he made a fit and threw off his shawl,

the Marvelous Marvel Circus,


For the finale the ringmaster walked,

on a wire while he casually talked,

to a fish on his head while the audience was shocked,

the Marvelous Marvel Circus



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