Remaining Unjusttified

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taken from my book, "Breaking Thru The Thought Barriers"

Submitted: January 29, 2017

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Submitted: January 29, 2017



Remaining Unjustified


I just want my rights back

But I don't have them

They are all gone

The freedom to have some people

__in my life

____has been stripped from me

The freedom to be involved

__with a woman

____has been stripped from me

And while all thee other men

__in this world

____is being given women

______I am left alone

Discarded from the world

A world where all you have to do

__is inherent love

____and be able to treat them

______like shit

________and still keep them

But I cannot be given anybody

No matter how much better care

__I would take care of them with

The world just lies to me

__and says "they have women in their lives

____because they work on getting one

______to be in their life"

And they lie to me

__saying "I could do the same

____and just have some faith

______and wait"

But I know that is bullshit

These people don't treat their women right

__worth a shit!

They just have connections

__because they are foveritized

____and take women as secret gifts

______because they earned people's favor

Maybe they just paid their dues

Or maybe they were just born

__with a list of women they

____they were meant to go thru

And they tear thru that list

__with reckless regard

But instead of limiting them

__they just add on to that list

Well, my list ran out long ago

But I never treated women

__as bad as the rest of the world


And I'm having my list ended

__as punishment for my wrongs

And I don't have a say-so

'Cause I deserve this punishment


Well, what right

__do these other men have?

These assholes?

These monsters?

These cold hearted killers?

Why are they not being stripped

__of their rights?



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.