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The monster whiteout Polar Vortex Thor provides cover for terrorists crossing the frozen St. Lawrence River to invade Canada. An odd assortment of defenders pursue and challenge the invaders.

Submitted: January 29, 2017

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Submitted: January 29, 2017




A Short Story in Chapters

Nicholas Cochran

Chapter Seventeen


Encased in the yowling winds of Thor, Wade immediately told everyone about his conversation with Sergeant Grimes.

He added that the Sergeant, as well as reinforcements form Morristown and Alexandria Bay, were bringing arms, grenades, and dynamite as well as every manner of explosives they could dig up.

Wade said he asked the Sergeant to have guys make bundles of eight to ten dynamite sticks with anything, even string. Some guys were due back from the armory any second, bringing mortars, RPGs, and machine guns along with machine pistols.

Lieutenant Forbes was the first to cheer. The others whooped their applause while they reflexively looked about for any glow from the promised reinforcements.

“Look,” shouted Billy. All turned to see the two billowing glows coming from the east. The two columns were clearly heading for their meeting spot to begin their departure for the American shore.

All the resistance fighters peered back behind themselves to the west, expecting to see the massive glow of the headlights belonging to the armada of reinforcements.

Only the quiet darkness of Thor’s white night met their anxious expectant eyes.  A rush of despair made the rounds of the defenders.

“Sergeant Grimes said he’d be here with thirty or more snowmobiles, snow buggies, and four-tracks.” Wade remarked, his voice crammed with disappointment. “But I have a plan.”

Billy and Harold were the first to agree with Wade’s idea because their ideas were the pieces needed to make Wade’s plan work.

“Great job, Wade, “shouted the Judge, “do you have all these great ideas all the time?”

He laughed while Adele handed around rum. No one had eaten for hours, rendering their stomachs open to the full effects of the liquor. All the boys took a slug and the adults took two or three.

Harold told the second unit all about the idea of taking out the colossal snowplow to cripple the advance of the APCs.

Wade told the group about how he thought they should implement his plan despite the absence of reinforcements, using sharpshooting and everyone else circling the stopped columns.

Everyone in the resistance gathered around Adele and Harold while they produced dynamite, hand grenades, guns, and pistols. Once their entire ordnance was displayed, every member suffered the shocking realization that they were probably too light in the explosives department to implement Wade and Billy’s plan, after Harold and Paul shot out the tires of the gargantuan snowplow.

Nevertheless, they all set to bundling the forty-five sticks of Adele’s dynamite into four packages. Harold and Bobby took three rifles and a shotgun each and immediately strode into the snow to find a position where they could be well hidden, although Thor was blowing so wildly at this time that both men knew they could be within thirty feet of an APC and not be seen through the driving snow.

They were silent. Some were praying. Others summoned courage. All realized their predicament as they watched the massive glow of the five APCs drawing closer to each other as they pushed toward the small group of warriors.

Without warning, both units found themselves surrounded by what appeared to be an endless army of snowmobiles, four-tracks, snow buggies, and men and women on skis being towed by one of the many machines. All their lights were out. They had used the glow of the approaching enemy to guide them to the resistance fighters.

Sergeant Grimes slid forward on his machine to greet the Judge and hear the plan.

Every member of the two units cheered into the howl of Thor.

However, their jollity vanished in the stunning image of a humungous glow approaching them from the east. Every member of the two units immediately waded into the snow to tell the arrivals of the plan.

Sergeant Grimes gathered the snowmobiles and buggies with the explosives and grenades, and told them to bundle the dynamite in packages of fifteen. Some had managed to create a couple of bundles during their ride from the Police Station.

The Morristown contingent slid up and listened to Judge Lawson and Lieutenant Forbes run down the sequence of Wade’s plan. They instantly drew back from the gathering and took up positions on either side of the enemy’s projected path.

Lieutenant Gerry Johnson, from the Brookvale Armory, approached the Judge and Sergeant Grimes. His snow buggy had a sledge attached, holding twenty RPGs.

The new arrivals passed the word to each other about the plan.

Alexandria Bay personnel arrived. Sergeant Grimes drove over to them, explained the plan, and asked for ideas. The Americans made an instant decision and slipped away to either side of the enemy corridor to perform their mission.

Wade was in a nervous sweat. His plan would be totally unworkable if the enemy refused to cooperate. He danced from one foot to the other as he shouted. “Move. Move. Fall in.” at the approaching columns.

The glowing sky of illuminated snow finally became one.

The second column fell in behind the three from the first unit. The commander had wisely decided that the snowplow would definitely help; that lacking some kind of clearance of the cascading snow, any separate APC would stall in its progress. Better to have one line with the monumental snowplow bulldozing a path to eliminate most of the obstruction created by the overwhelming snowfall.

Wade laughed and whooped as he watched the last APC fall into line.

Less than four minutes after the arrival of defender reinforcements, the vague shape of the gigantic snowplow formed in the dancing snowflakes.

All the resistance fighters kept their lights off.

Harold, Bobby, Lieutenant Forbes, Lieutenant Gerry Johnson from the Army, as well as Sergeant Grimes, took a snowmobile to a spot where they calculated the plow would break through Thor’s mantle of driving snow.

Rapidly, other police officers, fire fighters, and volunteers readied themselves to execute Wade’s plan.

The titanic snowplow busted through Thor’s curtains and stopped.

All defenders felt uneasy. Why was the column stopping? Were they going to send the detonating call now, before they traveled the last half of the St. Lawrence to shore and escape.

Wade was not in the least surprised that the snowplow stopped.

Some of the others felt the same. These men—and Adele—also understood very clearly the commander’s reluctance to set off all the charges before now—or even before the column was at, or very near the shore.

The explosions would cause giant waves to travel through the ice and as the ice became thinner, the chances of breaking and collapsing increased.

Wade and the others knew that the snowplow stopped to make sure all the APCs were in line before moving toward the shore.

The fact that the snowplow did stop was of great assistance to Harold, Bobby, the Lieutenants, the Sergeant, and a host of other crack shots from the reinforcements. They understood that a jolting stop created by eighteen blown tires would alert the commander if he were in either the snowplow or the first APC.

As it was, the occupants of the snowplow felt no sensation of an unexpected halt while innumerable shots pierced the eighteen tires. Thor immediately swallowed all sounds from the shots. The snowplow simply sank a few inches while the operator remained unaware that all eighteen tires were exploded, demolished, and rendered useless.

Billy and Johhny Saxon crept up behind the last APC where they planted seven bundles of dynamite and a few hand grenades. 

Simultaneously, in front of the snowplow, strong young arms hurled bundles of dynamite in front of and to the side of the snowplow.

Lieutenant Johnson, along with members from the Brookvale Police Department and a group of both active and ex-army men from Alexandria Bay, fired RPGs, immediately blowing up the snowplow cab.

A giant ball of flame, ice, and snow engulfed the disintegrated snowplow and the first APC.

Nanoseconds later, bundles of dynamite, previously tossed beside and in front of the remaining four APCS were detonated by gunfire, grenades, and RPGs.

The entire column exploded into flame-dripping fragments, tossed about by the roiling sheets of wind-whipped snow.

The two middle APCs managed to get a machine gunner half way out of the carrier before he was shot or torn to pieces by the tremendous explosions created by the dynamite, hand grenades, and the ordnance inside the five APCs.

From the first instance of the attack, the scene, if viewed from above, showed five APCs and a monolithic snowplow playing the parts of Custer and his tiny group, surrounded by speeding snowmobiles and snow buggies that continually circled the dying column until one enormous explosion ripped the river ice into granules, before the freezing water sucked the entire column of six vehicles into the deep.

End of Chapter Seventeen


© Copyright 2018 Nicholas Cochran. All rights reserved.

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