Project Dreamscade - Episode 5 - The Finale Remastered

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I felt like the Finale needed a Remaster, so here it is. By the way, I'm not remastering episode 4 and 3. The idiot agents are still where they are, and The Watcher currently only has Quartsite, Bronze, and Mettle as of now. The others six are still there. To be specfic, Scade, Levita, Dream, Iron, and Electrite. Aeon, Amnion and Ruby are still in they're assigned rooms. Aeon and Ruby are at the tower, while Amnion is watching Trainwreck's growth.

Submitted: January 30, 2017

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Submitted: January 30, 2017



The Dierector thought harshly of his current situation. He still had Eight agents, but three more where in The Watcher's hand, and the the two A's and an R were still out of his reach in enemy territory. He stepped over to the table and thought a bit more, before stopping and speaking. "Scade, and Levita. You two go and develop a place to put two teams. We're going to recombine the Nightfall A.I and hide him in a program titled Black vs Blue. It will be run by A.G.U.S, and he will watch them. Scade, Levita. Go and find a place.  Dream, Electrite, go put the AI back together. Iron, go find two people to become the Teams. Meet back here." about a week later it was finished. The teams were together in a Canyon, and the AI was repaired, and placed in Churchhill's body. Now, here we go. For the other three.  


Amnion sat down watching Trainwreck take his first steps. Trainwreck's father walked into the room, and told Amnion to take his break.A bit longer, the alarm ran and soldiers starting running towards him, firing they're ammo. Amnion hadn't logged his events, and the computer found something very suspicious. Amnion ran into the quarters and shot the father, grabbing the kid and running back out, threating to shoot it. The soldiers dropped the weapons and Amnion ran to the Garage bays, and when he got to a Pelican, it flooded with soldiers. They all started firing, and Amnion got shot in the leg. Amnion yelled, and threw the child into the pelican, into a seat, and closed the doors, flying off at full speed. Amnion messed up with the time and space inhibitors in the Pelican, and it caused a malfunction. the Ship was floating in space for 25 years, but the rest of the galaxy wasn't affected. The ship was accelerating thru time as it was flying. Eventually, Amnion's body had died, and the Ship was crashing. Trainwreck was asleep, and the pelican was flaming down to Earth, now 25 years old. The ship crashed, but not before ejecting Trainwreck's cryobed. Trainwreck landed on earth, looking at the world around him. Trainwreck then decided to sign up for poker, because Amnion once dropped Trainwreck on the head, it caused him to be a bit...mental. Trainwreck walked to what seemed to be a poker sign up, but instead was a Military sign up. He signed, and about a day after being in mainstream military, the Black vs Blue program picked him up and shipped him to the canyon. Now, for the other two.

Ruby sat and looked at Aeon as the two were eating. They had been getting calls from the Dierector and the other agents. The black vs blue program had been running for two days while they were busy, and Building 66 was almost done. They had placed something in the building material that would self implode on the day that Aeon had rubbed a fresh Imocliom stone on it. The only issue was that Aeon would be stuck to the stone, which would be stuck to the building. He would have no way of escaping unless he cut his own hand off. Amnion had reported that he was stuck in Timespace with the Train industrie's child, and soon the communication line cut off. When they saw a Pelican drop, they knew it was time. Ruby called a ship to bring her to the main Dreamscade base, and Aeon got his stone ready. He placed it on the building, and it imploded. Aeon's body flew, and the armor was disinteraited. His helmet and his sword landed near Ruby, and she decided to bury the two swords. Then, she found Amnion's sword and fused them, thinking to hide those. But then, she defused them again, causing three to be made. She then hid those in the same canyon, then went to the Dreamscade base. 


The Dierector stood and was holding a gun in his hand. "Center has had reports that Train industries is coming to this base. We have our A.I hidden and Center burned our records to the ground. That's what they told me. But a few days ago, center lost contact with us. Train has called saying they would be here today to get revenge. We have a while before they break the door. No contacts to escape, just the weapons here and us. Our precautions were made. The only thing left of Dreamscade is Black vs Blue, and us. The other three are in Watcher's hands, and we don't know what he'll do. So here's my proposal. We fight, and we die. That way, the Dreamscade project isn't found out."The agents all looked in Solicidy, then stood. Dream stood up, and said, "I couldn't have it any other way." They prepared, and a banging was heard. Enemy soldiers slammed thru the door as firing initiated. Dreamscade was highly unprepaired, and they had to book it. Ruby and Levita were shot as they were running thru the door. They grabbed the weapons and armor permutations the two agents had, and the Dierector put them in a bag he grabbed. They were severly underprepaired, and as soon as they knew it, the entire Train army was ontop of them. Ships, Warthogs, guns, turrets. Everything. The Dierector thought everything was over, until, Mettle fell from the sky, with a teleportation grenade ready. Mettle jumped and began taking down Pelicans, but the turrets and guns fired down. Every agent was shot down except for Dream and the Therapist. Mettle and Dream spoke for a minute, and Mettle grabbed every Agent's body, along with the permutations and weapons, and grabbed the Therapist and the Dierector. Mettle merged everything together, creating a silver colored armor set, with a gun that fired a constant laser beam, that caused implosions on anything it touched. Train industries saw it, and started firing. Mettle grabbed the Dierector and the Therapist, and teleported away. Dream threw his armor off, set it to implode, threw on the Merge Armor, grabbed the Merge weapon, and disappeared, jumping into the water as his armor imploded, destroying every soldier there, every vehicle and the entire base. Dream, now with the merged armor, called himself Mersion. Mersion left the location in a barely working Pelican, flying to a mountain, then finding where Mettle took the Dierector and Therapist, then disappearing. Mersion looked at the Watcher, "Project Dreamscade has been buried. I will wait here until something happens." 

Thus, the end of Project Dreamscade. Except for one thing, "What happened to Quartsite and Bronze?" Well, I cant leave that alone. 


Bronze and Quartsite both escaped the Watcher's grasp, by messing with the Teleport Coordinates and jumping in. Bronze had landed where the BvB project would be relocated to, and found a cave. He went in, and shot anything there. He setup a camp, and then stayed there for countless months. Quartsite, however, had landed in the current BvB Canyon, but didn't say anything, He hid in the caves until the Soldiers had found him. 


Que epic credit song. Roll Credits.


Writing: Dreamteller

Ideas: Dreamteller

Character Design: Dreamteller & Friends

Out of Context Stories: Trainwreck and Dreamteller



Side note, Black vs Blue Season Two will take some time to begin, therefor start reading the Half Child and The Cholum Empire, as well as any Out of Context stories or PSA's. Ill be doing a few of those with Trainwreck. Anyways, thats all for now.

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