the adventures of detective mathew

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i'm quite young, 14 to be precise, i just want to try this writing. please enjoy reading and no bad comments please

Submitted: January 30, 2017

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Submitted: January 30, 2017



The Museum was Erupting with noise. I was by myself .The Tranquil, serene atmosphere had seemed to disappear like summer rain on a tarmac. The 200 year old untouched statues seemed to shake as people flooded in. I had never been claustrophobic before, but in that almighty ocean of humans around me I felt the panic rise in my chest. When the crowd moved I had to also and if my feet failed to keep up I risked being trampled underfoot. Even in the bitter January cold I felt the warmth of all those bodies pressing in. People were furious and serious. The noise of mumbling filled the museum “How could this happen” said a women dark skinned in her 30s,”this is unacceptable” replied an old man with bizarre glasses  and even a more bizarre beard. Suddenly the Voice of a middle aged man wearing a high priced tuxedo echoed through the room “ENOUGH” he screamed in the top of his lungs. His customary warmth was gone like a paper airplane on a windy day. “I know everyone’s upset but I assure you we will find the person who took it” the man said. “It’s been two days”, how hard can it be to find a person who stole a Ruby the size of my 2 year old child” replied a middle aged women. With more verbal cuts and blows from the crowd, the man ended his announcement. “We’re doing everything we can I’m sorry” he said as he left the room. As the humongous crowd of people began to shrink and the colour of the walls seemed to re-appear, I felt someone touch my back. “Detective Mathew, Mr. Elffurt would like to see you in person” said an insanely tall handsome figure. He had a three day stubble and a neat pressed suit, the kind you only see on high priced lawyers and gangsters. “Ofcourse”I replied. Mr. Elffurt must have been the museum owner the one who spoke to the people a few moments back. I followed him in and there sat by himself in a 900 hundred euro complimentary cream Italian leather chair. The one and only Mr. Frank Elffurt.


The room was like a perfect Magazine cover. I was afraid to sit in case I wrinkle the fabric or worse stain it with my cheap 20 euro Penny’s pants. It was a handsome room filled with old generic face sat a painting about 60cm in width and 100cm in length. The painting was all in dark oils but somehow it was still light. Almost shining like something was glistening inside. My thoughts were interrupted as Mr.Ellfurt spoke to me.”I know your busy detective, I won’t keep you long he said. He had that rich silky tone. He spoke as if he controlled all of Ireland. “We have a problem, we need to find those rubies and find the man who took it” he said in his thick British voice. “I’m just a detective” I replied.” I almost forgot solve the case and you will be getting this my boy”, he said as he pulled out a fine white page with a platinum sticker attached on the corner. I had never seen so many zeros in my life. Mr. Elffurt saw the shock register in my face before I could hide it. A small smile played on his lips. “We have a suspect talk to him, and good luck detective” he said as he left the room.”2 weeks to solve a mystery” I said to myself as I left the room. The tall handsome man now guided me to another room. This was no ordinary room, but a questioning room. “Be careful Hopkins is a weird on” said one of the tired looking guard. The room was quite petite and square with two plastic chairs a table and an empty water dispenser. The window in the corner was cracked allowing a faint but pleasant smell of moisture into the room. The light outside was now fading. The blazing sun was emitting a single bar of brightness into the room. Directly in front of me sat Hopkins with a peculiar grin on the side of his face. I could hear the officers mumbling “He is the one I tell you, found minutes outside the museum after the incident”. An old officer said. “Hi Im Chris Hopkins” said my suspect. He was a middle aged man with a faint broken voice. His lobster like skin was dashed in dirty grey hairs. He has the look of a man who had muscles, broad over the back and thick in the neck. To me he was just another suspect. “Where are the rubies” I screamed. He giggled as he heard those words. He laughed harder and harder I thought he would explode with laughter. “TRUFFLE TRUFFLE” he screamed erupting with laughter. The guards came in “sorry you have to leave now son” one said. As I left I heard the word one more time “Truffle circulating in my mind. This was a total waste of time what does truffle even mean I thought to myself. A few days passed I had decided to go to the CCTV room to see if anything was there. “Nothing, the person simply walked in and took them, alarm didn’t ring for some reason” said the CCTV guard. “Just great I thought to myself, No evidence, No leads and 1 day left to solve the Mystery. I was now in my own room. Damp, colourless just like me inside. The clocks tick and tock felt like it was a time bomb about to explode. Why did I even go to that museum? I thought to myself. My dad would have loved those type of places. Words echoed from his mouth towards my ear. Then I remembered what he had said in his death bed “The world is full of obvious things which nobody observes by any chance”. I knew who it was. It had to be a person with access to the museum day and night and I knew exactly where to find him. I rushed to the museum like Usain Bolt in the 2012 Olympics. Like a hunter hunting its prey, I crept slowly towards the wide glamorous room. But I was cut off as I heard the thick voice of Mr.Elffurt.”Well played Detective” he whispered. His hands were tightly closed around the cold surface of his 94 metallic grey cover revolver. I had found the thief. My suspicions were ignited It was the one and only Frank Elffurt.


“Tell me how you did it detective” said Elffurt suspiciously in his cold rough voice. I began to hurl information at him. “Truffle, spell it back words” I said. “Elffurt, Hopkins a smart one” he exclaimed .His white pale face was now turning into tangy red. “What else gave it away” he said. “Your language you kept using the word man” (find the man who did it) I said. “Your very perceptive Detective but where are the rubies” he said as he laughed. “Above you” I said smiling with joy. The old colourless painting was now shining with a bright crimson red .It was the rubies. Mr. Elffurt’s laugh now had turned into a cry for help. He was panicking. “Too bad you have to die” he said nervously. As he finished the words the sound of police cards and blue and red flashing lights filled the room. “There’s nowhere to run” I screamed. Mr. Elffurt laughed and giggled and in a split second something had bit me.The metal bullet crushed into my skin breaking cartilage and bone. As I looked down Mr. Elffurt joined me. He was paler now. The white colourless marble floors were now transformed into a pool of Mr.Ellfurt dark crimson blood. The police came in soon after and cleared the place. I was awarded some medal and put in hospital for my injuries and after a few weeks everything went back to normal. I came to the museum a few days later and there sealed in a bullet proof thick dense cover laid the bright crimson red rubies. What a journey I had been on. From rubies to death. The words of my father now echoed through my mind “The best journeys are experienced best with others”. Maybe he was right I thought to myself. I wished he was here. The sunlight was now fading, and the stars had come out to dance. It was time for me to go home. The moon was swinging low from the heavens, casting long, deep rays of light down my path .Sometimes the strangest mysteries aren’t the ones of murder and crime but the ones in your own life. I thought of my father as I walked on into endless sea of light.




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