As The Weather Changes

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Sequel to "Before The Weather Changes"

Submitted: January 30, 2017

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Submitted: January 30, 2017



As The Weather Changes 

The taste was sweet. The feeling was a like an eagle catching his attention. Innocence and wonder devoured the boy. His hands were warm, wrapped in another’s, and his lips were busy exploring his lover’s. The cool breeze of the dying winter hitting his bare back added a fresh wave of sensation. His heart was beating loud like a drum, adding to the melody of his movements. He was savoring what little youth he had left, drinking every moment as if it was holy water. He was washing himself clean from the pain, the darkness of the world around him. He was melting like the snow outside the building he was inhibiting.  Every inch of the other boy’s tan skin called his name, and burned with passion against his touch. He felt as though he had died and this was heaven. He earned this. Every breath stolen with a kiss, every second spent on exploring his lover was rightfully his. 

He pulled his lips from the other boys, taking a moment to look in the other boys beautiful eyes. The illuminating blue color reminded Alek of the rivers that flowed throw his old country. They were full of life, light like the sky, and refreshing like water. He could look in them for hours, contemplating how unique and breathtaking they were. He brushed the other boy’s raven hair from his face, exposing the boy’s flushed cheek. Alek could not think of anything more beautiful. 

“I love you, Cenk.” He said in a breathy voice. 

“I love you, Alek.” Cenk whispered, as if it was precious information. Cenk placed his hand on top of the one Alek had parked at the bottom of his chin. The world stopped as they grinned at each other, touching their head together and wrapping their arms around each other. 

“Alek, Alek?” A voice yelled, and Alek’s pale skin became translucent. Cenk sighed, and pushed up on his elbows against his thin mattress. Alek gave him a pleading look before sitting up and putting his shirt back on. He knew why the Turk was upset, and Alek would be too if the tables were turned. 

“Cenk.” Alek murmured, moving closer to the other boy. 

“Hm?” Cenk responded, turning his head from Alek. Alek gently directed the boy’s face towards him. 

“I’m sorry, please don’t be mad.” 

“I’m not mad. I am frustrated, you said-“ 

  “I know, and I really thought we had today.” Alek explained, kissing Cenk’s cheek then stood. 

“You need to tell them.” Cenk said, returning Alek’s peck on the cheek. 

  “I will.” Alek rebutted, his voice straining. Cenk shook his head and muttered something in Turkish. Alek rolled his eyes and padded down the creaky stairs. He wanted to run back up stairs and make it up to the Turk but he knew he could not. He reached the produce store, which Cenk lived above, to find his sister waiting impatiently for him. 

“It should not take you this long to wash fruit. This new job is taking time away from our shop.” She scolded, her young but tired eyes narrowing in suspicious. Alek bit his tongue. He loved his sister and mother, but it was hard to provide for them and spend time with Cenk. Especially since the great depression and his father's death. He knew he could not tell them either, since his mother and late father hated the Turks along with any homosexual person from any nationality.  He still felt a sting in his heart as he thought about his father. The man was stern. He and Alek never saw eye to eye, and Alek knew he was rolling in his grave at the idea of what his son was doing. 

“How would you know?” Alek snapped. Vera held her questioning glance as they moved out of the shop. Vera turned towards her brother as they walked through the vacant streets and opened her mouth to say something, but her expression froze. She shook her head, and looked back again. 

“What?” Alek asked, his eyes widening a little. 

“Is that a bruise on your neck?” She question, stepping closer. Alek shot his hand to his now cold neck, hiding the mark Cenk had left only hours before. 

“I slipped and fell.” Alek lied, his tone sharp. 

“On your neck?” Vera asked, one of her thin eyebrows raising. Alek could feel himself blushing under her watchful eye. 

“Keep your nose out of my business.” He muttered and walked faster. Vera rested her case, but made sure to be more vigilant in the future.  Alek thought Vera was naïve enough to drop the subject, but he was wrong. Vera caught ever flinch that Alek had whenever the topic of his new job was brought up, the unhappy looks he wore when nobody was watching. She thought it was because of her father’s death, but the day of Petros’ passing, Alek went out and returned smiling as if his father had not died in front of his eyes hours before. 

The rest of the night was lacking. The silence killed Alek, but he had experienced it ever since Petro passed. His mother, still in her prime, spent the evening preparing was little food they had without commentary. Kami wore a scowl as she cut potatoes, her light eyes clouded with grief. It had been months, but for her it felt like seconds. She still felt the tightness in her chest as she laid alone on the floor, or as she looked at her son. Alek looked so much like his father. He bared same dirty blonde hair and green eyes, the same smile that could warm her on the coldest nights. Sadly, her husband as well as her boy never showed it. Her family was living half-alive and she could not do anything to save them. 

Winter was chasing spring. Alek found the season’s cat and mouse game amusing. How the snow would melt, but the trees would remain bare and the temperature low. He often enjoyed the battling scenery as he cut wood, especially now that he father was not there to stop him. He frowned down at his axe. It baffled Alek how his father could ruin a moment even when he was in ground. 

Everyday had potential to be wonderful. All Alek had to do was see it in a bright light, which was hard with Petros’  voice in his head, telling him everything he was doing wrong. Alek could be happy, he has been happy. He was always happy when he was with Cenk, but suddenly his chest would hurt and it would be hard to breath. His eyes would flutter away the tears building, and his cheeks would burn. He would choke on lump in his throat, and become insecure. His father’s words would taunt him, tell him how weak he was. He was ashamed of who he was, and ashamed of how easily he gave in. How easily he felt bad about himself. 

Cenk knew how Alek felt and he told Alek not to listen to his father, that he was beautiful no matter what. He would spend hours running his hands over ever inch of Alek’s body, listing how gorgeous every part his fingers grazed over was. Alek would shake his head at his lover, telling him he was biased. Cenk would only smile in return. He didn’t understand how Alek couldn’t see what he saw. 

Alek did not think he was delirious. All the facts pointed to him being a monster. He lied to his family everyday. He snuck around behind their backs doing things that were sinful. He liked Cenk, who was an enemy. Whose people killed Alek’s family. He should hate Cenk, and the undeniable fact he couldn't stay away from the raven haired boy was enough to send him straight to hell without support from all of his other horrid qualities. 

Alek was so consumed in all in all of his thoughts  that he forgot he was supposed to be cutting wood. He slug the axe down hard against the wood he had forgotten. He continued, breathing hard. He used frustration as his strength, ignoring the burning in his biceps. He wiped some sweat that had accumulated on his eyebrow, closing his eye and taking a minute to breathe. He scrunched  his closed eyes at the sun beating in his face. He thought of Cenk. A smile broke across his face as he pictured the Turk’s soft fingers intertwined in his. 

"You okay?" His sister voice asked, crashing his train of thought. He pressed his lips in a line and looked at his sister. His face wasn’t peaceful anymore. It was guarded and cold, like how his father’s used to be. 

"Of course." He snapped, starring daggers at Vera. 

"Really? You were smiling like an idiot two seconds ago and now you look upset. Are you mad at me?" She asked, her voice hitching at the thought of her brother angry with her. Alek signed, running his hand through his hair. 

"I’m fine. Do you need something?" Alek lied, widening his eyes in fake innocence. Vera furrowed her eyebrows at her brother’s strange behavior but decided to ignore it. 

"Some man named Cenk wants to see you." Vera explained. Alek’s heart raced at his sister’s words. Why would Cenk be there? 

"Can you send him back here?" 

"Your wish is my command big brother." Vera grinned and winked. She walked off, leaving Alek in confusion. Alek smiled to himself as he waited for Cenk to come back to him. 

The raven haired boy came into Alek’s view and everything seemed brighter around him. It looked like Cenk was descending from heaven, his soft skin glistening in the hot sun. The Turk’s blue eyes widened at the site of Alek, feeling his stomach flutter as he moved closer to his lover. It was like time stopped as the boys stood in front of each other, grinning widely at each other. Cenk grabbed Alek’s cold hand, wrapping it in his. Alek jerked at the sudden movement, looking off to see if anyone was watching them. Alek focused his attention back on Cenk to find a frown on the other boy’s face. Alek’s heart burned at the site of his love unhappy, and he felt tears come to his eyes, knowing he had caused the boy’s unpleasant feelings. 

"You are ashamed of us." Cenk stated sadly, gently removing his hand from the blonde’s. Alek bit his lip in frustration. He loved Cenk and wanted to be open with him, but his family was important to him as well. 

"No... It’s just..." Alek started then trailed off, unsure how to word his response. Cenk raised his eyebrows as he took a deep breath in and crossed his arms. Alek looked at his worn down shoes, biting his lip hard enough to drawl blood. The taste was bitter and made the blonde gag. 

"I just... I should hate you, and I... can’t... I don’t. It’s disgusting." Alek mumbled, kicking a hard piece of dirt and making sure not to make eye contact. 

"Disgusting..." Cenk mused, shaking his head. "And what makes me loving you so disgusting?" He asked, his tone harsh on the word ‘disgusting’. 

"Everything. How you make me feel...who you are..." Alek stammered. 

"If there is something about me that disgusting you so much than maybe we shouldn’t be together." Cenk snapped, making Alek flinch. 

"Cenk, you know-" Alek started, looking Cenk directly in the eyes. 

"I know what Alekzander?" Cenk shot back, his blue eye hardening like ice. 

"I love you." Alek whispered, choking on a sob. Alek didn’t want to loose Cenk, he was the only good thing that has happened to him. 

"You can’t love me in pieces, Alek. You have to love it all." 

"I do." Alek blurted angrily, his thin eyebrows furrowing in a mixture of confusion and hurt. Cenk gave him unbelieving look in return. 

"I love you, I just... shouldn’t. What I feel isn’t normal." Alek explained, his voice becoming softer. 

"Define normal." Cenk countered, grabbing Alek by the waist and brought the taller boy closer. His soft lips pressed warmly on Alek’s blushing cheek, then on the other side. Cenk looked at Alek for a moment, admiring the Armenian. His paused as he gazed into Alek’s youthful green eyes, then leaned in slowly. Inch by inch his lips embraced on Alek’s with warmth, earning a groan form the other man. Alek arms wrapped around Cenk’s neck, pulling the taller boy closer. Both boys hearts were beating against each other’s chest. 

"This, this feels normal to me." Cenk whispered breathy into Alek’s ear. 

"Me too." Alek murmured smiling at the other boy. He lowered his eyes, starting another long, passionate kiss. 

"ALEK!" A small voice gasped. Alek pushed himself away from Cenk like the other boy had sometime of deadly disease. Alek had no chance to explain, before Vera ran back inside the small building. Alek felt like he couldn't breath.

"You did this on purpose!" Alek accused, his voice filled with rage. Cenk opened his mouth to responded but Alek scuffed and walked away before he could explain. Cenk ran after Alek and grabbed him by the arm before he reached the door. Alek tore his arm away and held it close to him. 

"Don’t touch me. In fact, never touch me again." Alek snapped venomously. Cenk stumbled back like he had been pushed. Tears fell down his cheek as he watched Alek stomp away. Would he ever see his beloved Armenian again?

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