The Woman, the King, the Boy and the Princess

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This is, as can be assumed from the tags and the title, a fairytale about a woman, a king, a boy and a princess. Read to see more..

Submitted: January 30, 2017

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Submitted: January 30, 2017



There was once a young woman who had kindness, compassion, and beauty each surpassed by none in the entire world. She was beloved by all and the prize of whatever man-or woman-could manage to claim her heart. But, alas. This poor woman had a curse set on her since birth. She could not fall in love, and true love’s kiss was all that could break the curse. The curse’s purpose was to prevent her from feeling truly happy. She could pretend to be happy or content, but on the inside, she was truly empty and broken and without hope. 

One day a young king was passing through her village and looked upon her with such favor he was determined to have her married to him before the end of winter. Wishing to know more of this beauty, he asked various villagers who she was and what she was like and how he might win her hand. “She is called Love.” Said one old woman with failing eyes. The young king thanked her graciously and gave her a bag of gold coins to get an animal to help guide her when her sight has gone completely.

The next he asked was a small boy with dirty knees and bright green eyes. “She’s the kindest person in this village, probably the entire universe! She plays with all the little kids and helps us when we get hurt. She reads to all the kids in the orphanage every day! Everyone loves her!” The next he asked was a middle-aged man who declared himself her dearest friend, “You may have quite a bit of trouble trying to win her hand.” When the king asked what his meaning was he told him of the curse. The king, undeterred, relied that he was more than willing to put in as much work as needed to have her fall in love with him.

The next day, he picked wildflowers from a nearby meadow and arrived to her home. When she opened the door after knocking, he presented the wildflowers to her with a bow and a kiss upon her hand. She received the flowers gratefully and allowed the young king into her home. She started a kettle of boiling water to make tea for them. “To what honor do I owe this unexpected visit?” She inquired as she poured their tea. He replied that he had fallen in love with her the moment he had seen her and simply had to marry her. “You are a young king. Surely your citizens wish you to marry. Though, surely they wouldn’t wish you to marry a mere peasant!” He replied that his people were not so stressed about rank and status as other kingdoms and that they would no doubt accept just as their own and that she would be loved wherever she went in his kingdom.

She thought for a moment, before replying, “My brother would be upset with me…” When he inquired as to why, she replied softly, “He told me in the strictest confidence, but I cannot cause him pain.” She took a breath and leaned in, whispering, “He told me that he had fallen in love with you the moment you set foot in our village. He didn’t dare make his sentiments known for he had heard you enquiring of me and couldn’t bear to be rejected.” He asked what her brother was like. “He is much like me in personality and if her were female, we’d be identical twins.” He thought that perhaps he would give the young man a chance and I the meantime he would send for his sister to attempt to get her together with Love. As he wrote to her, he planned out how he would court the young man he now knew as Alexander.

The first day, he sends a bouquet of white and lavender roses, the white meaning purity and the lavender meaning love at first sight; he had also sent chocolates he’d had specially imported from France. He had seen him the day before and knew that what he had felt for his sister was the smallest mark upon the canvas of his affection and attraction towards Alexander. He watched from the shadows as Alexander opens his door to see the bouquet and basket of chocolates. He looks incredibly surprised and picks the gifts up gingerly, hesitantly, as if he didn’t quite believe they were truly there. He smelled the bouquet of roses and smiled at their fragrance before looking around a moment for the giver and-failing to see anyone-turned around and went back inside. He proceeded like this for months, showering the young man with a different gift each and every day. By that time, his sister had arrived and long since broken the curse on Love. Meanwhile, the young king was gathering his courage to approach the young man he had fallen in love with so ardently.

Today, he decided, would be the last day of his gift giving. He arrived at Alexander’s home with a satchel of gold, a trunk of clothes made of the finest materials, and a puppy (he had heard that Alexander had wanted one since he was small and couldn’t resist). This time upon knocking on the door, he did not run and hide as he had the other times, he stayed there and waited for the handsome young man to make an appearance. Upon opening the door, Alexander looked at the king in all but awe. “It was you, all these months?  You sent all the wonderful gifts?” The king confirmed it to be true. “I am King Brandon of the Kingdom of West Forrest. I had fallen for your sister when I had first come to this village, but I had neither seen nor met you at that point. The moment I had laid eyes on you, I knew that the attraction I’d had for your sister was nothing compared to what erupted in my heart at the sight of you and when I learned of the type of person you were, my love grew even more until I was certain my heart would burst. I say these things in the hope that you will accept my hand and consent to be my husband and my king, for I have never loved any so passionately, so ardently, and I can’t bear life without you.”

At this point, Alexander had long had tears rushing from his eyes. He grinned at King Brandon with the happiest, most joyful smile the king had ever seen. “Of course, I would wish for nothing else.” And thus, the two couples-the king and Alexander and Love and the princess-were soon wed and lived happily ever after… The End

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