the connection

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this short story shows the love between 2 people and the effects that are caused by love and a breakup

Submitted: January 30, 2017

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Submitted: January 30, 2017



The connection between 2 people can be the strongest thing on earth. Some people click, some people meet, some people just run into someone life. You never know who you will connect with but it starts right away and a part of you feels it. Imagine a piece of string that your mind connects to another person and this string stays attached to both of you always. You talk and you meet and yoy get more attached, the string changes to rope then to chains. It's a physical attachment between 2 people that only so many people can see. These connections are what we use in our relationships - if you cheat it breaks, if you hurt another it chips, this bond is the deciding factor in a relationship and you know when it will break so you try to repair it and patch it. Others hurt this chain, you hurt this bond. The connection between 2 people is something that can't be fixed once broken, it can never reattach or be the same after it was broke. Find your happy, find your person, find your true connection that you can turn from string to steel.

Have you ever been with someone, laying down. Cuddling, relaxing. Talking about your day or just small little talk. There's this feeling of relief and safety. I felt like when you were with your other in a personal room it changes the bond. It goes from a rope to a bubble.. this bubble is a safe place you two create together. Unlike the rope the bubble has color and has a feeling. It can be blue when one of you or down or pink when you are feeling lovey. For me it was this safe place this green area. Where I felt calm where everything in life couldn't be better because all I needed was her next to me. I remember we had a night together all alone just me and her.. God it was a terrible night. I couldn't sleep, my head hurt, I just felt gross but it didn't even matter to me. I was next to her. I watch her sleep and i played with her hair and that was all I needed from her and that's what made me feel safe. Our connection was never separated, it never faltered, it never broke. It was strong, one of the strongest I've ever had in my entire life.

How do you know? How do you know what a connection like that feels like. It's this feeling that is in your stomach in your gut and it just hits you and you know something clicked. For me I ran into this girl and almost made her fall over and drop all of her stuff.. time slowed and we fell together and I looked at her in the eyes and it clicked. I knew I had to have her in life and that she was the person that I needed. You can feel it instantly or start to feel it grow. If you think hard enough, if you feel hard enough, if you look hard enough you can see this bond between 2 people and not just yourself.  These bonds are always interesting.. they get stronger everyday and when you are closer to another person they flow and make you feel better, but when they are far away they stretch but never break. The closer you are the more you feel. Imagine holding hands with someone.. and this power goes between each others hands, flowing through your fingers through your arms and body. You connect to the other person.. you feel what they feel. You feel their pain.   Do you remember falling for someone. The feeling of wanting them so bad and willing to do anything for them. That's the bond connecting. it can either attach and it hooks with the other person or can fall and give up. Have you been in love? When you fall in love you start connecting with this person on a higher level than any, bonds get stronger and you start thinking like them, doing things they would do. The bond between 2 people is so strong that it can connect you mental and no matter what you would know what your love would say. You knew them so well because you were so connected to them. There's more than one connection that happens. First it comes from the stomach to theirs. Thats the feelings of what you want. Then the connection at the heart which makes you feel what they feel. Then the connection at the brain which starts making everything stronger because you become a part of them in a way. You think what they do. You feel what they do. You say what they say.

The deepest darkest secrets are really what bond people. They make a connection so strong and so secure. You feel their pain on a emitonal level and you show them that you are there for them and always will be. The bond between the 2 gets stronger it forms into something beautiful and strong. It makes you feel more of your partner and understand them alot more. Every connection is just a step to knowing your partner inside and out. After secrets you start to learn your partners ticks, things they do on occasion because they can't help it.. you start to love them, you start to see them do it more and more and tell them that they are doing it and that you love it. After that you start to learn their face, you know what they are thinking by how they look, you can see all of their feelings just by a look in her eyes or even her tick to scratch her chest when overwhelmed. You see it everyday now and it doesn't change

Everything you know, everything you are, all you feel. It's all in this bond, it's all apart of the connection you have together and how strong it is. You watch this person you care for, you learn everything about them and know what they are going to say before they even say it because you already know. You don't even need to speak anymore.. apart of you knows that when you are thinking your partner can hear you. Your partner knows what you are saying by just giving them a smile.. they know it means you love them and that you would give them anything in the world to make them happy. When you are connected with someone that strongly, the smallest things have the biggest words at times. They know you, you know them. You couldn't be happier. You found your peace, your happy place. It's with your partner. The love of your life, the person you know inside and out. This person holds your heart in theirs and you hold theirs in yours. The bond you have with them is the strongest it can get.

Now the hardest part about these bonds people have created between each other is losing them. That's the hardest thing that can happen on a person once you are connected by mind and heart. It's hard to admit it but after a point you find yourself giving up and just stop trying, you either ship up or fall down.. in my case I fell, and I fell hard. The bond between your two starts to crumble and rust and fall. You lie, it chips away. You hurt them, a piece falls off. You fall out of love, it breaks. The feeling of that connection, the bond and the flow of energy between the two breaks apart. You hurt bad, a feeling of a knife through your heart, the feeling of a bat to your head, and your eyes can't stop filling with tears. You hurt so bad to the point where you can't feel anymore. You break and break and break. After that connection you can never be the same, it changes you in a way. It makes you different after you've been broken.

Picture paper being torn in half. A rip straight down the middle. Think about a bond you have with a person, the connection of love, mind, and soul. Picture that chain broken, shattered pieces everywhere. This cannot be fixed once it has been broken just like a glass. Some people handle this differently. Sadness, anger, revenge, jealousy, broken, hurt, or just walled up. A connection between 2 people that strong is so hard to lose. You don't know yourself anymore because all you knew was that person. You still think about them and what they did and who they were and how you felt. A part of you will always try to cling to that connection but doing so will only hurt you. You cling to the past, to the love, to the moments when they made you smile, to the nights you shared together. You try to find happiness in old memories, only to hurt yourself more by clinging to the past.

You've turned off a light atleast once in your life. Picture your heart, your mimd, your soul, even your body. Think about a switch that your soul mate could control.  When they say goodbye they turn it off and the light inside you shuts down. You fall apart, you are nothing anymore and all that's left is just a hunk of meat. The connections cut and turn into a black wall.. the wall covers you and hurts you more and more. Theirs nothing you can do you can't get out of the darkness, you can only think and wait and hurt more and more. It makes you think about all the what ifs, about why can't I go back, about why did they leave. You think about all the past and all the bad and everything you could've done. It's so hard to get out of this dark cave that you've made for yourself. Your life was with them and all of that has changed. The future you pictured with them - gone in a instant.

The dark that you make for yourself isn't easy to get out of. It draws you back in everyday but you need to claw your way out. Life seems so hopeless in it and makes you think crazy stupid things. You need to claw and fight your way out of it. You need to stand up and break free and find your new happiness. You find a new connection with yourself and with others. It's so hard to stand up and move on but everyone can do it. If I can anyone can. Tell yourself why go back to someyhing that was broke and only hurt you. You can find a new connection with a new person. You think this person is the love of your life but in all reality theirs so many more people. Find the person who will really make you happy and truly trust in life. Connections are hard to make and easy to Break. But if we didn't have these no one would feel the way we do. Don't wall your feelings. Find your connection. Find your click. Find your love.

The bond between two people is a very diffuclt concept to accept. I found it out when I fell with her. I ran into her and smashed us both down, as we fell I looked into her eyes and something changed in them and mine to. I felt this connection between us and this bond that was like a string from my body to hers that was always connected. Time slowed when I looked at her, it all changed. The way I saw her. The way I saw others. When I felt the click all I could think is.. I need her, she will make me happy.

I don't regret the relationship with her. I loved her and a part of me always will. I don't hate her. I still care for her in my heart because she truly was the love of my life. But moving on is apart of life. I will find someone new who will make me happy but I won't ever forget about her. Thank you lena for showing me how to be happy and to be myself.

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