the turning point of my life{part 1}

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read the story of a scientist filled with horror

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The palace's mystery

Submitted: January 30, 2017

Before 200 years,
There was a scientist who want to be a great scientist.he started a research on a disease and fortunately he had got the formula but to make the medicine he has to go to bring a rare herb which was in a big palace which was in the middle of the forest of ghost named "Raja Ram Chandra Rao".

He is the king of that area before some 500 years(from now) he had a hobby to collect precious decorations for the palace and he love the palace and after his death he turned into a ghost after a couple of years. nobody else has gone there after that day but the scientist has to because he has to bring the herb which was in the garden of the palace.he started his journey to the palace...

In the mean While, he had listed some scary sounds, images but he was not scared and suddenly he listened a toys sound and he wanted to see what is going on there and gone there and saw a scary palace and it was of Raja Ram Chandra Rao. He was a bit scared and entered the palace and he saw a dead body of a man he was fully scared but he tried to enter the palace.suddenly, all the lights turned on he was scared but he got relief by seeing the lights on
he gone inside a toy is playing music and he followed and finally he reached the room where the toy was playing music he entered and the lights which were on turned off he was shocked to see and suddenly he put his hands on the toy and suddenly he fell in a secret room and saw there there was fully loaded gold in 58 trunks.
He felt happy to see but time is getting over to bring the herb because he can enter the garden at 6:00pm to 6:00 am and now it is 5:35 am he ran through a ladder made up of rope and started finding the room to enter the garden. finally he got and entered and he saw a tree maize to cross the ran and finally came out and bought the herb and he was going but suddenly he remembered about the gold and ran into the room and again fell in the secret room but this time the door of the secret room was closed.he saw something that was closing the door and I felt frightened.....
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