My Hollywood Name Is Mr. La La

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A poem about the crib

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



Yes, I am your chosen kingpin
My Hollywood name is Mr. La La
I don't need to listen to scum
Because all ya barber is blah blah
I take whatever hood rat that want to come
Just don't try and steal my hard earned bling bling

You're so friggin dope. Well thank ya my beloved sister girly
You remind me of an ex Brady, she too was a dirty little birdie
Come into my crib and I shall show ya the best time
Grab a smoke and choke on that hot pot, it won't cost ya a dime

Ride by done while on kids bicycles are just so insane, it seems
Leaves images I witnessed, carved into my crazy nightly dreams
The wild streets aren't designed for everybody out there, but me
That's why they invented plain old grey sidewalks, for free

I feel totally naked without it, I'm not a bad arse dirty turtle
That's what my momma once said, but even I'm shell shocked, can ya tell?
But what you see, is what it really means, or so it should
So yes! It's good to be the king of the whole damn hood

One day I spilt the beans on some loyal corner crew boys
I told the popo, I know that's so lo lo, but they killed using one of my toys
If your not encouraged in life as a child, like most of us
You'll always be in a cage as an adult, so what's the big fuss?

Attacking Mr. La La's crib and forced his family out, without a touch of doubt
Nobody likes a smelly snitch, for they will be hunted down and blacked out
They chose a new leader of the team and told him, you better be able to cope
But he was a brother who never really new how to tie up all the loose rope

I came on back and killed the whole damn hood
A true gangsta has pride and does what he should
I just rode on by in my sleek black low riding convertible Jaguar cat
Shot up and even sliced up all those former niggas of mine, and that's that.

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