A New Start

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A short story about a boy called Tom.

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



‘Hey! What are you doing? It’s time to go!’ said the class teacher. I wasn’t fascinating stats, until the teacher called me. I ran back quickly to the queue of our class, waited to the inspection begin.


My name is Tom. I was a introvert boy who could not be anymore ordinary, studied in an ordinary high school. Did you know about Voldemort’s real name? He called Tom Riddle. I wanted to be as strong as him.Yap, I had isolated by my classmates because of no reason. Perhaps it was because I was a weirdo.


‘OK! I am your guide today. You guys can call me Mr Smith. As you all know that today is going to have an outdoor inspection, so I will tell you some rules that you must need to follow……’ Obviously, I was not paying attention on his tedious speech.

I looked up to the sky and thought that today had a superb weather. ‘Hey you! Pay attention! Follow your classmates!’ Oh! They had already gone into the dense forest. I ran behind them quickly.


Into the forest, I kept following my classmates and listening to the introduction of the forest from Mr Smith. And then I saw there had a very dark cave behind a large tree. I went into it sneakily. I found that here was quite foggy. I saw the dazzling rays of the sun poured in from the exit of the cave. Then I walked fast through the exit. It was the best decision I made in my life.


Then I saw a castle, a big, ancient and mysterious castle. I walked straight forward it because I felt something was going to change. I felt that I just liked passing through something was invisible but I didn’t quite care about it. After passing through it, everything had really changed. I saw many teenagers like me have chatted to each other happily. A girl had noticed me finally. She walked in front of me and asked,‘Are you a new?’ ‘A new? What’s that mean?’ I looked to her doubtfully. And then she looked me surprisingly and brought me to a room that wrote Head Professor on the door.


I went into the room and looked around the room, found that here liked the room of Dumbledore, oh, not like, it was exactly same with it. And then I found a man back to me, then he turned her back on me slowly, smiled and said, ‘I wonder you know all about Hogwarts, right? So……I say directly. You’re a wizard, Tom.’


I looked secretly to the desk label on the table, and it was wrote ‘Harry Potter, The Head Professor of Hogwarts’.

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