The Shadow

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A girl, who is grieving over the death of her love ones who was killed from the accident, is consumed by insanity and darkness. A shadow followed her and gave her the answers for her questions from the past event.

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



"The Shadow"
By Rosedel T. Sumbi
  Raindrops washed my tears as the rhythm of the song whispers through the earphone. The weather is cold and bitter while the droplets bit my skin like ice. A moment like this makes me grieve into pain from the past that I remembered, an accident from where you lied dead on the ground. A week, but feels like yesterday.
  I looked at your photo as I gulped down the last drop from the wine. My eyelids began to feel heavy and dizziness struck my head to sleep. As I closed my eyes, an image of your face appeared in front of the door and glared at me.
  In a pitch black of darkness, I began to hear voices and a scream from the memory of the past, a final moment of your breath. Everything began to blur and turned into a complete null. In the glimpse of darkness, your body appeared on the ground, lying dead in cold floor. Blood gushed out from your mouth, the atmosphere smelled like foul candle and bitter magnolia flower like from your funeral.
  I held your lifeless body and began to cry as I looked at your dispersed face that was once beautiful. A sudden scream caught my attention and turned my back, and saw nothing. I rolled my eyes back to you, in surprise, I dropped your body for I was shocked for what I saw, your eyes that was once closed is now gleaming at me, it  turned into a white fluid and began to turn into blood. I blinked my eyes and I began to freeze for your face was  too close to mine, I lean back but I can still feel your blood dripping from your face, my hands feels like a pool of blood. My face began to tremble as I felt your lips pressing on my ear and your breath brushed on my cheeks and began to laugh sinisterly while blood is spitting out to my face and smelled like decayed, rotten corpse. Your skin started to rip away revealing your insides, your brain began to swell and burst into pieces with worms and maggots, I screamed giving all of my voice left.
  I woke up. It was just a nightmare. My hands shook and my sweat flows down my chest. I looked up to check the wall clock, 11:47pm , the exact time of your death. I sat frozen on the couch and heard a sigh. I saw a blurry shadow behind the curtain, the beam of the moonlight can be seen through the shadow, I couldn't take off my eyes from it.
  A sudden flash of light caused my eyes to shut, as I opened my eyes, a pressure on my neck choked me, I stared on its eyes, it's empty like death. I feel like dying, I couldn't breath. I can feel that my neck can possibly break, or my eyes could squirt out from my socket.
  The shadow grinned at me and fade into thin air. I took a deep breath to regain my spirit. My vision started to turn into red like the color of the blood. A tire screech and a sudden crash made me searched for the distracting sound. I saw myself laughing like a demon standing before your splattered body. A sudden void filled my vision. I shut close my eyes and felt a soft plane on my palm, I exerted my strength to push it very hard. I heard a scream of your voice causing my eyes to open. I saw you falling on the ground, you stared at me begging for help. before I blinked my eyes, your body splattered from the sudden impact car. Blood covered my face and it slides down to my lips, it tastes like a sweet pint of iron, it feels like a victory.
  I shut my eyes and wind started to fill the empty room. A silence made everything so clear. I was the one who killed you, I pushed you to your death. it might be wrong, but no, I feel so good! It is so good that you're dead.

© Copyright 2018 Rosedel Sumbi. All rights reserved.

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