The adventures of Gala the great

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It is about a shy girl who tries to escape reality by dreaming of a world where she is the strong Gala

Submitted: January 31, 2017

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Submitted: January 31, 2017



The alarm clock goes, is it that time already? The sky is still black, a fog makes everything seem even more grim. It cannot be time to wake up already? Not even the birds decided to chirp, not even the neighbour’s dog decided to bark, not even sun decided to smile up everyone. It cannot be time to wake up already?  But it is, a Monday with school, time to seize the day.


And there lies she , hoping the alarm was just a mere bad dream, but that flicker of hope soon dissolves upon seeing the hour. “Why did I have to play a game till the middle of the night?”: she mumbles to herself. I knew it was a bad idea, but it was just too much fun. Sleep is for the weak I guess. Time to get ready and grasp all this new knowledge upon me, mingle with friends again and hope the day goes by fast. If all was just that easy.

Time to hop out of bed , or in this case doing the effort of slowly rolling out hoping to not fall asleep before succeeding in that. She goes to the bathroom to get freshened up, and looking in the mirror upon her beautiful face, a strange thought enters her mind. She does not see the brilliant person before her, she sees an awkward person not wanting to leave the house, rather stay inside alone with her fantasy to keep her company. But she must go, for achieving her dream and to be able to do all she ever wants in life.


On the bus ride to school she can’t help but to lose thoughts, and she thinks of a different world, a world with no long bus rides, videogames, school. It is a magical place called Fantopia that she likes to visit as often as she can. On this particular day she dreams that her alter ego Gala and her trusted four legged companion Milou go on an adventure.

Rumours has it that there is a hidden forest with a lot of puppies in it, that she is dying to see. But the road there is hard and she has to overcome a lot of obstacles to reach it.


The first obstacle seems to be the hardest for her,  she has to solve a mystery. In a room with a mysterious figure she must ask for clues to find which of the roads she needs to take to continue her journey. In real life she would really deem this to be impossible, as she is so shy and not confident enough to talk to someone like that. But not Gala, no Gala can take on the world with just the snap of a finger.

Upon entering the room, Gala notices there are a total of 3 paintings on the wall, each having a door to a different world under them. It is hard not to notice them, as the entire room is pure white, decorated with white drapes, white lights and all over the room were white flowers. All so bright, which is in huge contrast with the unknown person with a black tuxedo. She carefully looks at the paintings, the first seems to be displaying a victory pose, she sees Gala smiling while heroically planting a flag with Milou’s picture on it in front of a girl whose face turned all white so she couldn’t recognise her.

While looking at the second painting she immediately feels a strange feeling deep down her stomach. It must be the first time Gala ever got scared, she picks up Milou and starts hugging him hoping that will calm her mind. She tries to at least but it is no use, she will have to face the painting in order to achieve what she wants. She tries to look at it more closely, and sees Gala, the smile in the first painting was transformed into a desperate cry. It was her as an angel locked in a cage. The scene was so sad that it even seemed like the darkness in it was trying to steal her colour, and already seemed to be succeeding in stealing her bright smile and was now trying to also steal her beautiful soul. Upon looking at the image a single tear rolls from Gala’s face and she quickly turns to the third painting.

There she sees all the puppies, playing together. But unlike on other paintings, she was nowhere to be found on this one. She still enjoyed looking at it, and the more she looked at it, she could already imagine the puppies playing together, she wish she could just jump in there and play with them. Give them all the attention and love like they deserve. But she can’t, not even in the world she created herself she can make it easy for her.


For a moment she tries to take in all she saw before thinking what to even say to the guy. She was too scared to even ask now, afraid the answer will be the middle painting. She does not think of the two perfect images, but only focusses on the bad middle one. But Gala is not afraid, how can she be? She is the awesome hero of Fantopia. She musters up all her courage and walks to the guy. The mysterious figure starts talking: “Hey, I am the painter and creator of all you see before your eyes. I know of your quest and I am willing to help, you may ask me a total of 3 questions I shall answer truthfully, except of course the question which way to go, as it is not my journey but yours, for me all 3 doors are equally correct.”

Such a hard mystery indeed, only 3 questions? How is this even possible to solve than. But only one question spooks through her mind, and she can’t help to ask. “why is the angel locked away?”, she asks with a little stutter in her voice. A minute of silence follows the question, and it made her really nervous, almost wanting to not know the answer now.

“Well”, says the man, “she is not locked away, she can move freely to everywhere she wants to, she just chooses to be alone, hoping that the cage will keep her safe. But it doesn’t, she is an angel and needs to brighten up the world in order to shine, not stay in a cage forever.”

Gala thinks carefully about a second question, and finally asks, “Why am I not in the third painting?”

The man waits for 5 minutes this times before answering and says:” well sweet Gala, the dogs seem happy don’t they? But if you looked at it more closely you would see the sadness in their eyes, the hunger in their belly, the desperation to find someone to take care of them. They are only playing to try and forgot. you are not in the third painting, but maybe it is best if you were? Are you not the perfect and brilliant person they need?”

Gala looks at Milou, who seems so happy at her side, and she can’t help but to feel a shiver all over her body. Even though it is a painting, she feels so bad for the puppies and now really wants to be there.

As a third question she asks, ”who is the faceless girl, I really wish I could recognise her, but I can’t.”

The man immediately answers, ”nobody, yet she is also everybody.” That was really not the answer she hoped for, and had no clue which door to choose, did she just waste her chance to complete the adventure?

But the man looks down to her and says: ”you could only ask me three question, but now it is my turn to ask you questions” ,“ Don’t answer this please, as I already know the answer, but why did you wait for your third question to ask about the most positive painting, and why did you not ask why you were victorious?”

Gala was so confused by that question, but decided to go through that door, as it was victory she wanted in her quest. But she can’t help to try and answer the question anyway, and it haunts her mind.


She arrived in a new place, a big city, tall buildings, lots of traffic. Lots of people who are rushing to get somewhere in time. She likes the scene, but something is missing, it’s her companion, she is nowhere to be found. She yells and yells, but she isn’t coming, where could she be?

Immediately Fantopia is no more, as the girl wakes up in a scare on the bus, almost arriving at school. All she can think of during classes is where Milou is, and what the painter meant with his question. She tries to fantasize about it, but to no success, she is too afraid to go back into that world. Afraid of what happened and what will happen. But she must, she can’t take the doubt anymore but it’s so hard.  She has been thinking about it all day, and it has been hard, stuck in her own daydream, with not a single solution to be found.

It’s almost nightfall, she decides to go for a walk next to a creek, she can see some small fishes swimming together, such a nice sight to behold. The birds are singing the most beautiful songs they know just for her and the small breeze going through her hair feels like a perfect symphony gliding over. Such a lovely evening indeed, but not for her, she is still worried. She sits down in a nice patch of grass and looks at the colours of the evening twilight. She loves it, it always seems to inspire her to think of good things, and before she knows it, she is back into Fantopia. Yes she transforms into Gala again.


Gala is still standing at the same place she left off, with Milou nowhere to be seen. It makes her feel sad to the core, but still the first thing she notices is a little girl crying, sitting against a cold wall. As kind as Gala is, she tried to forget her own sorrow and goes to the girl to ask what is wrong. “nothing”, says the little girl while drying her tears, “nothing at all.”

Gala stands her up and gives the girl a hug. It’s okay little sparrow, you can tell me, It might cheer you up. “it’s my daddy”, the little girl sobbed, “he took some sugar up his nose and now he isn’t moving anymore.”

Please lead me to him, maybe we can still help him!! They both ran as fast as they could to the girls house and there he was, on the floor. But he wasn’t alone, Milou was there as well, and he brought a mysterious figure with him. Gala immediately begins to wonder if this was a test, to see if she was kind enough to help the girl and reach this place?

The person helps the guy up, and says:” thank you for helping him Gala, for without your kindness and bravery, you and Milou would have never end up in this place. It was brave of you to be able to return to Fantopia, even though you were afraid of what was going to happen here. I am so proud of you, and not only that, even in your own worries, you managed to try and help and to try and bring a smile to this sad girls face, like only you can. You have earned to right to face your final challenge in completing your quest, just follow the road to the north and you will reach the forest, but beware for it is the biggest test you will face.”


It’s getting late and dark, she has been dreaming about Fantopia for quite a bit. So she decides to go home. Anxious for this evening, when it is finally bedtime, so she can dream about her final challenge, and hopefully dream of playing in the forest with all the puppies, and taking care of them, making sure they are fed, happy with no sadness in their eyes anymore.

She enjoys a well-earned dinner after such a strange day, and afterwards she tries to play a videogame, but she can’t, her mind is drifting away all the time. She is not her skilful and awesome self. So she decides to do some schoolwork and go to bed early. She has trouble falling asleep, she starts thinking about everything: what did the painter mean with his question? Are the puppies still okay? What hard test will await me? Will I be able to overcome it? So many questions, not a single one she can answer. Slowly, very slowly she drifts back to Fantopia.

And there is Gala again, all motivated, all focussed to take on the final challenge. Something has changed though, she is suddenly wearing armour, a sword and staff. What will transpire this evening? Will I have to fight my way towards the puppies?


She carefully walks the road north, step by step,  very slow, afraid to make even the slightest of sound. The huge buildings grow smaller and smaller, and the traffic becomes less and less, till she finally sees the nice trees, a squirrel is looking safely down from the highest tree to her, leaves whirling down falling right before her feet. Birds singing the same beautiful songs as near the creek earlier. It seemed like quite the fable, a perfect place to play with the dogs.

The scene is so pretty she forgets about the final challenge and rushes to the forest. When suddenly a huge monster appears, a back flipping octo, with big hooks as hands ready to pull her in.

Milou is so scared and sticks to her leg trying to be safe. But it isn’t helping, as the sight of the monster is making Gala shiver almost just as hard. But she has no choice, doubt of her own ability rarely to never come into Gala’s mind, and she is ready to do all it takes to get rid of the monster.

A huge battle takes place, with the octo attacking her, and she attacking him. But it seems nothing is working, they are so evenly matched, nobody will ever win this fight.

During a little break in combat, Gala looks around. She spots the puppies in the distance, and she can see them cheering for her. Milou is already playing with them, and so is that cute squirrel. It is a sight so nice it cannot be described with any words. It brings a fire to Gala’s heart and she can’t help but let out a very big smile, a smile so beautiful it makes the indescribable previous scene look like nothing compared to it. So nice, the octo can’t handle it, and his hooks turn into flowers, and himself turns into a big tree, the biggest and nicest of the entire forest. Her happiness did what her weapons couldn’t, defeat the monster. She realised she didn’t not have to defeat the monster, she just had to defeat her inner doubt.

She immediately goes to the puppies, and accomplishes her dream. She has so much fun. But suddenly she gets ported back to the white room with the three paintings. The painter is still there. “why am I back here?”, Gala asks. “I am the creator of everything you see around you, I advise you to look at my work and see for yourself”, he answers.


Gala looks at the three paintings, and indeed they have all changed so much. The middle painting is not grim anymore, the angel is set free and has vanquished all the darkness, the painting is now such a nice composition of bright and lovely colours, with her as a smiling angel as the centrepiece. But the face of the angel isn’t Gala anymore, it’s her real life face.

The first painting changed as well, it is not Gala anymore who does the victory pose, it is her now, and the faceless lady at the bottom became Gala.

She looks confused toward the person and asks, “ooh painter, what does this mean? Was Gala an evil person all along?”

“No, sweet child, as I said the first time, she is nobody but also everybody.”; “ she is nobody, cause she is not real, you made her up in this dream world, but she is also everybody: as she represents everything you really are and can be. A kind, beautiful, social woman whose smile alone can melt away all evil.”

And indeed, Gala is no more, she transformed into her real life form inside of Fantopia. And she looks at the third painting, and indeed it’s her, playing inside the painting with all puppies, and there is not a single sad or hungry pup anymore. The painting became all she ever dreamt of.

And the doors disappeared, except the one under the puppy painting, as it is not a mystery where to go to anymore, it is the door that leads back to the real world. But instead of being that shy girl, she became as strong as Gala and learned that if she sets her mind to what she wants, there is only one way to go to achieve her dreams and be the brilliant person everyone knows she is.

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